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hello ov, my name is anthony. lately have been going through extreme changes, all is well here. my throat chakra is closed though. it is difficult for me to relate to others, i want them to be like me but i cannot do that so i leave them in love but i still feel foreign. how do imake my throat chakra open? i can talk regular to people that are closer to my vibration but still i do not have much to say. i want to be more in the physical. i want to share my love but it is difficult to get things started, people judge and are to blind it seems, there is no chance or no reason to begin with them but i rather not think this way now. understand? thank you for any help :)




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i was in colorado and did something like this hahah i cant now but when the chance comes up i will howl! MAYB ON THE FULL MOON
i am in san antonio now but i could do it, some people i kno go to the bay on corpus christi and theres a beach there. ohhh ideas comin now lol

I found that a wonderful release is to sit down and release all your emotions in a letter and on the full moon burn it and let it go.

Lynie :)

thx for the advice lynie!
Hello Anthony, I have been working on my throat chakra for years. I never had a 'voice'. This is something very hard to develop as being timid is the the cause and effect of a closed throat chakra, for whatever reason. Does this sound true for you? For me, I have lately
Oh my, I keep hitting the wrong key and deleting my message. This is the fourth attempt to finish.
Ahem, so solly!
I have lately been humming to strengthen my throat chakra and listening to chakra chanting. There is a video on my OV page for throat chakra chants if you are interested. It links up to the other colour chants as well
I see the heart and solar plexus chakras have been noticed to be ones you have issues with as well, we have such intuitives here! OV is wonderful this way!
The heart and solar plexus chakra are closely influenced by the throat chakra and vise versa. Just like the organs and everything in the physical body are affected by each other, so are the chakras. One must find a balance.
Once I found my voice, I became more confident, and my heart opened up. Of course, I have been working on opening up my heart chakra more as well! It all ties together, like a symphony.
Colours also help,one can put the blues, greens and yellows in greater focus, as in clothing, decorations, mandalas to meditate on, pay more attention to them!
I hope this has been helpful, I apologize, it is late and I really should be snoring so if I missed any points I will add them tomorrow if you wish!
i also have been huming! it works! my solar plexus and heart i have payed more attention to heart, have pains there also sometimes, feels dense and opening sometimes. i worked on my root for a while, never thought solar plexus needed work, i use the hand sign, i do feel pain there to. thank you for the advice! love&light
Oh yes, the root chakra, I have done lots of work with that one too. :)
Oh! Thank you for the link! Mudras and the sounds for each chakra really work, and I had misplaced my notes on this! Much gratitude, I had forgotten this info in the mustiness of my brain matter! Something to work on this week.
I have a book "Eye of the Lotus - Psychology of the Chakras" by Richard Jelusich, Ph. D
Almost four hundred pages, very useful information for inner personal work.
Thank you Buttrfly Magic, I will look into your info.
Thank you everyone, there is much useful information here! Anthony I believe that many of us need this information immediately in this time to move forward swiftly in our development so we can all awaken to our true potential as Who We Are.
This is so amazing I am blown away!
Namaste everyone!
Tammy. Xxoo
i just bought the book you spoke of, i have been wanting to start one :) thx
Wow, I love the synchronicity here... :)
I can certainly relate to what Anthony is saying.  His throat chakra might very well be blocked--mine probably was, as I started off my "situation" with having to get a large tumor removed from my neck (near the throat) Other tumors there weren't taken out, and there were still others throughout my body.  I have been "asking for" and "gratefully accepting" healing, (along with chemo) and the tumors have (thankfully) shrunk.  But I still feel that some of us--maybe Anthony and myself included--might just not be comfortable being in close contact with people who's energy is draining, and who talk about a variety of "stuff" none of which is the least bit interesting.  I think Blue Ray souls (of which I believe I am one--maybe Anthony is, too) have to be careful to not let their energy get depleated.  Maybe it's a blockage--or maybe it's just our make-up.  Maybe it's a combination. Just my thoughts--Love and Light, always, Dot
yes i am of the blue ray! i resonate with you. yes its so hard to talk amongst those that are not fully aware or partially, and to get into the conversation, or to seem interested. all the best wishes! love&light


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