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As the site technician, I am attempting to come up with a site appearance that suits everyone. From previous experience in setting up networks, it seems that it is impossible to come up with any single scheme that *someone* does not find appealing. 

The differences in taste between various members of a network are as varied as the reasoning behind their preferences. From a designer's viewpoint, it can be an extremely frustrating exercise in trying to satisfy the greatest proportion of members. Some say that a bright-coloured site ie. one where the background is white - is much more uplifting than one with a dark background and point out that sites like google and facebook are successful with this approach, but others find them depressing BECAUSE they resemble these commercial sites... if you try to set a compromise with a plain background that is medium brightness, then some are pleased, but you lose the other two groups. If you try to enhance the background with tiling, then this makes the site look better, but then those with eye problems find it difficult to read the text.

In the original polls regarding this matter, I received quite a number of comments and emails from members who said they would really like to see a "space-style" background with stars, as they felt this to be very aesthetically calming and also resonant with the sentiment of many here that OV is where we "go back to our home among the stars". But, as comments have proven, the presence of the starry background upsets some members as it decreases legibility.

What would be an absolutely WONDERFUL solution would be for members themselves to be able to specify what sort of appearance they liked and this is something I will be suggesting to Ning... whether they or I can engineer it remains to be seen.

In the meantime, I would very much like to find the best solution to this for all concerned, but the only means I have able to come up with are these polls... and maybe I am mistaken in thinking that the greatest number of positive votes represents the best solution... I am not sure... hence this discussion.

I look forward to everyone's thoughts!

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Here's a "pic" I think would be something to consider! it's

the Andromeda Galaxy


Andromeda Galaxy (Messier 31)

Hi Michael.My opinion,is that you keep the OV pages according to Votes,and leave members to play with their own < My Page >,as they like to be in appeareanse.

Namaste.Andreas.Thanks Michael.

Michael, Here's my last one as a suggestion (ONLY), But all may comment. Thanks

Alfred  .. God Bless us all .. {:-)


Will get back to EVERYONE after I get some sleep!

Appearance not an issue.  I like the purple background and the darker letters..  Only one comment the type could be a bit bigger.

I absolutely love the look. I think it is perfect. You do so much for OV, Michael. I really appreciate all you do. Thank you for all your time and effort.



Hi Michael. Such a task!!! With that said I think that presentation and creativity is huge. I think most of us like the stars and I in particular like the black background because it makes everything "pop". We had purple in the past. However it's important for people to be able to read as well. Wouldn't it be nice if members had an option to increase the size of the text. Because if the text for some is large enough over the stars, then there is no competition between the stars and the text. Does that make sense? As well, the spiritual presentation and vibration being offered IS everything!! Balance is what we seek. Rather than trying to please everyone, let's direct our thoughts and feelings toward BALANCE, and then allow!! Then the contentment and happiness will flow. And Thank you for your determination and energy you give.   Lin

I like what you are doing , and you can't please all of us all of the time.

Love the back ground colour.

I am going to say that my wife who can see only out of one eye, is very pleased with this change.It is not strainful for her to read the posts. So that should say a lot for the rest of us as far as being easy on the eye is concerned.

I can't STAND solid white backgrounds either! - They depress me NO END. The visual effect of being drenched in white and having everything appear as something DARKER is just sickening to me.  So you won't have to fear that happening here! There's no way we are going to let this site plummett to the level of FarceBook :-)



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THANK YOU for ALL your support! 

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