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December 31, 2010 - Today's Energy is still chaotic and intense. There were numerous earthquakes yesterday, which explains a lot of it. People are reporting joint pain, back pain, no sleep, strange dreams the little that they do sleep, anxiety, etc. Animals are anxious and needy. It feels like there will be a shift later today to a calmer energy where we will be able to take a sigh of relief. I am being shown that a large amount of Light is being sent to us, but our channel for it to pass through is not big enough to hold it, much as trying to shove a baseball down a water hose. Of course, they have not shown me what we can do about it. I do feel things will be getting better. Happy New Year everyone!!!


December 30, 2010 - Today's Energy is much calmer than yesterday. There is still some activity on the world's seismographs, but not as much. People have been very emotional, having more angry outbursts. People's fears are being brought up to be looked at and healed. There is still exhaustion and lack of sleep, or for some the other extreme of sleeping constantly. We seem to be in a period of extremes right now.


December 29, 2010 - Today's Energy is very chaotic and anxious. Every seismograph in the world is showing activity today. There was a shift in the energy last night which caused sleeping to be very difficult for most people. Once we did get to sleep, we had a hard time getting up. I felt tingling through the bottom of my feet all night and throughout my body. Was not able to sleep until 7 am. I am still vibrating. I don't know if they are using HAARP or what is going on. Not fun though! People are reporting not feeling well - respiratory issues and headaches have been reported. Animals have been very anxious. I just learned that there was a Solar Flare early today which could explain this energy.


December 28, 2010 - Today's Energy feels still and quiet with an expectancy that something is coming, not necessarily something good. Earthquakes have dropped to a minimum, which could explain the sense of calm. Fewer aches and pains have been reported. Animals seem to be getting back to normal. We are collectively holding our breaths to see what will happen next. There have been lots of reports of respiratory illnesses, which has now affected me after a day of very heavy chemtrail spraying here yesterday.


December 27, 2010 - Today's Energy has a lazy feel to it. Many have complained of insomnia last night and not wanting to get out of bed this morning. There is a sense of relief now that Christmas is over, like we can take a deep sigh of relief. There was a shift in the energies very early this morning while most of us were sleeping which has caused some headaches. Still hearing complaints of exhaustion and back pain. Animals are acting up today - my dog won't stop picking on the cats. There have been some solar flares and lots of earthquakes, which are affecting us. People are beginning to look forward to the New Year with expectation of better times.


December 24, 2010 - Today's Energy feels calm and peaceful with an undercurrent of Holiday stress. People are putting a lot of effort into getting themselves in the 'spirit' and preparing their celebrations. Reports of headaches, backaches and hip pain, which could be due to the holiday stress. Animals are being needy and clingy. I have an uneasy feeling, like there is something ahead such as a staged terrorist attack or something similar. Hope I am wrong. Merry Christmas everyone!


December 23, 2010 - Today's Energy is slow and lazy. It seems hard to move, hard to get out of bed. People are complaining of not sleeping well, being fatigued and exhausted. Headaches and backaches are being reported. Even the animals are being lazy and sleepy. It is hard to force ourselves to prepare for the holidays. I feel this is a result of the eclipse energy.


December 22, 2010 - Today's Energy again has an open feeling to it, a sense of anticipation. There is an undercurrent of stress from the holidays, people putting too much pressure on themselves to perform perfectly, but this is not part of the energy. There are reports of headaches, backaches and hip pain as our body adjusts to the solstice energy. There is an exhausted feeling to the energy and reports of insomnia.


December 21, 2010 - Today's Energy feels light and open. It seems that the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse brought things into the Light so we can see them and resolve them. There is the opportunity for healing and release, almost like a new beginning. People are quiet and pensive. Some headaches continue as the Pineal gland expands, but much less pain is being reported.


I do apologize for missing Friday and Monday's Alerts. We were enjoying a Christmas vacation in New Orleans. I had hoped to be able to post the alerts, but there was just too much to do!


December 16, 2010 - Today's Energy has a strange calmness to it. There is a feeling of anticipation for something good. Still lots of fatigue and exhaustion, wanting to stay in bed with the covers over our heads, to hide from the world and all the stress for a while. Headaches are lessened, but still there. Back pain from the changes in our cellular structure, which can also be felt in the ribs. Hip and leg pains reported too.


December 15, 2010 - Today's Energy is exhausted and painful. It feels like there is a weight pushing down on us. I feel this is from the recent Solar Flares and their effect on the magnetic fields. People are reporting extreme fatigue, back ache, hip pain, pain in the ribs as well as headaches. There is brain fuzziness and difficulty thinking. Mercury retrograde is presenting itself as arguments, cell phone and computer issues. (Just to show how bad this is affecting me, I forgot to post this today!) What fun energy!!


December 14, 2010 - Today's Energy is calm, peaceful, eerily quiet. There is a lightness to the energy today. People seem to be a bit happier, standing up for themselves better, being kinder to themselves. Animals seem to be back to normal. Reports of headaches and backaches, but I feel this will continue as our bodies change. It is almost like we are in a void, ready to come out on the other side into something wonderful.


December 13, 2010 - Today's Energy has a feeling of uneasiness to it but with a sense of calm on the surface. There is a intensity inside from the increase in vibration that we are experiencing, which is also causing movement on all the world's seismographs. Animals are a bit calmer and acting normally for a change. We are feeling like we can move again instead of being stuck. Reports of headaches and backaches. Mercury retrograde is causing computer and communication issues.


December 10, 2010 - Today's Energy feels light, joyful. It is such a relief after all the heavy energy. People are actually beginning to get into the holiday spirit. I am hearing very few physical complaints, mostly headaches. Animals are still being a little needy, but not as grouchy. There is an excitement in the air which is nice to feel for a change. Good things are coming!  


December 9, 2010 - Today's Energy feels light and airy. Such a relief after the heavy energy we have been experiencing. There is much less pressure on our bodies and we can breathe easier. Some aches and pains are being reported, but much less. Animals are still being needy and clingy. At least we can feel hopeful again! We are beginning to feel the effects of Mercury Retrograde.



December 8, 2010 - Today's Energy feels a bit lighter than it was yesterday. With less pressure on our chest, it is easier to breathe. There is more of a hopeful feeling about today, less depression and stress. People report sleeping better, but still feeling that constant fatigue. Still reports of headaches and body aches, but a bit less. Animals are still acting grumpy and needy.



December 7, 2010 - Today's Energy is even thicker and heavier than yesterday. It is difficult to breathe, too much effort to take a breath. Getting out of bed is difficult and we are having to force ourselves to make it through the day. People and animals are grouchy. There are reports of headaches, backaches, hip pain, insominia and the never ending fatigue.



December 6, 2010 - Today's Energy is heavy, sticky, depressing. People are beyond stressed. We are still wanting to hide under the covers and not come out. Reports of headaches, backaches, hip and foot pain. People are also reporting insomnia and fatigue.



December 3, 2010 - Today's Energy feels much calmer. It still feels like we are in a void, just wanting to do nothing and hide under the covers. We are feeling very sensitive and everything is just too hard to handle. Animals have changed their behavior again and are acting a bit more normal. Aches and pains are returning, espcially in the back, hips and feet. We are having to make some tough decisions that we have been avoiding, and can no longer avoid.



December 2, 2010 - Today's Energy is slow and lethargic. It is like we are in a void. People are not wanting to get out of bed, they just want to stay under the covers where is it warm and safe. We feel like we are moving in slow motion. I am noticing lots of people are depressed, feeling sorry for themselves. Body pains seem to be much less or non-existant for a change. Animals are still acting strangly, on edge. All the siesmic monitors are showing activity again today. Could be HAARP?



December 1, 2010 - Today's Energy is calmer than it was yesterday. There is still an undercurrent of stress, which could be related to the coming holidays. Seems there is too much to do and not enough time to do it. There is a feeling that we just can't keep up. I am hearing lots of reports of sinus issues. Surprisingly there seem to be ...less headaches and backaches reported, for a change. Animals are still acting differently.

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How about feeling of anticipation, boring get on with this stagnant , frustrated, disinterested, don't care , questioning .........etc.
That feeling has been going on for a LONG time :-)

ROTFL,I know just what you mean.

I'm with you Sally.......maybe that's what Claudia means by heavy energy.....the sort weighing us down talking away motivation and finding it difficult to experience the joy of life. It's that feeling of getting up and each day is groundhog day with the same chores and dull responsibilities and no feeling of magic.
Exactly, Christopher. We are all going through it lately :-)
I'm not being selfish by saying this, but it's nice to know it's just not me !
I know! That is why I started doing the daily energy alerts. It makes all of us feel better to know we are not the only ones who have had a headache for a week or can't get out of bed because our back hurts so bad. Now, if only we could find a way to over come it :-)
So, how does tomorrow look?:>))
I'm with you all,Chistopher,groundhog day is a good way of putting it.I know we've been getting chemtrailed pretty heavily for a week and a half.Today is a beautiful day,in Western Colorado.I generally wake up around 3:30,but two days ago I woke at at 2:15 am.I related this to a friend of mine and she said they were using HAARP to interrupt our REM sleep.Who knows.HO HUM,Brock


The ringing can be EMF.  If so, Shungite (naturally modified carbon) will help if worn anywhere on the body.  You'll notice the volume goes up and down a bit and sometimes disappears for short moments and is worse after a blast from a cell-phone.  Sheild yourself and use black tourmaline to help recovery.

EMF can't be avoided and some are more sensitive to disturbances than others - it can cause people to become suddenly quite emotionally upset and generally stressed but as though without a cause, just agitated (you know there's something to run from, but it seems illogical to do what is wanted).  Matters are made worse if you're one of those who actually attract the electromagnetic shroud of other things, because it feels like being invaded energetically and electrically.  Taking time out to gett earthed and charging our drinking water to cool the physical body both help, especially for the nervous system.

As we become more and more crystaline, these frequencies, which are not our own, become harder to abide. We need to give healing to the auric fields, which can become a bit damaged, but as usual, nature and connecting to Gaia are our best restoratives!


Hey Joanna,

Like plants and pets, crystals can self-sacrifice to help us.  To help them to restore themselves, we can place them onto a big piece of quartz cluster or amethyst until they "look" know what I mean! Alternatively, we can partially bury them on the full moon and give them a rest that way.  Even taking time to wash them carefully until if feels as though the water "runs clear" is good, and they enjoy us cooing and loving them up while this goes on. 

BTW, I usually hold the black tourmaline to the back of the neck; it makes the body seem to cool down and the mental state becomes less agitated, then the emotions follow (it actually happens the other way around, but it's easier for most of us to notice the mental state changing first).

It's not easy for sufferers of EMF, really not easy.  I sympathise.  At work we have a policy: divert the mobile phones to a landline or switch it off!  It used to be that smokers were being asked to go outside to partake, now it should be mobile users can go outside too!  It's only fair.  Non-sufferers have no idea of the pain and suffering EMF's can cause, or of how various appliances can magnify each other's effect.  The harshest combo I've ever come across is a cordless phone and a desktop PC.  Disasterous!

Don't forget Germanium (an element such as calcium or iron).  If worn as a neck pendant it may help against phone and background radiation, and if worn together with Shungite, you have the best protection I've yet discovered, but every body is different.  Thank heavens we're moving into Lightbodies!


Take care!

Hi Dear Joanna,


Cordless phones can use one of various frequencies.  You could test your response to different phones and their frequencies and maybe use a pendulum if it's hard to tell what you are hearing because of those after-effects of continuing ringing when the appliances are finally off. 

Try not to have appliances in standby mode when unused, or on re-charge near you, merely for health reasons.  You could aim to lessen your exposure to the things that are under your control because there are going to be so many which are not.

The noise could be coming directly from your appliances or from the background (such as powerlines, sub-transformers, mobile towers etc), but I do notice some of the noise is not local or present, but  rather is an after-effect, rather like the peel of a bell having a ring-on effect.  Sometimes, such as after major energy Gateway openings, when things have shifted up a level, I think it's possible that we can be hearing the Ethers as well, as if everything is vibrating on a new note (to us) so the noise may not be only issuing from appliances and their electrical infrastructure.


Feng Shui can help a bit in your office, but not terribly much if the objects you place are not super-powerful themselves.  You can test the benefit to you from either pyramidal or spherical crystals, and of combinations of crystals.  You could try crystal gridding your office (ruby, herkimer diamond, clear & smokey quartz are all suggestions - try combinations!).  I prefer the filtering methods to prevent those other EMF fields meeting ours.


Note, Shungite gets altered by EMF over time and you will have to replace it if you are to benefit most.  I think the change is structural, not easily reversed. How have you found it since your delivery of Shungite?


ELF?  Christmas Elf? ho ho ho!  No, have not heard of ELF, only EMF.  What's ELF?



One Vibration chat box is the bottom right of the page or on the main menu The beeping can be turned off or come in and join the link share.

THANK YOU for ALL your support! 

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