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As the site technician, I am attempting to come up with a site appearance that suits everyone. From previous experience in setting up networks, it seems that it is impossible to come up with any single scheme that *someone* does not find appealing. 

The differences in taste between various members of a network are as varied as the reasoning behind their preferences. From a designer's viewpoint, it can be an extremely frustrating exercise in trying to satisfy the greatest proportion of members. Some say that a bright-coloured site ie. one where the background is white - is much more uplifting than one with a dark background and point out that sites like google and facebook are successful with this approach, but others find them depressing BECAUSE they resemble these commercial sites... if you try to set a compromise with a plain background that is medium brightness, then some are pleased, but you lose the other two groups. If you try to enhance the background with tiling, then this makes the site look better, but then those with eye problems find it difficult to read the text.

In the original polls regarding this matter, I received quite a number of comments and emails from members who said they would really like to see a "space-style" background with stars, as they felt this to be very aesthetically calming and also resonant with the sentiment of many here that OV is where we "go back to our home among the stars". But, as comments have proven, the presence of the starry background upsets some members as it decreases legibility.

What would be an absolutely WONDERFUL solution would be for members themselves to be able to specify what sort of appearance they liked and this is something I will be suggesting to Ning... whether they or I can engineer it remains to be seen.

In the meantime, I would very much like to find the best solution to this for all concerned, but the only means I have able to come up with are these polls... and maybe I am mistaken in thinking that the greatest number of positive votes represents the best solution... I am not sure... hence this discussion.

I look forward to everyone's thoughts!

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Personally I think this background you have on here at the moment is totally Yummy  it feels like were all up in the cosmos again its fantastic..your doing great and if Ning can organize that choice to have what we want ourselves then wow..I wont be counting my chicks before they hatch were Ning is concerned however.. though in the meantime you decide what feels right for the site cos you'll never please everyone anyway..~Vlada~

Thankyou for compliment Vlada. This is the feeling expressed by many of our starseed members. I personally feel that this theme best suits the site too, but my preference - and yours - to be fair to all, only count as a singular vote in the greater scheme. I am presently searching for sites that have the user-programmable code that allows changing this... I remember I saw it a few times in the past, but now I cannot recall where. Then there is the problem that the hard code resides on the Ning server and not within the areas that I have access to. But if we can't do it, it won't be for lack of trying!

Its all Good Michael without this sounding segregated,mean or selfish or anything like that I ask who's site is this in saying that who runs this site,who manages this site, who mans the controls behind the scenes of this site in other words I believe you do..and we are all members here like a family to gather together and enjoy your site you created and add to it decorate it like a home are we not.. so really its your home and  we are your guests and as such you have the over all final say on how you decorate your wouldn't listen to your mates telling you how to decorate your lounge you in over there would you..I know I wouldn't I'd be saying thanks for your input and advice guys but no thanks your choice sux,I like my home this way so tuff luck...anything without the members in this site you wouldn't have a site to man either so its up to you...I'm such a deep thinker arn't I true Raven and you never get to shut me up either..I do appreciate you response though Michael..Good luck..^V^

Actually, I am not the owner... Pam Heyen is. I am just the resident site "techie" :-)

But, knowing Pam pretty well, I believe Pam would simply want what's best for everyone.. so I do what I can to establish exactly what that is. It's not easy though!

ooowwwww well I learnt something then I didnt know that.. I honestly thought you were the owner I do techie aye..lucky you..good luck though..and thanks for the pleasant chat as well love it..^V^

An appearance of love?   The aura...  :-) What we look like , comes from the soul.

I love the starry background  haha but of course, my name is not starrybarb for no reason.. you are doing great, go with your intuition, you will find perfection, it's all good...............

Hi Michael,

I like what you're doing with the layout but my concern is the size of the text. My eyes are not what they used to be !

Can we have larger text as the default setting ?

Hi Tom, maybe you are aware, maybe not, that you are able within your own browser tool bar to play around with text size. For instance, I use Mozilla as my browser and under "view" in the toolbar area you are able to zoom in or out as you please. Hope that was helpful, :)


How can you please everyone? It won't be possible because we are all so different.

I take the time out to comment mostly to say your goal is really so sweet and the energy of your desire to create a lovely "home" for this group is palpable in your messages.

I absolutely love the stars as well, and agree the celestial theme is very appropriate.

However, I wish you could see what the text reads like to my (and other's) poor aged eyes. I simply cannot manage more than a few lines before having to give up. When things are white text like this on a dark background and I REALLY want to read them, I have to copy and paste and take to another program to read on a light background. This becomes tedious, and limiting.

I find backgrounds like this with white font are stressful on the eyes, and the sparkling lights distract attention from the message being read.  I preferred the previous (gray background) dramatically over this one.  Thanks so much for your effort, and, I agree... you will not please everyone - choose what you believe best serves the intention of the site.

Michael you so obviously  have a heart of Pure Gold!!! 

 I LOVE the Stars.. BUT I genuinly  don't mind WHAT the site LOOKS like, this doesn't feel that important to me...( but hey this is just me!!)  as much as  feeling the beautiful collective energy, or accessing the information here and at times contributing.

 What does matter is that the site has visual clarity for as many people as possible, so anyone with a form of visual impairment and so on can access it fully. Aside from that ... I personally  would be hesitant to even pay attention  to minor disagreements  about  anything else..  I am ALL for Aesthetics  but I wouldn't stop visiting a dear friend  because I didn't like of their choice of wallpaper...!!!   Allow  your artistic sensibilities to have free reign and it WILL be beautiful  regardless!!!


Deepest  appreciation  for ALL you Do and ALL you ARE...!!   with Love   .. Sarah


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THANK YOU for ALL your support! 

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