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I have talked to a number of OV members who are either as bemused at me at not knowing how or contrarily not knowing how I don't know !

I'm taking about the ability of "letting go" and " opening your heart". I am told that this is the way to make a spiritual connection, but I don't know how to !. I have been to many workshops and meditations where these words have been spoken and I sit there with my eyes closed and ask...........and nothing happens !

So please tell me how you do that then !

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GREAT question Christopher!! I have wondered this myself!
Thanks Pamela !'re no help then !!!!........LOL
Christopher...supporting you in your predicament! LOL No sense in being lost in the woods alone!(smile)
hehe... see I knew he was the genius...
Hi Joanna,
Thanks for all your input.
Trust is not a problem for me or is it faith ?.......I feel, I don't hold back, but I must be ! how do I not hold back, when I haven't considered this as a problem ?........I think I have let go, but all I get is an abyss of nothingness. Don't get me wrong, it's not a place of despair or anything like that, just a place where all I am aware of is the back of my eye lids ! I do get swirls of colors on occasion but again this is pleasant but of no real meaning to me.
I have a degree of kinesthetics visual, no auditory........strange but pleasant sensations all over , but I cannot interpret them. They feel nice, but tell me nothing.
The annoying thing is that I go into meditation giving permission to let go etc, but as always after a pleasant experience, I am none the wiser.

For my sins in meditation groups, I used to make up stories about what happened.......I don't anymore and when I say....."I experienced strange sensations", the teacher says "what did you see, did you talk to your guides?"......I reply "saw nothing and heard nothing"......and then the teacher gives up on me. I just laugh at this now, as I cross another teacher off the list.......and it's a long list ! say I have convinced myself that I can't do visual and auditory.......well, when I first started, I would go into the meditation repeating "I can do this....I want to see, I want to contact my guides etc".........but then I was told that I was trying too hard and the trying was blocking it !...........I have never worked out whether I should not try or try a bit or whatever !
I've been told to go with no expectations........done that and when I thought about it......if you have no expectations, then you'll get nothing !
I go round and round in circles with non-meditation times !

Another point about me that teachers find hard to believe is that I have never remembered a dream....I was told this can often be a form of spiritual connection.......well as I say, I cannot give one example of a remembered dream.
Christopher this is not the first and definately won't be the last time I have heard this question asked my friend.
What is the right way to do it? Why can't I do it? What is holding me back?

I would like to ask you a series of questions..........please try and answer as openly and honestly as you can....
If you don't feel comfortable answering in front of everyone then please mail me your answers.
If you sense there are some questions you feel uncomfortable answering then don't. (but ask yourself why you feel uncomfortable) If you want to keep the answers to yourself that is o.k. too. The object of this is firstly for you to gain a better understanding of you.This will be your choice, your free will but if you are ready to proceed further then feel free to share your answers with myself or on this thread.

How long have you practiced meditating?

Do you set aside time each day to meditate?

How long do you feel comfortable meditating for?

When you close your eyes what do you see/feel at the time?

When you practice meditation is your mind still or full of chatter?

Where do you do most of your meditating?

Do you try and meditate when you are calm and relaxed?

Without disclosing any information, have you unresolved or supressed issues from within?

What are you searching for?

How well do you know your body, both internally and externally?

This "spiritual connection" you seek, do you enjoy the process of finding out or is it a serious matter for you?

Do you often look for spiritual answers in books or ask others, or do you look within you for them?

How would you describe you intuition?

Do you like/love you for who you are?

How good are you at visualising?

These are just a few questions you can answer.............that is if you want too of course. Remember my friend, once you begin to understand more about you there is no going back to the old you. Embrace both the good, the bad and everything in between.

Sending you positive thoughts

No problem about answering the questions...
1.Meditating for about 7 years
2.Yes, set time aside each day
3.20 minutes is usual for me.
4.See have strange sensations which are pleasant but mean nothing.
5.Fairly still mind and I try to dismiss chatter.
6.Meditate laying down in bed
7.Yes always calm and I relax easily.
8.Without seeming stupid, I don't feel I have unresolved issues
9.Searching for a spiritual connection
10.Biologically I know my body, but I don't know if you mean anything else by that question.
11.Enjoy meditating but don't enjoy the fact that the connection hasn't happened
12.Read the books and thrown them all away......I ask for help but ....nothing as yet.
13.No idea how to describe my intuition.......
14. No problem with like/love myself........though I am introverted and don't enjoy face to face attention.
15. Cannot visualize.

I will add more, but I started this too late and it's now past midnight !
Hi Christopher,

"Letting go" means to mentally release from that which the mind is attempting to focus your attention on.

If you sit and try to relax, you will often find that the mind is difficult to silence and before long, you find yourself thinking about "stuff". It might be work or your partner, a game of golf or a worrying news report - anything.

When you catch yourself thinking, you might be successful in silencing that thought stream, but soon, it starts again. The difficulty is that while you are in the thought stream, your attention is captured by it and you do not *consciously* recognise that you are thinking about it. It is only when you catch yourself doing it that you can stop it.

To "empty" the mind takes practice, especially if there are things that are worrying or concerning you.

But it is necessary if you are to "open your heart".
The heart has it's own kind of thought, different to that of the mind. The "thinking" is centered in the region of the heart, not the head. People often report that when the heart is opened to a high degree, the sensation is like "a huge pearl is bursting through your chest". This is not as horrible as it sounds and I find it quite an alluring sensation as it helps to silence the mind even further.

Those who are advanced in these practises say "Think with the Heart, Love with the Mind".

Personally, I find that a good way of achieving both letting go and opening your heart is to first relax in quiet surroundings and then begin to monitor your thoughts very closely. As soon as ANY thought enters your mind, say to yourself (in your mind, not out loud),
"Thank God for my Life" or, alternatively, "Thank Love for my Life".

This is pretty effective in quietening the thought. Keep doing this and you will eventually attain that wonderful state of mind variously referred to as "Nirvana", "Bliss", "That place where All are One" etc.

It is a nice place to be :-)

Hope this helps,
Thanks Michael..........I have used a mantra during meditation in an attempt to either quieten the mind or get the mind in a different state........and then I have been told that I wouldn't hear anything ! is a great principal for every day living and dealing with aggravation, but for me not a tool in reaching that connection point ! ........or maybe I haven't tried hard enough with this.........though I am told not to try or I try too hard !!!
· Sit, spine straight, close eyes, relax, breathe slow, steady
· Raise corners of lips in slight suggestion of a smile – keep smile through entire exercise
· Raise top of head (parallel to sky) attention at back of neck, stretching spine up
· Inhale through nose, expanding belly and chest
Exhale as long as possible through mouth, as long as you can, sucking in gut.
This breath triggers parasympathic expansion and calm instead of adrenalin ‘fight or flight' tension and fear when breathing through mouth..

Notice light, peaceful feeling of expansion. Thoughts float freely in and out, ‘letting go’ of brain interference aka ego. Connection to subtle realms beyond veil is intuitive state, about feeling feelings…right brain territory exclusively…feelings rule.

Best defense in fearful, confrontational situations: Three nasal breaths with long exhalations through mouth, and automatically allowing body, hands, etc.(not brain, thoughts) to dictate next move can save your life. Walking to the kitchen sink to wash dishes and touching water once saved mine.

Men and women are wired differently. Letting go is natural for women. Yin and Yang. It takes training and discipline for men but when they do get it, they get it good!


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