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To those who have not had the opportunity to hear this most important of Interviews you will ever hear.

Alex Collier Interview March 3rd 2012 1-4


Alex Collier Interview March 3rd 2012 2-4


Alex Collier Interview March 3rd 2012 3-4


Alex Collier Interview March 3rd 2012 4-4

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Listening for the past 8 mins and already getting pissed at Alex Collier! He is such a wet

blanket! No wonder he is getting flack from so many people. We know this is just the 

beginning with the take down of the Illuminati... that is not new information. I don't 

give a crap about what Moronae says, as enlightened beings on this planet,we have no

interest in "worshiping" Off Worlders! Alex Collier, and his "sources" have always been

rather negative and fearful in their tactics...sorry, not going to listen to any more of his


Victoria, I would love to believe that the Arrests are happening, there has been little or no proof that the arrests are actually occuring.  These Illuminati have been working towards this agenda for many hundreds of years, do you really believe it is going to be that simple to remove these parasites from power?  It is going to take all of us to oust them from power.  And I mean all of us!!!  


I know it is far easier to believe that the Dark Cabal are falling apart.  I want that more than anything else in the world. There are some positive points to be sure, but don't rely on it to be sorted out for you by others.   When the dark cabal do eventually show their hand, we must never surrender our sovereignty to these evil bastards. 


Do you not think that the reason Alex Collier is being attacked at this moment because he is exposing the lie.  Those who expose the real truth are more of a threat to these dark cabal than anyone or anything else.   All my senses tell me that Alex Collier is more correct than anyone else.


What is happening right now, regarding the arrests, whether true or false will be more empowering to us than the dark cabal will ever believe.


All I ask is that you question everything!!  Every piece of information that you get, don't take it at fact. but keep it in your mind and if it turns out to be true, time will tell you.




Great interview, thanks for sharing charles! He really is reflecting my own perception and feelings about the state of affairs at the moment. We have been succesfully manipulated for so long,(we are still being manipulated but at the moment its taking a different tack and a new approach), so its important now more than ever to question the' facts' put out there. We might not like it but at least we know where we stand.



Thank you Paula!




Mass Arrests?
I have been asked again and again to comment on the mass arrests of the Bush Cartel, Gates, the queen and others. There is an old commercial, "Where's the Beef?" I truly believe there are white hats and good people in high places yet we have been hearing about these eminent arrests and massive funding through various programs as far back as the 70's. I do believe due to the 9th wave of unity consciousness and the mass awakening it is only time before the tyrants and those with a lust for power and wealth at the expense of humanity and the Earth fall. It is part of the evolutionary process and has been prophecy for thousands of years. I fully support the removal of the war and disease profiteers as well as those who suppress clean Earth friendly technology, fueless energy etc. It would be a great idea to create a truth and reconciliation panel to oversee crimes against humanity and the Earth. I would also love to see and end to chemtrails; which are raining carcinogens, heavy metals and other toxic chemicals and biologicials. How can the white hats be in control while this is still happening? Where are the photos of tyrants behind bars with beady little eyes screaming where is my lawyer? Now as before it is claimed it is all being done in secret, the funding was blocked but will be available next week. Seriously after over 30 years when is this going to happen? Could this all be another psyops program to fool people into thinking someone else is going to do it for you and future fulfillment is around the corner so forget about the now? I think there are many well intended people who really believe in what they are told yet it is just common sense too ask is there any evidence, arrests on record or documented, has anyone received funding from all these prosperity programs? We are entering a golden age and the tyrants will fall yet it will be when the people take individual and collective responsibility wake up, rise up and do what is necessary. This means holding leadership to their oaths and demanding they honor their sworn duties to the people not the corporations. Be well
James Gilliland

Thank you Paula for sharing this information, this is what people need to question,  where is the evidence of what they are saying?  We only have a small window of opportunity to stand our ground in mass unity to stop these evil Cabal.  It is only when the whole of humanity faces the dark cabal, will we ever defeat these bastards once and for all!   Will it happen?  Not if people believe in a psyop that is making them think that others are fighting their battles for them.  Even if they are,  should we not also be playing our part in bringing the dark cabal down?  What can we accomplish if we all work together?  the answer is anything and everything!!!


Thanks again Paula! 

Love and many Blessings.



If you want to hang on to every word Alex Collier says that is your choice. But MY CHOICE

is to continue my focus on living in a pristine world where we live co-operatively, in PEACE

and abundance. In the allowance of that, I will help achieve that reality. If you allow people                   like Collier to tell you we are wrong for attempting 

to change the paradigm that we are living in.... you should know he is against the true

reason why we are on this planet.....

I will not put my energy to anything negative these days.  If it holds fear then I don't want to hear it won't go there.  I choose to raise my vibration with good things and holding the love and the light that we are changing right now.  Who cares if you don't have proof, the vast majority of proof have all been lies anyway.  I think that finding our peace is more important than looking out there for all that is wrong.  Just my two cents worth.........


I think Alex is just giving it to us straight.  He is not intending fear. but doesn't want us to be fooled yet again by these vile vipers!   We can change things, but we all have to do are part to bring on the real changes.


I understand what you mean Annette.


Many thanks.


in the very begining when i first started to wake up I watched or read  ....when people wake up the controlling dark cabal will make it look like they have lost the game into technologies that have been surpressed , medical advances , betterment of society for all  real game changers for mankind  but behind it all still will be those controllers just more disguised  ...yes, man will have more but still will be slaves what he is saying in these videos makes sense to me ----think about it if you knew mankind was on to you but you didn't want to be kicked out you rearrange your game plan give the massess what they want and more but never truly allowing them to realize their potential of being creators  ---giving them the wow oooo aww star trek technologies will keep mankind in check they'll never plug into their own psychic abilities thus keeping us still slaves

I am sorry to say you are right on that, but all we have to do is stop Usury and that will put the biggest dent in their little plans!  Once Usury is gone, we can then live without putting into the system, because the wealth is spread to the people, not government, not Bankers because bankers will be out of Business once Government Creates money without interest or debt attached nor will there be any point to banksters!!!   Their whole system disintergrates once Usury and big business is out of the picture.

Well this interview, in my opinion, was a bit interesting, but not much. I even took the time to listen to the interview he is referring to, and well there was really nothing new there. The thing is, it is impossible to know all the players in this game, and be aware of everything that is happening behind the scenes. It's not our job, at least it's not mine! And there really is nothing we can do about it for most of us.

The only thing we need to be aware of is, there are good chances of False Flags, whether it is a war, an alien official encounter, an alien invasion, or whatever. We need to know that giving our power away to ANY institution is NOT the answer. We just need to take back our power, that's it. Good news are there to give people hope, Bad news are there to put them in fear. We just need to know that the media are controlled, and not rely on it or be influenced by it.

In the end, it doesn't matter because we will die anyway, as this is only a temporary form. So we should focus on our inner motivations, follow our heart, love our family and friend and do what we can not to be distracted by what the corporate world is doing and wants us to do. Our heart, and our inner feelings, or intuition, will bring us where we need to be when we need to be there. =)


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