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I've had many experiences that have shown me my connection with the Divine Light of Illumination. Lately I feel in a 'void' (that's the only way I know to express it at this time). I've asked for guidance, to be shown I'm still connected, yet I feel being here (in the UAE), I have no one to connect with to help me do so. I'm currently in a degree program for metaphysical sciences (distance learning, of course, since there's very little-none of that physically, here). Between travel to and from Canada twice yearly, and dealing with an ilness that creates instability, I amd struggling to reconnect with my studies. Procrastination? Maybe, but I feel it's more than that. The energy's not there. How do I regain that sense of connection?


Any and all assistance is greatly appreciated......and honored.




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Hi Victoria,


You were never disconnected.  You are perfect just as you are.  This exact moment is sufficient in every way.  There is no necessity for a grand fireworks of Illumination.  There is no part of you that is to be rejected or judged.   There is no part of your reality that is more holy.  Every place is holy.   Let go of learning.




I suggest to use for some time the soul mantra: I am the Soul, I am Light divine, I am Love, I am Will, I am fixed design. It help me to connect and feel the light that I am.
Maybe your path is taking on another direction stay calm be silent within yourself your heart will guide you.  Just to let you know these energies of late many of us including myself have been feeling disconnected so you are not alone , I have been told it due to one shifting.  Bless yourself daily envision light coming into your being from head to toe, tell your soul /higher self how much you love them/self and ask for guidance.  If you are not into it maybe that is your answer this might just be the time to sit back and enjoy you and the ones around you , your home keeping it simple adding stress of the pressure to perform isn't helping you any  ......just go with the flow and love yourself.

Thanks All.......a moment of weakness, I suppose. Tired from all the energy of late.



If I could only express you are feeling exactly what I have and others are going through just sit back and wait for these energies to pass ....time to pamper yourself watch some funny shows, play some video games, read, draw, hot baths, lots of naps , eat junk whatever it is you need just do it you deserve whatever it is that will make you feel a kid let your cares go for a while.
Embrace weakness and tiredness, and experience fully what it is to be tired or weak, in the moment.  be aware of all the energy, letting go of any need to change it or judge it.

Hi Michelle

Thanks for sharing your feelings. Lots of good comments here and as Sally says, you are not alone. I have been feeling exactly like you for a couple of months now and I'm pursuing an intensive course in Adult Literacy tutoring. So don't beat yourself up about it. I feel, and I know others share my views, that keeping the connection is not all about meditating for hours on end every day. Rather it's about, going within, connecting to your heart centre and listening to your inner guidance, to the whisperings of your higher self. I can also empathise with you about your medical condition, dealing with a rare neurological condition myself, but 'you' are you first and foremost, and not your illness. I know that mine came for a reason and now I'm ready to let it go, when you are at that stage (you will know when) then, as has been suggested, seek healing or start to heal yourself. I am sure we will all send you some healing energy so as Karma says so beautifully, be 'perfect just as you are'! Blessings

thanks all, I have had many many blessed ex in my life. key is don't force, allow. live in present moment, no past, furture, stories, just gratitude for all. stay humble, giving, compassionate, tender and the best person you can always be. make ammends, most of all love self, u are spirit,  no doing just being, go slow, meditate, no judge especially self. prayer every night beg forgiveness. I use lots of meditations but don't need anyhing spacific, jusst theta, gayantra, sw avalon prayer. and as I have been in hospital for 3 weeks,(transformation) slow down reprioritize. time now for soul no ego. loving self most important. xo

Hi Victoria,

What you are experiencing seems to be part of the process.  I and others have been feeling this for some time now.

Why and what to do about it is described in a channeling from Mary Magdalene by Mercedes Kirkel posted on OV November 13, 2010:

Thank you for sharing your experience and bringing this to my attention once again....know that you are never alone.

Love and Peace, Donna

Michelle,I too have felt as you do.I had stage 4 throat cancer,and it really threw me for a loop.I made my living giving healings,am a former student of Babara Brennan's,studied with chi gong  and other masters in the field.I was given a 20% chance at living,but through the wonderful energies of so many others,and my own knowledge of these arts,I have been cancer free for close to 3 yrs. now.I know that you can probably feel the healing coming your way from all of us on OV right now.Try and stay out of your head,and be in the now,and know that your guides are always with you,and please remember to breath.We are all connected,and it's ok to allow yourself to receive! Brock

Dear Michelle,


Thanks for sharing! And thanks for all the great advice from those who responded ! I am new to OV and have found great support here already, simply by reading these posts! I, too, have felt disconnected, lost, flat and yet ready to burst! Feel like I am stuck, going no-where, decomposing almost! Yikes! And confused! Yes, change is coming! Hoping it is good! I will hold dear the advice you received here today from the others! Again, Thanks for sharing!  All my Love & Light, Dana

Dana, just hold on, I believe it is just temporary...




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