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I saw a swirl across the land.  You see, I was standing, or perhaps flying, atop a mountain.  I looked down below the few scattered clouds and I watched the storm I had created grow and grow. This was a cleansing storm, but it was not the only one.  There will be others, for I remain atop this mountain and I see so many who want to be free, but they have trapped themselves eternally in this illusion called money.  I watched how this seemingly harmless thing,  these scant green pieces of paper held so much value that men fought and died for them.  Men used these harmless little green pieces of paper to hold ransom the simple things like food and shelter and the pursuit of self-understanding.  How is it that these little green pieces of paper could obscure the beauty that is nature.


I floated there awhile, or perhaps I was flying, and I noticed that after my storm subsided, the people seemed to care for each other and put the green pieces of paper aside.  But then I heard this faint, almost annoying little sound.  It was the newspeople, first they spoke of the compassion, but it quickly turned to another discussion of green pieces of paper.  I began to wonder how these dirty green pieces of paper could call so much attention away from the awesome variety of green flora and fauna that surrounds everything.  I thought for a moment and remembered the first storm, the one they were still cleaning up after. 


So I gathered up my strength there as I sat atop the mountain, or was I flying, and I decided to see if I couldn't gather me up some good old fashioned greed.  It seemed to attract the green pieces of paper pretty well.  Then, when I had absorbed all the greed I could stand, I jumped off the mountain, or perhaps I fell, I mean I may have been flying.  When I hit the ground, all of the greed went crashing hard and deep into the Earth and she shook like never before.  The fault lines did a dance they hadn't done since the first continent split apart.  So many things fell that day, but remarkably, at the end of it all, the people finally realized that the little green pieces of paper were not so important.


So, is it really going to have to come to that before people realize that money is only little dirty green pieces of paper and not really necessary in the grand scheme of things? 


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Interesting post Rev. K. Was this a dream or seen during a meditation? The dependence on money is certainly a great problem in this world. It seems that the economy is teetering and hopefully will be transformed soon. Blessings

Neither, it was just written out of frustration for the way things transpired after the tornadoes last spring.

The economy is about to collapse world wide.  I know this from reliable sources, but cannot say more because I do not feel comfortable posting on line.  Just watch in January when it will start.

Yep ready for it!

Wonderful dream-analogy!  This little story tells it all, doesn't it? 

Yes it is.  No worries, it is on its way to destruction.

Thanks Chris.

This is the message that all people need to become aware of.

The time is approaching for all of the greed and madness about money and its innocent ability to enslave billions of people into a false sense of hope that money is a necessary evil.

We still need a monetary system that of some sort that will help us to buy or exchange goods and services so that all people can get all that they need to live.

The problem arises when other people develope a monetary system that allows them to manipulate people and countries to be taken advantage of because of secret plots and tricky financial schemes to be implimented for many centuries so that they can control things and people and politics and lives of everyone.

This  to me is madness, and when you think about it, the entire world suffers so that a handful of people can play " He who owns the most stuff, when he or she dies is the winner"

These few people have to be some of the most miserable creatures that ever lived, knowing that the state of the world has been thrown into a pit of fire because a few devils want to run the world.


How sad and totally insecure they are to create such terrible financial schemes that makes the world suffer with them.


As we all know, our world is cleansing itself of all wrong and hurtful things.

They are not far from their own end now.


What they don't understand is that our entire universe is rearanging everything in the the universe to fit the new universe that is coming into creation now.


Hold your ground and stand fast so that this time in universal history never returns again.

Know that we are in a new time already and our universe is on a predetermined schedule and that no one or anything is going to do anything but come to the immortal will of our universe.

You can run and jump up and down and cry like a baby, having endless temper tantrums.


Our Universe is speaking and everything and everyone will listen.


Find your seat and prepare to watch the most amazing show that our Universe is starting to show us now.


Know that change is here now and will continue to renovate and clean everything and everyone who it wishes to change and modify.


No one can escape its amazing grandure.


We are One now and forever more.

Love is sent from my heart to every heart within our Universe.






love this thank you.


The concept of money is the number one hindrance in my own personal ascension proccess, since in order to ascend we must free ourselves form heavy, negative thoughts. However, every time I think about what money has done to this world, my thoughts are inevitably drawn inward to hate, guilt, rage, helplessness, etc...So I suppose my task at hand is to learn to live in this crazy world, without percieving the negative?? Just accept things as they are??? I dont know, because everytime I think about money my thoughts are not all light and loving. It's difficult to balance this. Because to me, money is wrong. Simply put. In the eyes of Source, there is only Freedom and that which is Free. So whats a little human downsoul to do>?

Rick, i understand what you are saying, i to have problems with money, i don,t worry so much for myself, i can go without, my needs are met, i worry for my sons as their will be no inheritance.


Friends are getting their inheritance, money they have not had to work for, i had no inheritance, but i have worked hard all my life, like most things i feel money is out of balance.


They say money goes to money, so we should be careful of our thoughts i want to ascend.


Hello! I understand your fustrations and it can be difficult to look at all the injustices in the world while at the same time you may be living well. I am working on a book that will teach people how to understand the spectrum along the different poles of life and ways to work through the ascension process becoming free of negativity and being able to live joyfully...even if others are not. I would recommend in the meantime (until my book is ready) you read The Law of Attraction by Esther and Jerry Hicks. It is one that you may read many times and get something new/different each time and each read brings higher awareness and understanding. They also have other books worth reading as well.....The Art of Allowing, The Vortex and more. Hope they help and if you have any questions please ask... Blessings....Eileen

Rick there is a wonderful audio workshop I have about a channeled entity named Lazarus Channeled by Jack Purcell on abundance.

He helps us to run all our blocks against money and wealth flat. Inspired by him I wrote this document to teach people on abundance.

I hope you can use it.

Here is a quote form that doc.

"Let go of the realness

I would suggest that all of us have a difficult area in our lives. Many things come easy to us except for these difficult things. I would suggest that these are the areas that are too real for us in our lives. These are the areas were we need to see the illusion. I would suggest that’s the area that we are pretending this world is real.


Some of us have it around relationships. We can create jobs and we can create money and we can create green robots and parking spots and move through traffic like parting the red sea half of the times and we can do all of these wonderful things. But when it gets to relationships, halt, screech, stop dead, ...nothing works. Because you see “relationships are real.”


Because when you look at it as real you won’t allow your metaphysics to work in that area.


You need to ask yourself why. Why is money so real to me? Why are relationships so heavy to me? Why am I so attached to it that I cannot let it stay in the lightness? Sometimes we believe that something is part of who we are and therefore in giving it up we will give ourselves up and become less in some way. We might say we cannot give up the realness of money because having money makes us something and we refuse to deny ourselves. You see we are not money. We are not our houses and cars and families and bank accounts and certificates and scars and wounds and disasters


What is your realness? Tell yourself the truth. And then you tell yourself why you want to pretend that real is more real, why you want to hold out? Why do you want to take some of the illusion and make it real? Why do you want to persist in a lie?  Why do you hold the idea that this illusion is somehow different than any other illusion, that this illusion is real?


Then when you tell yourself the truth. ‘Because of the ego gratitude that I’m getting from it’  ‘because of the “better than”’ ‘because of the arrogance I can hold, because of the self importance I get in my surrounding.’ ‘Because if I get that thing that is real, that makes me something!’ … So says your ego. Then you can let go of it and realize that it's not real. It is no more real than everything else, which is an illusion. It’s an illusion. Let go. Let go of the realness.


It is all pretence all a game, it is all illusion. It’s a trick of light. It’s all a dream. A sad dream scary dream, a laughing dream. Let it be an illusion of your creation, for when you pretend its real you create it looking as though it is and thus seeming to be beyond your grasp."

I hope you enjoy it


Like the Americal Indians used to say a long time ago;

Only when you have finally cut down all the trees

And when you have finally poisoned all the waters

And when you have killed the very last fish

Only then will you find that you can't eat money


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