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Dear Ov Members,


You always support in my all worst timings in my life, your light, blessing & love.

Again the bad time occurs in my life, I was working in the private organization, the company gone in loses and my company not paying my salary for past 4 months.

I was working in that company past 11years.My designation is Technologay head.


Now I am sitting at home even I try 20 to 30 organizations but no use, coz my education is only under graduate. In the old company I show knowledge put my hard work I came this position. But no company recognizes that.


In this case I am asking your help , I can do anything my own and earn money , Now I am in the position to do anything for my survival, because my mom and my bro both or depending on me. So I am asking you there is any thing I can do and get the money my own or working for some one.


With love




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Dear Senthil

I am also adding my prayers and healing energies  to the energies being sent by other OV members your


There is always a way out in any situation, however difficult it may seem in the beginning. To listen to the divine guidance, and see the glorious opportunities that existence is offering to you, start with a simple exercise which has worked wonders with me : Listen to your inner thoughts, your fears, your concerns. You have to simply turn off your inner speaking  and instead encourage the child within to voice his concers and fears and feelings.

Once We have listened to the inner child, the wounds of the inner child shall become healed and you will be healed as well.

May God Bless You with everything you need.

my son was in a similar position lost his job poor market where he lived so he went back to school collected unemployement got a different trade.  The area he lives supported that for six months so he now is relocating to where I live larger city better market.  Sometimes you have to move outside your comfort zone try something different or possibly more than one at a time.  My prayers are with you and your family I know you are worried something will manifest keep an open mind.

Shyam, you are truly a light being and it is a real honor to know you from OV.

Thanks for trying to help Senthil over this hump.

You are a real caring person and if you ever need help let me know and I will make every attempt to help you. You never know who you are talking to on OV and most of the time, it is someone with the best of intentions like you.

Thanks again from all of us.

Blessings of good fortune are following you through out your entire life.

Hello Senthil, I am so sorry to hear this news but there does seem to be some hope for you here. I will send you some positive energy and the belief that you will soon find your life turning for the better! Blessings

Hi Senthil,

The Path of the Genius:

Take three pieces of paper,

1. Ideas I would like to try

2. what others are asking for

3. available resources.

Now, fill in the three sheets with every possibility you can think of (hint: think of many).

Put all three sheets up on a large piece of paper, and start to draw connection lines.

Where your desire, the world's desire, and available resources all meet, that is where you will find your new business.


Karma Yeshe

Haha. Well Cristian, that is for Mike to reveal to you. The last time I spoke about this program openly on OV, I got spanked. So it would be better if Mike sanctioned and gave permission for us to discuss it in OV territory, then one of us would be able to tell you. Since my spanking in OV, I have also learned that everything is not for everybody. Some things are a little to advanced for some people, or should I say, it is better to know things that we are ready for. Sorry if I am being so evasive about your question but believe me, its for everybodys good.

Dear Senthil,

I will continue to pray for you and your family.

Shyam has made you a wonderful offer. I wish you success in your endeavours.


Do you drive? If yes, i need a ride to different destinations monthly. Missouri, Imperial Area.


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