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Dear Ov Members,


You always support in my all worst timings in my life, your light, blessing & love.

Again the bad time occurs in my life, I was working in the private organization, the company gone in loses and my company not paying my salary for past 4 months.

I was working in that company past 11years.My designation is Technologay head.


Now I am sitting at home even I try 20 to 30 organizations but no use, coz my education is only under graduate. In the old company I show knowledge put my hard work I came this position. But no company recognizes that.


In this case I am asking your help , I can do anything my own and earn money , Now I am in the position to do anything for my survival, because my mom and my bro both or depending on me. So I am asking you there is any thing I can do and get the money my own or working for some one.


With love




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Dear Senthil

till now you were working for other now you stand up for your own work start something in small way small business small trading you will surprise you will have numbers of way for survival .

as i am a dealers of gems and jewellry if you have any interest and willing to do as you know astrolohy too can do sale gems ,please let me approch if you want at


Dear shyam,

Thank you for your kind ofer to Senthil.

I will have a look at your Homepage.


just gorgeous jewelry  you are a blessed man with a good heart to offer something to Senthil ......

blessings to you

that is beautiful

So MANY people are having bad times due to all the greed in the corporate world.  Just hang-in-there~~things will get BETTER!  Sending you Love, Prayers, and angels to surround you and your family.  Rainbows of Love

you are so much more than you believe    reach for the rainbow   blessing

This may seem like little comfort, but Sunday's eclipse marked a change.  It is time to put aside the ways of man and steep yourself in Divine love.  Remember that what is easy is not always right and what is right is not always easy.  There are many changes coming and your current tribulation is but a test of your ability to survive.  There will be many disruptions among humanity.  You are being given an opportunity to find your inner ability to survive with only what is basic and what is need.

I know this seems harsh, but soon will be a separation of those who are indoctrinated to the ways of man and those who are solid in the place of simplicity and Divine understanding.  Please just keep the faith and notice the little coincidences, there you will find the door.

Hi Mike, its your brother from another mother, Regg. Your reality is what you make it, and we talked about this briefly before. Mr. Tosawad has a very interesting offer for you, and I think it is a magnificient offer for you until you get back into your groove. I sent you a program that you and I both know can turn your life completely around. So here is what you can do for now, get with Mr. Tosawad, and for God's sake, don't think that you know nothing about jewelery. You know plenty about jewelery and having someone like Mr. Tosawad extend his hand to you just might end up being a God send.

Let me know when or what you decide to do and meanwhile, I will prepare special information for your program that will excel you into one of the greatest gem broker in all of Australia. Don't laugh Mike, you know if there is anyone in this world that can help you do it, it is me.

Above all, for right now, believe in Mike and if you can do that, I can help you do the rest.

Keep me in the loop, and let me know when you want the new information for your program.

Oh ye of little faith!

When you get thru this, and you will get thru it, it will all seem like a faded dream.


Your brother from another mother.



What is this program that Mike is on?

Hello Senthil.

I just read your post.

For now it sounds like Shyam Tosawad is offering you a pretty good opportunity if everything is on the up and up. No offence intended.

I have friends all over the world and a few of them are gen brokers, and they live quite well from their chosen profession.

If I where in your shoes now, I would really consider Mr. Tosawad's offer, its not everyday that anyone that I know is offered a mentorship to become potentially very wealthy, and if I ever need help, I hope someone like Shyam Tosawad is kind enough to tutor me the way that he is offering such a gift to you.

Fell lucky my friend, feel very lucky indeed.

Blessings and prosperity and good health to you and all of the people you come in contact with.

Sorry Mike.

I sent you a response because I thought you where the one in financial binds.

JUSt forget what I wrote.




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