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Message from the Galactic Federation 1/12/12 Channeled by Greg Giles

The revelation soon to befall your world will alter your course of history, there is no doubt of this. The revelation that a world is not alone in the universe will have vast sweeping effects of change everywhere, and not a soul incarnate in your world will not be affected in one way or another by these changes. We see upheavals in the early stages after our disclosure announcements begin to reach the ears of your planet’s citizens, but we also see the calming effects our Lightworkers are already having on your people’s collective consciousness. This is our task today. There will be others when this task is complete, but today the most important work involves the taming of the fear that some already are experiencing as more and more once concealed information makes its way to the masses. Do your best to soften the blow of our announcements that will begin shortly. Your knowledge in this area will be much sought after, and many will seek the guidance of those friends and family who have taken the time to inform themselves of their world and universe around them. You are those that have done your homework. You are the ones who have made the effort to learn what was not forced upon you through your television sets.

Your world is about to experience the greatest leap any world has ever experienced in such a short amount of time. To experience metamorphosis from a limited 3rd dimensional world to a virtually unlimited 5th dimensional world is an incredibly vast jump, and it takes the skills of men and women like you to see this grand endeavor succeed in the manner that it has so meticulously and carefully been planned. Again, we ask of you to be prepared at this time with enough household provisions to last a few days or even weeks until the dust begins to settle and your world sees a return to its normal functioning. After calm and order is restored, we will immediately proceed with the next phase of our plan which is a first contact with you, the citizens of Earth. Many changes will follow in rapid succession after that point, and this is the moment when those of your world will take notice and learn as a certainty that we come in peace and are here to help advance your world greatly as you are being prepared to be welcomed into the great Galactic community.

Much work needs to be done to ready you for this moment, and we have trained extensively to assist you with these many tasks. Many of you will be working with us in the crucial days ahead, and we look forward to this prosperous partnership. Many of you have also trained extensively to be of service at this time either before your current incarnation, or even during this incarnation, either through training programs within your society or through your astral travels where the knowledge you have learned has been safely stored within your subconscious.

Many surprises await you in the days ahead, and this will surely be a most exciting time for you on your continuing journey. Again, please be there for your brothers and sisters who will need your higher guidance. You have all gotten to this point together, and no one need suffer through lack of knowledge and guidance if enough of the Wayshowers make their presence felt. You are the souls chosen for this important assignment, and you were the ones thought best suited and prepared for the job. This is your time now to do what it is you do best. The spotlight is on you, it is time to take center stage.

Our opposite numbers within the Cabal continue to encounter their fast-paced demise. They see no way out. All of their vast amounts of wealth now useless to them, they are beginning to see their many long years as slaves to their dark agenda meaningless and such a waste of opportunity. They were once so sure they could succeed cutting you off completely from your Source, but they were never able to completely sever the cord that connects you to your Divinity no matter where it is you journey, or what it is that you experience. Such is the bond between your Creator and you. This bond can never be broken, can never be bought, sold, bartered or stolen, and is as strong today as it has always been and always will be. This is the reason there is never anything to fear. You are eternally embraced within the protective and loving arms of your one true Source of all that is, and Source will never let go of you, even when you journey deep into the dark bowels of the 3rd dimension.

It is time now for you to come back home. Follow the safety line that has always been secured around you tightly. Pull yourself back up into the light, it is the time for your homecoming, and your friends and family from many years past are here to help pull you up.

We are your Family of Light from the stars.

As channeled through Greg Giles

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Hello Andromeda,

What I am going to tell you are only my own observations.

Throughout time since  was a child (I am 53 now) I have not necessarily believed many things in completion. I only have researched many predictions and belief systems and carried them with me. I am always looking for common parallels from different sources that then begins to lend credibility to them. From the Bible to Nastrodamus, to the Aztecs, channelings, science and quantum physics and many more, some from personal experiences.

So now as we are arriving to the biggest focal point in humanity, from many different sources the pieces are coming together for me. You may call this my own personal knowledge as I have no real proof by today's standards to validate any of it.

Some common parallels I have found are that there will be a period of turmoil, confusion, sadness elation, and ascension. Many may pass to the other side in this next year as the trials of life will be more than they had expected. I believe they will continue helping us from beyond the veil.

I have had some personal experiences that showed me some certain truths. I will speak now as if they are fact because to me they are.

I believe that at some point, probably near the beginning of these tribulations, that we will have intervention from what we are coming to know as the Galactic Federation.

They will help to empower many of us as we ascend to take a larger role in bringing about the ascension of this planet.

There will still be many humans who will undergo great strife and much do to the lack of understanding and inner light.

As we come into the age of Aquarius we will step into the 5th dimension as many of us ascend.

We will become a part of an incredible warm and loving world that is amplified by the opening of the heavens.  We will dwell together with the extraterrestrials or what some would call the angels.

I know of this incredible love because I have experienced in this life for about 3 months. I think it was to show me so I knew of its truth. I will call it Gods Love.

When you feel this incredible love if you are like me, all of the highest points on your life might equate to a 1 on a scale from 1 to 100 and this amazing love will be 100. If this is what heaven is like I would accept the tiniest corner of heaven and live in ecstasy for eternity. When you feel this you will know it is true.

So number one, with this in mind I know, ultimately  everything will be much more than just alright. I believe this heaven will be here on earth, I lived it here already. I believe all this incredible cleansing loving energy will flow like a river through all of our hearts that are left upon this earth to carry on as well as our family we will meet again from beyond the veil.

This is also why I do not fear death ,, because I have tasted of this incredible love. It is as if God himself lives within you and when you open your mouth to speak this incredible truth and love will speak through your own lips.

If I would have had to face an entire army at this time I know I would have stood victorious in the end. So search out this Love by shedding the darkness that consists of fear, unknowings, lies, death and all forms of darkness. Ask for the light, truth to fill your body heart and mind and there will be no darkness in you.

That is what Jesus meant by let thine eye be single,See only light!!

As far as the channelings go I believe that many of them are true and given by angels of light. However by following my heart and also remembering the parallels, I sort the truth from the man-made channelings, or channelings given by spirits or entities not necessarily completely immersed in this impeccable truth or light.

I want you to know what I am sharing here now is something I have never shared on the internet, in fact have shared with few individuals due to the doubt, skepticism and disbelief in matters such as this.

I have had numerous UFO sightings and many of them very close and personal. I even have photos of war between the light and the dark UFO's once I locate them again in my negatives as the photos were stolen.

I will relate to you my most profound UFO encounter that I attribute to a visitation from the angels or the good extraterrestrials. The reason is on this day, it was in 2009 Aug there was a channeling from Metatron on the Extraterrestrial sites, where they said they were the welcoming committee and if we were in disbelief to just ask, and they would show themselves.

I was working in the mountains at about 10,000 feet in Winterpark CO. So I was driving in the mountains after my work was done and began talking to them as if they were with me. I asked them to show themselves to me for confirmation.

Three days later I was driving home or rather my secretary was driving me home as i was exhausted from work on I-25 and I noticed this bright light coming directly over I-25 towards us. I didnt say anything because I knew she didnt believe in UFO's.

As I watched it nearing slowly over about 15 minutes I could see it was of enormous size. It was lowering as it neared us. By now I could see it was right in front of us maybe 300 feet in the air. It was about 800 feet wide and discus in shape with two enormous pontoon looking things on each side (for more detail I have a more complete write up on my page on extraterrestrials).

I said to my secretary "So is that a UFO or what" she said I have now seen a unidentified flying object. We were in rush hour traffic going like 75 mph. I told her pull over She miraculously and smoothly whipped out of traffic to the side of the freeway I was jumping out of the truck as we stopped. It slowed and stopped right over my head I gazed right up into the bottom of it. It was completely silent, it reached across both sides of the freeway probably about 800 feet or more. the whole bottom was covered with windows or looked like with what looked like a hatch in the bottom or center.

My hand was frozen to my phone as I wanted to take a picture but couldn't take my eyes off of it. Around all the windows emanated a greenish light like a bright glow. It mesmerized me and I felt this compelling feeling of unconditional Love as I gazed up into the bottom of it. After about a minute or two it slowly started moving away without a sound. It was incredible looking I just stood and watched as it went out of sight. As I climbed back in the truck I noticed there was a cubicle UFO skirting along Fort Carson which was Ironically right there on my right as we were heading south. Almost as if to be like guarding the larger ship We went on down the road in awe. I forgot to mention, my wife and 3 yr old son were right behind us and had pulled over and witnessed the same event.

Later I reported it to the National bureau of UFO sightings and they were very excited to here from me as there were several other reports of this same ship.

Although they couldn't tell me much due to privacy laws they implied that some of the sightings were of me standing under the ship. It may have lasted for two or three minutes.

The reason I am relating this is to convey to you my personal knowledge that is absolute truth to me, but maybe I could never prove to anyone else.

 I hope what I have written here gives you some peace.

I send you my Loving energy and support.

My bottom line motto however is hope for the best and be prepared for the worst. We live in this physical world and must be prepared for some physical changes. This is the purpose for this group.

Peace Love and Light

Thank you for the gift! I wish i could buy it! I liked!  :-)

Hi Christiane,

Just and me your gift of Love and being connected with us and the universe and I will be forever grateful.

What do you think of Changing the name maybe to "Circle of Hands' or "Circle of Hearts"

peace Love and Light

Thank you Andromeda,.

I agree that we are all pieces of the puzzle, and this is where some people get confused about so much information as it is like personal or even secret knowledge that we all possess as talked about in Carlos Castaneda "Teachings of Don Juan". Anothere reason for this group is to help bring us closer together on a physical plane as well as spiritual and mental.

I am thinking of changing the name of the group any thoughts on that? I was thinking of maybe something like "circle of hands" or "circle of hearts".

One reason for this is some people feel that because the Illuminati used to be called the Golden Circle I think in the old west days like when Jesse James was involved.

I send you Peace Love and light

I know you are such a precious soul

I like the idea of 'circle of hearts'.

I read all the channelings with avid interest and hope. Hope that they will all come true. One minute I feel full of love, light and joy and the next quite down. I suppose its the volatile energies around at the moment.

Unfortunately I already feel divorced from this society and its values which is awkward when they still want money from me lol.

My friend has said she has an open mind about it all but she's pleased I'm around as I'll know what to do when it all pressure eh?

Thank you Angela

Im sorry I should have posted that on My group "The Golden Circle" That is what i was referring to.



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