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Intentional Radiofrequency Targeting Affects Olympic Performance, Leaves No Trace

Intentional Radiofrequency Targeting Affects Olympic Performance, Leaves No Trace

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Terri Hansen on 7/08/12 • Categorized as environmental health,human rights,science

Barrie Trower

Remotely controlled radiofrequency (RF) waves in the microwave range have been used and abused as stealth weapons against everyday citizens including those in the U.S., British physicist and former military microwave specialist

Barrie Trower told the International Center Against the Abuse of Covert Technologies(ICAACT) in an exclusive London interview by ICAACT co-founder Lars Drudgaard.

Trower, who became an agent specializing in the intelligence arena after his retirement from the military learned of the technology’s use both against and to promote Olympic athletic performance when he was consulted by a sovereign country with athletes participating in the upcoming

Olympic Games.

Microwaves were first used to human detriment by the Russians during the Cold War era in the 1950s.

Russia directed continuous microwave beams at the American Embassy in Moscow, bathing the building and its occupants in potentially hazardousnon-ionizing electromagnetic radiation. The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) rigorously studied the technology after this discovery then curiously, said they’d dropped it.

Not so, said Trower.

RF has taken different forms in its development. It was the proliferation of cell phones and wi-fi amid questions about microwave safety that first brought Trower out of retirement. He was concerned about fast-growing RF technologies absent the

precautionary principle, especially the effect on children with immature detoxification systems. To that Trower is adamant: There is no safe dose of microwave exposure for children.

But RF was earlier developed into weapons tested against ordinary and high-level citizens, Trower told ICAACT.

The Defense Advanced Projects Research Agency’s (DARPA) Pandora program studied the

health and psychological effectsof low intensity microwaves with regard to the so-called “Moscow signal” from 1965 to 1970. The project, partially funded by the U.S. Navy demonstrated how to induce heart seizures, create leaks in the blood brain barrier and produce auditory hallucinations, according to John Marks, the journalist who broke the story.

Despite attempts to obscure the programs from the public, Marks’ Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) filings revealed documents from DARPA director Richard Cesaro confirming that one program goal was to discover whether controlled microwave signals had potential mind-altering weapons applications. Mark’s anonymous source, “Deep Trance” told him from 1963 on this and other programs’ mind control research emphasized use of electronics. Ensuing public outcry prompted Congress to demand the projects be terminated but as later revealed by former CIA agent Victor Marchetti, this and other programs just became more covert with a high element of deniability built in to them, despite CIA claims to the contrary.

A high level official of a nation participating in the Olympic Games asked Trower and other experts to explain the microwave technology – what was happening and how, after they noted unexplained radiofrequency in the microwave range concentrated around their Olympic athletes, as well as a prime minister, and some of the country’s ministers.

Trower’s investigation produced a lengthy document in which he explained that government officials can be targeted, “to make false decisions, bad decisions, or blackmail.”

Microwave radiation can be used to induce lethargy, or stimulate, the Olympic athletes, Trower said. “There are frequencies you can use to stimulate the brain, the body’s hormones, and (cause) enzymes to be released,” said Trower. “Then, you are giving your athlete a distinct advantage (because) technically it would be untraceable.” Trower says theoretically the athletes targeted in this way could win most gold medals, especially in some athletic categories.

Trower said most of the countries participating in the Olympics were not involved in the Cold War to the present day, and don’t have the technological knowledge or expertise that knowledgeable countries such as Australia, the United States, Britain, and Canada have to detect misused frequencies. The bulk of the documentation on the technology is secret.

“Those that are not secret you’ve got to know where to get them, how to get them, and then understand them,” Trower said. “Very few countries are aware of this.”

ICAACT, which was created to bring awareness to the general public and the legal systems around the world in regards to serious human rights abuses utilizing remote influencing technologies calls the use of RF as stealth warfare against citizens, “domestic and international terrorism,” said its president and co-founder Jesse Beltran.

Trower confirmed that the technology has been used to target government officials, religious groups, and peaceful protestors. Its negative health effects include neurological, psychological, and physical changes.

Drudgaard, whose background is as an electronic development engineer and sound engineer conducted the interview on behalf of ICAACT, “to expose these types of terroristic crimes against humanity,” said Beltran, a retired and licensed California firefighter/paramedic, who has a background in the I.T. industry in proprietary programming and network development, to line of sight point to point microwave data.

Watch Part One of the Trower interview

here, and Part Two here. For more information, visit ICAACT at

View Trower’s credentials and address to Welsh Parliament on Wireless Communications


By Terri Hansen
Environment and Science Reporter



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