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hello ov, my name is anthony. lately have been going through extreme changes, all is well here. my throat chakra is closed though. it is difficult for me to relate to others, i want them to be like me but i cannot do that so i leave them in love but i still feel foreign. how do imake my throat chakra open? i can talk regular to people that are closer to my vibration but still i do not have much to say. i want to be more in the physical. i want to share my love but it is difficult to get things started, people judge and are to blind it seems, there is no chance or no reason to begin with them but i rather not think this way now. understand? thank you for any help :)




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Valor is one of my nightly rituals, I put a drop on my shoulderblade area ( right side) that grieves me, rub it in and breathe deeply. I was pleased at the way it lifts my mood for more confidence, thank you Margaret!
what is toning?
It is a kind of singing without words, whatever feels right, after the humming, I felt like singing certain sounds like 'ooooo' and 'aaaaa' as songs. I started out quietly, and if alone, gradually without trying, I get louder and louder until I feel a quietness and calmness in my solar plexus. Toning is just the word I gave it..
I got this idea from a lovely healer by the name of Jennifer McLean. Not an advertisement for her, merely an acknowledgement. There is so much healing available to us that is free, our intuition guides us there and we share with others so others can benefit.
You know, more and more healers online are starting to just give away their healings this year! OV's influence must be the' hundredth monkey'!
this is cool, one of my favorite mantras, i am looking for the mantra in sanskrit i want it tattoo
Just please don't get depressed, Anthony--just know that you are not alone in your feelings--there are others who feel like you do.  I think sometimes just knowing you're not alone, helps.  And by all means work on your chakras, and chant--out loud, if possible, as the kind souls here have suggested.  Everyone loves you--you'll get through this, and eventually you'll feel like a new peron.  Love and Light, always, Dot
You are right on the mark, Dorothy! We must not let our energies get depleted. If it means not being in certain people's company, well then so be it! Unless we are intuitively guided to do so, and strong enough.
Love and Hugs Dorothy, I hope this is a good day for you!
Tammy. Xxoo
Hi Tammy--yes, thankfully, it is a good day--thank you for asking.  I immediately recognized Anthony as a Blue Ray soul, and figured that not only were there probably some blockages in various chakras, he wasn't alone in feeling isolated.  It seems, even with a loving family around, when we're young, as well as when we get older, Blue Rays can feel terribly alone--to the point of depression. (It's even worse if there is no family support)  And it's no coincidence that we need to work on the chakras (especially the throat/will and heart/love) as well as to steer clear of the energy suckers--who will suck the energy right out of us, either with their morose negativity, or their constant repetitive talk of mundane things that are not the least bit of interest to the Blue Rays.  We need our minds stimulated or we can go into a blue funk and get depressed.  I might have found this out the hard way--but thank goodness I found it out before it was too late.  Hope you're feeling good--blessings to you and yours, Love and Light, always, Dot  
I recommend you buy a pendulum, Amethyst are great, and ask the salesperson to show you how to work with it.  Excellent for clearing the chakras and healing them. Smokey Quartz and Hematite bracelets may help ground and shield you too!
Yes, absolutely, Carolyn, thank you!
Right on Carolyn!!
thanks, i do meditate when i have time. my new job i started i am extremely busy. today i will try what you said, love&light
thANnk you! i have been starting new, new job, moved away, new everything. i want to start enjoying my life but i feel i get caught in my thoughts and loose hope i want to say or motivation, but i am starting to see better that this is all divine. thanks for your insight friend! LOVE &LIGHT


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