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I want you to check out how Ron Paul shakes hands , how he places his thumb on the other person's knuckle. This is a masonic hand shake and the placement on what knuckle tells the other person what degree mason he is.  Also Ron Paul gives the devil horns which is another Illumanti sign.  Now whether he is just blowing a smoke screen for the american people on the side of dark or is he on the side of can we tell when it comes

to politicians are any honest? - Is It Possible That Ron Paul Is Just Another Illuminati Puppet Elit...

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Well beloved Michael, you sure know that saying even if you are only ONE and the others are millions, the million can be wrong and you are right. I live that fully and regardless how many are "against me" I speak and WALK my truth. Sometimes i't hard to walk a "lonely" path, but it rewards the one which have the endurance to walk it to the end.....

Much love and KEEP SHINING tour "BEING" regardless how many THINK different.




have you ever wonder all the information we have been able to read on the internet

by people such as Icke, Wilcock, Fulford etc. they have been teaching/preaching for

years and how are they still standing? I mean this elite group surely would have had

them zapped by now if they weren't serving a purpose of theirs a distraction of what

really is the prize of 2012?  Easy enough to control the internet so why are these folks

that tell us of how corrupt it all is still able to have access to web forum....this is the question

I ask all the time thus why I'm leary of it all yet hopeful

There has to be something to the effect of not being in a fear based state, vibrating at a higher level. So much has been invested in creating fear, keeping people in fear, keeping the vibrations at the lowliest state, this is the state where they maintain a hold, control.

Ever hear the expression said that "they could smell fear". What if you had no fear. Even in our dreams we have been able to face the demon and say " I don't fear you, you are not real to me", and they vanish. The fear is gone, their hold on you is gone.

Then we have to consider that we have accepted the reality they have created for us. What if we chose to create our own reality.

In fact I had a dream just recently, I was sitting at a desk, on it was a form of some kind that needed to be filled out. An arm reached out over me to write something on the form when I grabbed the arm took the pen and said, "no thank you, I will not let you or anybody else create my reality for me". I then had the pen under my control to write what I chose.

that is wonderful you know you are in control when in astral /dreamtime you are as well

yes, long ago I was fearful but not anymore true fear you can smell animals do


ObAmA had a HALO on the posters on his head and it seems Ron have the stars  as Halo LOL

It never ceases to amaze me... Why would one expect human nature to change?  Just look at us... end of the Mayan Calendar and individual's think their work is done!  I view it as a call to arms to redouble one's efforts. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. People will resist change until no choice exists but to step into the void.

I work towards a shift in consciousness which would remove all viels and illusions used to protect ourselves and others' from the lack of integrity and corruption which is pervasive throughout human existence (religious, political, personal, and industry).


The only choice politically and morally is whether you choose to join in the corruption and abandon the masses to the 3% which are attempting to manipulate all else, or to work towards the exposure of all corruption (whether it be local, county, state, federal, or international).

Please research Dr. Paul by watching him in action. He has principles that haven't changed since his 25 years of pubic office. Look at what he has DONE! He has focused the American people on the vagaries of our government. He has galvanized our young people for the cause of freedom and the Constitution. The "Illuminati" would hope that he goes away sooner rather than later.

I can tell you this man is no shill. The NWO cringes at all of the support he engenders. I do not agree with everything he believes. But I do honor him for his principles.

Yep, I have to agree with that... I have heard far more sense and far less rhetoric from him than any of the others...

I agree he is the most stable and honest politician out there still the hand gestures let's everyone know that he is a member of the good ole elite club...him being a mason isn't the concern but the bull horns not too happy about that one  ........his record does reveal he walks his talk just have to be careful .....out of them all he is my choice as well

Has anyone forgotten that a president is usually brought in by pre-selection and not by election and the rest of the process is basically a theatrical show of smoke and mirrors. How many of the past presidents are related to eachother through one family line or another?

true........ but we can still hope for our superman hero to save the day

a new way a new reality

All of them who are pre-selected are related to each other. Some and mirrors, I enjoyed how you phrased it because it is true!


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