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In a recent article written by Donny Gillson, talk show host and featured contributor for Before it's News, he out lines how the Crop Circle's that have appeared at Woodborough Hill. Alton Barnes.Wiltshire on 6.09.12 create an exact match to  the Mystery Nibiru lights that appeared next to a passenger plane in Australia and in California. In his new video posted below Donny Gillson outlines that not only do the mysterious lights show a direct match but the coordinates from The Vale of Pewsey or Pewsey Vale is an area of WiltshireEngland to the east of Devizes and south of Marlborough, centred on the town of Pewsey at 51° 21′ 7.2″ N1° 51′ 3.6″ W.

This amazing video is a must watch and the importance behind these crop circles and how it is a direct match to the research that Gillson has been doing since 2007.

The crop circle in question...

And now the video.........

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Well it has got you thinking ! :)  and me smiling.  

Seems I've seen the little critters in formations before. They keep cropping up lol!

Danny ,

About all crop circles , since I am not smart enough to figure out any of their meaning

only guess work then to me they can be interperted as anything.

Oh I see! Some of them have very clear meaning like the one for "PI" and also the one encoded with a message and the face of a Grey. Some of them are clearly about sacred geometry, some others about squaring the circle... And some others can indeed be interpreted as anything, you are right!

I don't think it's because you are not smart enough, maybe the message is just not meant for you. ;)

I have seen a crop circle first handO I have seen a crop circle first hand . It appeared in my backyard last week. It was a large swirling design With signs of brown dwarfs. In a yellow giant. They're all so long Dark Stick like ships. There is a large brunt area. There is also a dome structures .The grass was laying over As if it had been run over by something.OH Nevermind Now I remember The brown drawf was dog turds The yellow giant Was that same damn dog Who keeps peeing in the wading pool, the stick like ships well lets in barrassing they were just sticks. The large dome that's just where that damn dog sleeps. new large swirling designs well I was just me gettingto too hot out in the sun and going round and round with the lawn mower. oh yeah and that burnt spot I was just a barbecue. now I better go back in the house and try to figure out while my little swimmers swim away.

LOL Harry!

Interesting video, Chris--Thanks for posting, Love and Light, always, Dot

Sally - re your 'little swimmers' - perhaps it is a message for Starseeds!


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