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As the site technician, I am attempting to come up with a site appearance that suits everyone. From previous experience in setting up networks, it seems that it is impossible to come up with any single scheme that *someone* does not find appealing. 

The differences in taste between various members of a network are as varied as the reasoning behind their preferences. From a designer's viewpoint, it can be an extremely frustrating exercise in trying to satisfy the greatest proportion of members. Some say that a bright-coloured site ie. one where the background is white - is much more uplifting than one with a dark background and point out that sites like google and facebook are successful with this approach, but others find them depressing BECAUSE they resemble these commercial sites... if you try to set a compromise with a plain background that is medium brightness, then some are pleased, but you lose the other two groups. If you try to enhance the background with tiling, then this makes the site look better, but then those with eye problems find it difficult to read the text.

In the original polls regarding this matter, I received quite a number of comments and emails from members who said they would really like to see a "space-style" background with stars, as they felt this to be very aesthetically calming and also resonant with the sentiment of many here that OV is where we "go back to our home among the stars". But, as comments have proven, the presence of the starry background upsets some members as it decreases legibility.

What would be an absolutely WONDERFUL solution would be for members themselves to be able to specify what sort of appearance they liked and this is something I will be suggesting to Ning... whether they or I can engineer it remains to be seen.

In the meantime, I would very much like to find the best solution to this for all concerned, but the only means I have able to come up with are these polls... and maybe I am mistaken in thinking that the greatest number of positive votes represents the best solution... I am not sure... hence this discussion.

I look forward to everyone's thoughts!

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Ah!!!!!!!!!you were talking about the background? :-)))))))))))I thought that you were talking about ourselves! This background is PERFECT!  Thank you!

Dear Michael,

It is impossible to please everybody. Do what you think is fitting for the site. Being a happy family and reading the written word, or learning and sharing is what counts. Acceptance is called for at the moment and so we should all try to accept what you have prepared for us. The likes and dislikes differ from one individual to the other and finding the golden middle way is not easy.

I look forward to the final decision.

Love and light


Good question and after setting up so many of our own forums and blogs and being a creative person I completely understand where you are coming from. Personally I have always thought OV and the black as gloomy and foreboding. Color in marketing is key and black does hold great mystery and  is the opposite of light and most of us associate light with love and the first impression of this site is, in my opinion...dark. Now that is my perception but this view is also based on my Master level Reiki training, a lifestime of metaphysical studies, reading auras and energy as a healer.


Soooooo where is this going? In my humble opinion to align the focus and intention of OV as stated the colours would resonante with that intent if the choices  and design had a feel of non-symbolic, undefined energy in high frequency colours of the upper part of the chakra systems. Indigo, teal green/magenta (heart centered) turqoise, even touches of gold (but not glitzy.) The reason people criticize is when the "definers" of a page do not fit with whatever they associate with something else.


By having colour without a specific symbolic representation what is there to criticize visa vi space, angels, white backgrounds or whatever else. White in China represents death and people wear white at funerals in contrast to the traditional black in many other cultures. It can be seen as sterile and boring as well.


As you know Micheal we chose butterflies as our marketing brand because many people relate to them as a sign of spiritual metamorphasis and we haven't had anyone criticizing that.  Now please do not copy our unique brand and turn this Ning site into what we do because we have made it clear that Fresh Beginnings is branded by that and trust you will respect it.


In this evolving non-polarizing energy of ascension, liberation and enlightment we need a sense of undefined, unencumbered non-attachment to the old ways and symbols.  If OV is focused on expansiveness in this evolving age then perhaps the main page does not need a singular icon to illustrate the intent.



of high frequently colors gently flowing in an expansive feel (with or without the androgenous non gender specific beings.) For many of us we are embracing the Feminine and Masculine Divine within our spiritual wholenss and again for what it is worth it is important to not align too much with either one to keep the equality there sublimanly for members.


The other thing that many people take issue with is what a specific symbol represents to them if they know what it is. Crosses and wings are often associated with Christianity, Pentagrams with Pagan/Wicca, some may not know what the symbols in sacred geometry mean or represent so other than something like a heart which is pretty universal David and I steer clear of anything that may give members, our readership or followers to back off because they do not want to appear unknowledgeable or perhaps they are concerned that specific symbols won't interface with their existing belief systems.


Wll that's my view...but will always support what is best for the highest good of the all.

Love and light and it will be interesting to see how the answers to your question outwork. Wish you well Bro.



Go to the main menu and click on BLOGS - there you will find the full blog list

The other consideration is the scrolling yellow test. Is that apermanent feature. I find it takes away from personal background choices and after being here day in day out it feels pedestrian. Perhaps news flashes could be sent out to members or put in the guidelines so there is greater creative liscence with BG choices.

So long as it's easy to read, I'm good.  I like LavenderRose's suggestion of making the blog page longer on the home page.  The blogs disappear super fast!  Thanks for all you do here, Michael.   Love you!  Cindy

Truth is we are not going to please everyone at all. 


Jim put a new background on today and has played with rounding the coding comment boxes etc. also.  It looks nice thank you Jim.


The blue (cosmic background) has been removed from the logo - the logo is under construction.  This one is rather corporate looking and that certainly isn’t the energy I want to invite to OV.   That paradigm has gone. I have removed the donation button off the site. I have no interest in collecting money to run the site. Your donations to Pam have seen this site paid for, for the rest of the year (the generosity was overwhelming and thank you deeply).


I tend to live in the flow and universe provides what we need – if our intention is right it all comes when needed so the letting go of money is not a difficult choice.


Much of how the site is laid up will depend on the logo when it is done.


Some folk requested rainbows which Michael has managed to pull off by making the far to loud for the new background (original rainbow) image transparent.


I have moved much off your private pages. Still some work to do there but you don't need to be seeing adverts on your own pages.


The front page text has been reworded and I redid the original images to go with the wanted rainbow theme (which works for now)  I will work on that background rainbow image so the darker indigo is at the top. 


The text is on white as many of the members here have older eyes.


The front page text and information will be shuffled around some more yet.  Slowly does it.


The banner at the top has its purpose. The colour will be changed to soften the look especially now that the background image has changed.


The real changes will take place when the new logo is decided.


I would also like to see sliding menus so as not to clutter the centre and side bars.  Currently the blogs etc are in the sidebar. We may change this. Still working on what works best for this site.


Lavender Rose and Cindy, the blogs are set to show the maximum of 20 blogs (the scrolling bar will change this later) .  If you go to the last showing entry, under the last comment is an icon that says more. Just click on that to show more entries.  I hope that helps.


Also I have added the daily digest to the settings tab. This means you can cut down on the number of emails you receive from OV - it will gather them and send them to you once a day. If it is breaking news you want here then don’t use the daily digest. It will slow your email delivery down for up to two days... however it will cut the spam.  


If its instant alerts you like then leave it as it is.  Go to settings at the top of the page and email settings to turn on the daily digest.


I hope this helps and I also hope you all will be patient with us as we work away in the background.


Blessings to all!

I love many of the changes.  Well done.  I do, however, not so much like the white dots all over the text and videos and photos.  It makes it hard for me to see/read.  Do you agree, or am I in the minority?  Whatever you decide is ultimately going to be OK with me.  Thanks for all the hard work in trying to make this site the best it can be. 

Fixed :D


One Vibration chat box is the bottom right of the page or on the main menu The beeping can be turned off or come in and join the link share.

THANK YOU for ALL your support! 

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