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In one of the groups I'm in a lady named Mary Rose passed away. She had responded to me by email about a couple of my poems. But she never told me she was sick. I wish I had known. Anyway I wanted to send you the emails that the group owner posted in the group I was in with her. . Please read it all it will bless your heart. This also contains her last post.

This note was sent to me this morning concerning Mary Rose.
Mary Rose was such a blessing to us all.
I sent a note back to her father telling him how sorry we all are for his loss.
She is at peace now. She was to have a different type of Chemo starting today. Gods blessings were with her , so she wouldn't have to endure any more pain.
I had the honor of speaking to her several times and her love for everyone was a wonder to me.
I have saved as many things as I could that she sent me..
I know she is watching over all of us with the love that she showed to everyone.
God Blessed us all for being able to know her.
i promised Mary i would notify you in case of emergency/Mary passed away from stroke sometime before dawn on Sunday morning/she was waked last night and
will be buried today/please respect our family's privacy. - f.l.donovan

Thank you so much, my dear friends. I appreciate your kind words and your many prayers. I have had a headache for the past three days...seems nothing will stop it....although the pain medicine does take some of the edge off a bit. I also have noticed a slight weakness of my left side...and numbness around my mouth on the left side. The doctor seems to think I am having slight mini strokes. I do not notice having them...but I have periods of feeling quite foggy from time to time. The doctor says it is from the Chemotherapy...and not to worry. Oh well..we'll see, huh? Lol!
It seems that I am in the autumn of my life. Just as the leaves fall from the too does my hair fall in bunches every place I go. As the colors of the leaves began does my memory...seems that I have to work much harder to remember things that once easily came to mind. I seem to be looking back a lot more...remembrance of my childhood when life was carefree...innocent...a time of wonder and magic.
I have become less and less it seems...yet I see myself in all things. I feel as if I am metamorphosing as an insect...the old me dying and growing wings. As my body grows weaker and weaker, my spirit is ever
renewed and grows stronger, longing for sweet release from this take flight...into the heart of God. I am looking away from this world...away from all pain to the next lifetime, where I will find infinite things to my Beloved's side.
Love and hugs...Mary Rose

You came to me in the autumn of my years
Like the fragrance of a sweet Rose you came.
Though your gone from us now.
I can feel you the silence.

Yes Mary Rose you are as close to us now.
As our own hearts.
And when we get still and listen.
We can hear you calling to us out of the silence.
Saying...I'm ok now..there's no more pain.
We miss you so Mary Rose.
Princeofdreams October 11. 2006
This morning while thinking about writing something for Mary Rose.
It was all I could do not to cry. I really felt her near me.
I think she came to see who this Princeofdreams is.
Because that's what I felt.
I told her when we meet again I wanna waltz across the milky way with her.
She smiled and said...yessss.

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A true spiritual being that had a human experience.

Blessings of Love!
Brigitt :-)
Thank you Durl for sharing an all too brief moment in the life of this beautiful lady. I'm sure she is now a sparkling beacon of light for everyone who cares to see.
This was my last message from Mary Rose on November the 2nd;

"WOW ,...I couldnot listen to the Butterfly video(said error of some kind) so I did the Angelic Human, what an Incredible video, the Music brought so much Light that I will go out side and let the Sun dry my Tears. this was Beautiful and a Wonderful way to start the morning....Thank you Starseed, you should share these on the Motivational thoughts of the Day.. it was Pure Light will motivate many...

Love and Light
She spoke of the butterfly video that was on my page, I sent her back a response that said,
share with as many as you want, there is no copyright on beautiful. She was wonderful, and I hope continuing on her beautiful journey. She will be missed here. The odd thing about this is that the butterfly video does work on my site, but for some reason she was forwarded to the Angelic one, which then had a wonderful affect and message that she needed.
Love and Light,
Hi MaryRose, I am so sorry, I didn't realize there were 2 with the same name. I am so sorry, for sharing this message. I wish the other Mary Rose a beautiful journey then.
Love and Light,
This truly hit me like a truck.. I just found out yesterday my ex husband of 22 yrs, my best friend, and my childrens father, my grandkids pappaw has cancer.. Its bad, very bad, and has spread. He is only 54.. My heart hurts so bad right now for everyone because i know that he will be leaving this world sooner than later.. I had a son go home 4 yrs ago. He was only 25, and we miss him so very much as it is. I guess for me, what im saying here is i know he is going home, but he is so scared and not a believer in much of anything. My kids are scared, are want me to fix it. Just as they wanted me to fix it when they lost there brother.
Why is it that i cant breath right now, cant think past losing him again, cant think of how to help my kids right now, or my best friend, the man i married at 16 and promised to love and cherish for the rest of my life. He doesnt even want me to know, he doesnt want me to hurt anymore after loosing our son.. My daughter is the one that told me as she was looking for me to fix this for them some how.. I wish Mary Rose could tell me what to say to them now..

God BLess you Mary Rose..... Love, Shari
Spread you wings and fly sister of light!

Aroha (Love) & blessings
aka BLU Rose
This side of the veil were all the pain of lost and longing ly , crossing in a meadow of lightness our spirits are released with a huge sigh................ah Mary Rose is blissfully content in our true spiritual home wipe your tears and shout with cheer yes, hallelujah , hallelujah she is free of this ole heavy body which fought aganist thee.

God Bless,
How Beautiful and inspiring for those who are suffering as Mary Rose did. "As my body grow weaker, my spirit is ever renewed and grows stronger . . ." There are many who will be comforted by these words. Thank you so much for sharing.
Thank you for sharing all this about Mary Rose, whose example will make us stronger. Please don't cry for her. She is finally in a much better place. Feel joy for her because she is as happy as a human being can be. You will certainly waltz with her across the Milky Way...
Love and gratitude,
Fly free with your beautiful spirit and be One with the Elegant Poem that you are. We are all with you now understanding and knowing you in the sweetest of ways - ways that were not possible before you were set free. Be well and be joyful my friend.
Beautiful! I feel the warmth of the affection you both have....Bless you with LOVE and Light!


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