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I am a server by trade 26 years...I've seen many changes that will eventually force me off the floor this week a server lost his job for a reason I feel wasn't his responsibility and I'd like to know how others feel?A guest orders seafood alfredo without shrimp but dosen't tell the server he is alergic to shrimp he has an attack at the table self medicating the server loses his job 15 years of service!Now we must ask every table this question on top of the already long greeting!what do you think?

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I think it is the responsibility of the person with the allergy to inform people who are going to feed him or her about it.

Some are severe and you cannot even use a  cutting board or utensil that was used for the stuff they have an allergy to while in others they need to digest it before it affects them. Either way these people are not the norm and therefore the onus rests upon them to inform.

In today's world where everyone wants to sue everyone for their own shortcomings it might be wise idea to have them sign something with small print telling them to inform the Server of any deviance's they may have or even to fill it in on the same form that one can use in case it goes to court.

thank you for your reply so many people have no clue the pressure on the servers we are held accountable for every action!from yhe minute a guest walks into the resturant we are judged...if the hostess is rude I am judged if the guest is having a bad day I am judged if the line crashes I am judged if the manager doe not handle the event to the satisfaction I am judged...I make 4 dollars an hour depending on everyone else to make my money my mood?sometimes it simply dose not matter. 


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