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I want you to check out how Ron Paul shakes hands , how he places his thumb on the other person's knuckle. This is a masonic hand shake and the placement on what knuckle tells the other person what degree mason he is.  Also Ron Paul gives the devil horns which is another Illumanti sign.  Now whether he is just blowing a smoke screen for the american people on the side of dark or is he on the side of can we tell when it comes

to politicians are any honest? - Is It Possible That Ron Paul Is Just Another Illuminati Puppet Elit...

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A bit too sensitive! and I wasn't getting personal. What's with you? One cannot express an opinion anymore or are you picking on me?

Not US, KP... hahaha! I was talking what you said about poor old Ron not making it to the podium!! - you had me chuckling for about 15 minutes afterward so I was trying to return the favour :-)

Governments for the most part have never served the people. I would love to see ourselves govern our own selves where each of us are a part of the whole all contributing to the common good, everyone is fed, everyone is housed, free energy is allowed to be created..........yes, yes, and rainbows everywhere, unicorns flying through the air, and prancing fairies everywhere, I know , I know, a person can dream though can't they??

You mean we CAN'T trust the government ?!?!?

OH! - what a world!

I hear tell!! Mum's the word!!

For God's sake, don't let anyone know about this! - people could lose faith in the system and THEN where would we BE ?

Really People how about something good happy bright hopeful think your thoughts and words create our reality and masons are great people quit believing crap that losers that cant get into the masons put out your have to have lots of integ and a clean record and believe in a higher power thats good to even be considered and I don't see any one else helping crippled kids for free for life. We should make it so goverment at all levels is held by voted in non paid volunteers thats right lets take the money out and all the perks too like the serve one term and get a pension for life and free health care and so on. Lets give them food stamps and public housing and have a buss pick them up and take them to and from work. No more lobysts give the IRS a real job of watching congress, the senate and the white house. Just to make sure that no one is on the take. Only people that really care would run and thats what we need. No lawyers either. Sounds like the golden age For the people by the people and I live in Illinois corruption from the bottom up for years . Its gonna take more than a new president to change this mess. We need a start over with new rules that cannot change what our founding fathers put down.

[much applause]

Ths is the kind of thing that should be in a new discussion!

YES! - Let's stop rearranging deck-chairs on the Titanic and get this show on the ROAD!

been dowsing for years,john hunstman is not illuminati....these are the predicted times,of great change,the dark cabal ,s days are numbered and they know it....4 more yrs of O we lose our freedom,sorry uncle just kidding you are american arent you?why all the fema camps?

very spiritual star elders are watching as earth readies her self to shift to the 4th and 5th dimension and leaves the law of the pairs of opposites the law of duality...entering the  law of one when we see ourselves in each other

Isn't that the hand sign for Hang-Loose in Hawaii?  Everyone does that there!  They are so laid back.  Hard call-i was leaning to him.  Rainbows of Love

Well, (sadly) not one of the ones which run for presi isn't free of "THEM"

As long the "UPPER" team don't change you only can vote between good or worse but not for BEST!

In my oppinion, IF the USA will have a next election, Ron Paul would be the "good" choice.


Yes, Sineh... I proposed that same thought in the WishBox group and got jumped on... I wish now you would have been there... I was outnumbered something terrible


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