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The moment one wakes up they are forced into a situation. They have to make a choice. Some of us follow a routine, begin with washing our face, brushing our teeth, having some breakfast or just sitting up on the bed, trying to get a grasp on the day. They follow a 'blue-print' in there mind of their daily acitivities without offering any conscious thought.

Though, there are still some of us who greet the morning and immedietly slip into a moment of conscious clarity. Each decision they make is born from consideration, rather then sunconscious, 'mapped' motivation.

Spirituality for me is defined as "conscious living". In other words, spiritual people are those of us who dont follow a simple 'routine' in our lives, and ensure that each choice is consciously creative on all levels (Thought, Word, and Action).

For those of humanity who are 'stuck' in repetitive cycles of behaviour are not at a loss. It takes just a simple shift of perception to awaken there own creative faculties. All it takes is becoming 'Aware'. For example, instead of following the same patterns every morning, try to mix it up a little each day. Make conscious decisions about which path you are going to follow. Personally, I like to set up the first few hours of a day ensuring that each experience I have boosts and empowers me on a spiritually conscious level. Putting on certain music, wearing certain clothes and eating certain foods are just some examples of how this can be done.

The more one becomes conscious of their lives and the choices they make the more grande life becomes, and the more profound our experiences of life, and God become. I truly believe that conscious living is the fountainhead of change in the developing world. We must learn to orchestrate our lives around a balance of beauty, love, gratitude, compassion, brother/sisterhood and abundance. Through this 'transformation' of consciousness can we mold a world that will be an utter BLAST to live in!



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wish i were a monk in a foreign tibetan land so even my handwashing can be holy, dressing, chimes gongs and meditation, wash on wash off
what if every action to be a step forward in spiritual progress, damn bills if people can plop down after work to look up the womens dress in dancing with the star ho's on tv than thats good enough for them, remote !

The people Live their Life But Concious Living with Joy and Happiness in Life is utmost important.We Live But we should look around if any body is in trouble or needs help,Physical monitory or Mental councelling by discussing any problem in their life.We can do that if we have Love and compassion. We should pray for the people around that they all should get abundance of Health, Wealth and Happiness. Because we all are connected and if our relatives and Friends are not Happy we also will not feel good. So Universal brotherhood and sisterhood is a method of Life. God is one and loves and helps the persons who can Live for Others. As we are not separated, We are one, the children of God.
Dr. SohiniBen Shukla.
Bride -
at various times, I've felt it was Hell, and on occasion as Heaven. I think however it has an aspect of Purgatory, but I think that's more a reflection of karmic debt and reincarnation. Purgatory is where one goes to purge of sins of commission.

Strangely now though I am reminded that I don't believe in sin -- a longer answer would be required -- but shorten it to say that I don't believe in a judging Supreme Being. If I believe in an omni-everything paternal/maternal Great Spirit, and if I believe in Free Choice/Will (I do.), then Omni won't "punish" me for ANY choice I make, otherwise my choice isn't "Free". So I don't believe in sin, and I don't believe in Hell.

Earth is a playground for co-Creators. Everything is Perfect at all times, so we are free to choose as creatively potently as we can envision. For me, it depends on my clarity and emotional colorations at the time I think of it as to how I perceive the Earth. I'm saying this all more to remind myself (and secondarily to share my personal viewpoint with you), because I'm perceiving myself in a bit of a funk right now.

As Above, so Below.
You should not feel self conscious - you are an amazing co-creator! I have many flaws. I don't know how to proceed but with telling you my perception (and I'll try to limit myself in respect of your tolerance for reading).

We are co-creators who chose to come here. Some of us have missions, all have purpose. Most of us have the veil of forgetfulness so we can STRIVE to accomplish our mission. We have reminders/"co-"incidences (I don't believe in them, but they are "co-")/events that help steer us back.

What holds us back is the forgetting and later the disbelief (mostly from the imprinting we get before age 7 from institutions of authority). A rude word for this is "brainwashing" because some of it is deliberate. Most of it is good intentions.

If/when we know it, we can create planets. We create reality actively IF WE CHOOSE (ie, conscious creation), otherwise we choose passively the commonly believed structure of "the way it is", rather than the boundless potential of "what can be." Not "we can be Gods" -- WE AM.

Your last sentence is interesting, for someone self-named Bride. God (Infinite Spirit) is everything Creator/Destroyer Birther/Deather, Nurturer/Pusher-out-of-the-Nester, Peaceful/Restless. Groom/Bride. There is nothing separate from Infinite Spirit, so there is no Other to wed.

Dang it. I went over a minute. ;))

Don't get me started on vampires! I'll write back with a question about the Sun and you.
The sun makes you sick because you are of the moon. Lemurian influences. There should be things you can do before going out in the daytime to protect you. Connect with mother earth before leaving. Imagine a white/silver cord from the center of earth up through your root chakra, past the sacral, solar plexus, and anchored in your heart (Yam). meditate on the connection. quartz crystal (possibly a pendant) to absorb and protect. The hertz/frequency is too strong, maybe a tuning is needed. Possibly selenium or moonstone - check how it feels in a store where you can hold it. Can you wear a broad brimmed hat? Build up Vitamin D in your skin by building up protection. Avoid most skin blockers, they harm more than help. Maybe frankincense and myrrh for your skin?

I found this link for you - "co-"incidentally, the author is Laurance (Larry?) Johnston.

Validate how this entire message resonates. Some of it is intuitive.

Love and cool white/blue Light,
Ralph (not a vampire) 'v--v'
Before anything, I'd consult a physician before making an conclusions as to the reason behind you in-ability to be in sunlight for a long period of time.

However, the earth (or Universe, particularly our Galaxy) is going through a Great Change. This change is effectin everything on every level, and perhaps you are reacting to it in a personal way. Im truly not sure.



Life on earth is what you make of it. A school? I dont believe there is anything for us to 'learn' perse, but much to remember. Physical incarnation is an Opportunity to express who we are in each grand moment. Of course we find ourselves in situations we dont like or wish, but I am reminded of a quote....

"If we were to ask God for Patience, would he give us patience or the opportunity to be patient?
If we were to ask for love, would he give us Love or give us the opportunity to be loving?"

I dont believe there is a specific graduation for a spirit, considering I believe that the journey of life and its experience is ever-lasting and each 'plateau' we may reach only leads to another peak skyward. There is always a grandeur vision we imagine ourselves capable of becoming. This of course is a aspect to our journey, Becoming (xeper).

I wish the earth a perfect 65 or 70 degrees where we can enjoy the trees and the outdoors?

If today was perfect, there would be no need for tommorow.



I thank you for this post.  This is certainly a step in Mastery and manifesting your Destiny.

To see the Beauty and vibrate with Joy.


Amen! Conscious living and creating...



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