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Merlin on 2010
Channelled by Whitefeather 4/1/2010

Dear Ones,
I come once more to bring messages for your new Earth Year, indeed a new decade of enlightenment that you have entered. My disciple Whitefeather has asked why it is necessary for so many messages all saying the same thing from the Ascended Masters. Yes dear children, it is, and I shall explain why this is so.
As you all move towards your souls ascension purpose, you each arrive a different times, there is no mass ascension on a given date as some as some humans masquerading as false prophets have led some to believe. No, this is a gradually process already initiated and each is where there should be at this present time. As this process continues, there will inevitably be noticeable differences in each persons vibrations. During 2009, this presented itself principally in relationship issues, those of a lower vibration, still with 3rd and 4th dimensional issues to work through, either departed your circle of relations, by this I infer family as well as friends and professional relationships. They cannot yet function within the higher frequency energies of those that are ascending faster, equally, those whose frequencies are rising, are finding it increasingly difficult and uncomfortable to try and accommodate those with lower vibrating energies. You simply no longer resonate with each others frequencies, this is no ones fault, it is simply as it is at this time.
Therefore, because of the vast array of frequencies vibrating throughout humanity, it is necessary for a vast array of the same message to be given in varying levels of decipherment and discernment.
Those of the higher frequencies will understand all the messages and may even find some rather crudely put. But if all the messages were of a higher frequency, then the vast majority of humanity would not understand them, and so it is important that messages are given at many levels of understanding in order for them to reach the whole of humanity.
With this in mind, I call now to the Lightworkers to remember rhis for your task for 2010 is to make the wisdom and teachings of the Ascended Beings accessible to all humanity no matter what their level of vibration may be. 2010 offers an enormous amount of transitional energy for humanity to reach its potentials, and please remember, each persons potential is unique to them, so it is the task of Lightworkers to help open the hearts of humanity to the healing energies of the creative Violet Flame so that each person can begin to understand where their own potentials lie. Doors are opening for each person this year, Gateways are opening for Lightworkers, Portals are opening for those ready to ascend. The potentials are there for you all this year, you simply have to choose, will you accept the opportunities offered to you ? Or will you remain closeted fears of what if’s and blame ?
The energies of 2010 will continue to grow and heighten in intensity, allowing yourselves to move with this natural flow of energies will find you able to be in the right place at the right time, to be ready to walk through the open doorways, gateways and portals. Procrastination of your spiritual evolution, remaining closeted in your fear based material worlds of physicality will only continue to struggle to survive, creating obstacles out of challenges and negativity where there need be none. We understand how deeply ingrained within your human psyche it has become for you to believe you have to remain on the societal treadmill of materialism, fear and constrictions. But, the energies of 2010 are urging you to break free from the constraints, to stand up and be counted as the spiritual beings of Light that you all are. It is time for you all to remember your soul selves and the destinies you have upon the Earth Mother. It is time to throw off the cloaks you hide behind and to shine as beacons of Love, Light and Hope for others, for each other.
Herein lies a paradox, For whilst this is a year of standing up and stepping out, each individual becoming their true soul self, it is also a year to come together with like souls to rekindle the communities that have often been spoken of. Many of you, Lightworkers included, lost sight of your communities and you struggled to find yourselves within the complexities of human relationship issues, but 2010 and the planetary alignments offer you the opportunities to seek out like minded souls once more and come together in your loving purple robed communities of the Violet Flame. It is time for all of you to rise to the challenge and become like the Phoenix, rebirth yourselves into the Violet Flame of Love and Compassion.
With the continuing changes taking place in your global societies, governments and other institutions, it will be all too easy to step into depression or worry, fear or anguish. These are the tendencies you must all strive to break free of. This has the potential to be an active year of positive change and the energies cannot manifest your desire alone, you must work hand in hand with the energies to create the world you desire, you must be the action you wish to see, no longer can you leave it to someone else, less you are left behind, you must each do it for yourself.
For many, the greatest challenges of 2010 will be stepping away from you old belief systems based on fear, greed and need, in the face of opposition from others, of going against the grain, so to speak. For Lightworkers your challenge is to sustain your spiritual work within the restraints of your societies. This will create inner battles for many, of sustenance and survival versus spirituality and ascension.
Your old systems are crumbling, and more so during the period 2010 - 2012, but spirituality never crumbles, it is always there, you may choose to ignore it, mask it or even condemn it, in favour of societal abundance, but more and more of you will begin to realise that all of the monetary abundance of your societies can offer, will never supply you with the inner peace and contentment you seek. Only your spirituality can do that. And, spirituality comes in many forms and each must seek that which resonates with their hearts and stirs their soul into unfoldment. I for see a time when all the worlds spiritual disciplines with cease their need to be ‘the only one true Supreme Being’ but for now, it is important that you each recognise your own calling and walk that path to finding your true self. When humanity realises that it is their spiritual soul self that can truly provide all that they seek, then ascension for all can take place. The simple recognition of this fact is what will help humanity remember it’s souls choice for incarnating on the Earth Mother at this time. Remembering and honouring this simple, yet important and powerful factor, will propel each individual to know their true soul selves and that which their destinies require of them.
And so dear ones, I urge you all to continue to come together with like souls, with your twin and triple flames, your soul families, in communities of Love and Light, sharing the Violet Flame with those whose vibrations are still struggling to rise.
Lightworkers, call people to you as you continue to work with the Crystal Grid Earth Healing Ceremonies, call great gatherings together, embody the feminine principals into your work, into each other, into the Earth Mother. Your work continues to grow ever more important as the struggles between physicality and spirituality rise during 2010 and those in need seek to find a light source to guide. Stand tall Lightworkers, shine your light strong and bright so it can be seen and felt by others. Keep yourselves pure and positive in mind, body and soul, remain in the light and know that you are all truly beautiful people, much needed at this time. Action is needed now dear ones.
I Master Merlin, speak for all the Ascended Beings when I say that we love you all and are with each of you daily. Call and we shall answer, for you are us incarnate.
My Blessings Dear Ones, Merlin.

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A wonderful positive message, once again reminding me not to compare myself to to others and to walk my path knowing I am exactly where I should be right now.
I needed that ,its time to start getting together again with other people that are on the path. A lot of my old group have moved off the island in the last few years so we quit meeting on a regular bases .Its time again .Thank you for this uplifting message. Love & laughter Dione
The power to change the world are within each of us!
A perfectly timely message, thank you Whitefeather and Christopher
Thanks Merlin my old friend, huge hug to you.
Thank you White feather , this heartfelt message truelly resonates to me...
thank you, lovely, the world need visionaries ...what do you envision for the New Earth? I envision world without laws and rules and regulations, where everybody takes full responsibility for his/hers actions, everybody is HONORED and we all have FUN
Hi Anna, i cannot say what Merlin has in mind tho' he did say he for see's a world without the constraints of individual religions. Personally i would like to see a world where we all live peacefully, understanding and compassionate towards each others beliefs, way of being and as you say, taking responsibility for our actions, our own lives and for the Earth too, forward thinking regarding our actions and how they affect future generations. As lightworkers i believe we must leave by example.
Love and blessings Whitefeather xxx
hehe no sponge bob........
If only you knew!
The Lady of the Lake is reactivating as one of the grand Feminine archetypes as we re-embody the Divine Feminine.
Thank you for her mention!
Try standing at any beautiful lake during the next Equinox. Ask to reactivate your Grail Codes and see what happens. Ask it now, strap in and hold on!
XXX Louise.

I will be honoured if you do so. Thank you.

Of course it's that simple, because you are the Master of your own Ascension encoding! I cannot say what is divine timing for you or anyone else however, you can magnetise towards you any changes in your reality that is your heart's desire. See what we can already achieve just by asking. Asking creates a certain energy field within you that ultimately shapes how your experience your reality. It's therefore, within your power. It's as if there are legions of helpers just swinging in their hammocks waiting for some task to help us, but Universal Law of non-interferance of beings upon Earth governs them into non-intervention UNTIL and UNLESS asked.

Except upon Earth, there is no linear time as we know it. Linear time is a construct that enables us to learn by cause and effect of cheifly our own actions. Once we step into our hearts and feel our own truth we commence manifesting our reality from that, from our divine selves and we cease to need time. Also, as more cosmic energy reaches us here on Earth, it is as though time speeds up, so what is time or it's relevance except to show us when our actions have ceased to be guided by our higher heart? As we learn to harness those refined energies then we really know what speeding up time is! So, you are not limited by time constructs as you have known them, and I'm prepared to state that you will continue to experience time depending on what's in your heart and what actions you are taking in regard to what's in your heart.

The question proposes itself, what is in your heart? And you may find the answer has to do with desire. Take a moment to find that true heart's desire and formulate your REAL question to the Divine. You may stand at your lake in your mind now and fill your consciousness with your purest desire, then open to incoming Light-filled energies and be 100% gratitude for all that you have, ever will have and all that you experience and ever will experience, (all are manifest here by the physical participation of the raw materials of Earth, even eachother. We can be grateful for all of that benevolence). If you view it all without judgement, without division by good or bad, then all is for your learning to Love without limit, afterall. All is manifest by the magnet that is your heart, so be the most you can be within your heart.

The coming Equinox is a very magnificent time of energy influx and every sacred place on Earth will be participating. As we gather in those places, or will ourselves there by heart-connection from afar, we so place ourselves, by our sheer intent, to stand in the flow of Divinity. Forgive me for seeming to speak from my own belief system, but these are the highest energies yet to come to us in a planetary manner. The Earth will open to receive but we can be the conduit, and from Earth's point of view we must play this role if the energies are to be grounded. This is what it means to be the guardians and custodians of Earth. This is what the Cetaceans have been doing until we step up to the plate as Human Angels. It is important to prepare you body for this event, the more prepared you are the more of this energy you can conduct through your cells, through your blood, through your DNA and you will be transformed by it, electromagnetically and spiritually. So honour your body, it is your temple. Eat well, rest, meditate, cleanse out old habits and limiting thought structures...get ready today! Start now by asking for and magnitising your new Lightbody with crystalline features replacing the denser physical features, a crystalline spine, nervous system, brain, blood, yin/yang bi-directional energy flow, because these respond best to the energies that are available NOW and will be your toolbox for activating it in yourself to accellerate your own consciousness Ascension and the Earth's. Afterall, do we not wish to know Who we are and Why we're here?

Activating our Grail Codes means being able to use your heart as your power source, your connection to divinity, to become your Master Creator Self.

Completely go for it, no holds barred. Open it up!!!

Love Louise.


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