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On Tuesday last week, we were all asked through various means and through the human mass consciousness to give our love and support for Mother Earth.

The results of this have been interpreted by Chris Thomas and below is the first page of a 13 page pdf which you can download and the bottom of the page.

This will upset some people, baffle others and make perfect sense to some.

See what you think.....

"Over the years, I have spoken to a great many people about the change of consciousness that is occurring on the planet. I always asked the question: What is the best way of achieving soul re-integration?
Whether in groups or individuals, the most common answer was:
“Somebody will come in and do it for us”.
It was only on very rare occasions that the correct answer was given:
“We need to work on ourselves and work with Mother Earth”.
Why is it that we look for help outside of the Earth?
Could it be that we lack confidence in ourselves?
Could it be that we have adopted the scientific materialistic view and see the Earth as an inert lump of rock?
Could it be that we have forgotten that everything that we are, whilst human, we owe entirely to Mother Earth?
Or, all of the above?
Humans live on a free-floating planet whose very soul has dedicated Her existence to our nurture and well being.
If it was not for Mother Earth, humans would not exist and yet the majority of people never acknowledge Her existence let alone realise that everything that we are, or ever could be, is totally dependent upon Her and the abundance She has provided us with.
We, as a soul, have chosen to come to Earth in order to take on a human life. In order to become human, our soul receives permission from the Earth and then connects to the Earth consciousness.
This is why the first chakra is also called the “root” chakra as our soul connects itself directly to the Earth‟s soul in order to take on physical, human form. In order to become human, we literally connect our soul to the Earth‟s.
This is how it has always been.
Throughout the whole of human history we have needed to become integrated with the soul of the Earth in order to take on human form and yet we seem to have forgotten this fundamental fact.
We also seem to have forgotten that our soul is much, much bigger than the portion that inhabits the physical body. The soul of a human is immense and, for reasons discussed later, we divided it into two portions: the higher self; comprised of three quarters of the total soul and the physical self; comprised of the remaining one quarter.
We are currently very close to the time where we will be able to fully merge the two aspects of our soul back into the physical body but instead of remembering that in order to achieve soul re-integration we need to work very closely with the Earth, we look to something or somebody from outside of our solar system – why?"

Download the document here....Mother%20Earth.pdf

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Chris , what is , is, I have not the answer, maybe ? no one else does ? But we are all here trying our best to understand with our human mind, living and loving from our heart , which means unconditionaly. I wonder just what else can we do other than what we've already done with what we had to go on.??? I'd accept anything to go with what I just said. Love To You  Thanks for this food for thought  love ANGEL.  This is big content???

This is very big content and what it basically boils down to is people being honest with themselves and with others and listening to the promptings of the higher self in order to be aligned with our soul's purpose and that of Mother Earth.

There is something out there for everyone's belief's needs, ect. I've thought for years, that we are all pawns in some game?? didn't know which game, but A GAME, Surely with what are OV family believes, This can't be JUST Another game, another belief?? I do not want to trade one of No value for another one of the same.. We all best listen extra close to our inner knowing. That can't be a game?? Right???

        Love and Light To Me and Each Of My OV Family Members  That I LOVE

     Love ANGEL ( Margaret)

Not so much a game but a test....a test of completing the reason why we are here on this Earth at this time.

P.S. This again has come to mind and if anyone has any helpful input, I gladly accept it and appreciate it. HERE IT IS!!!!   If we are from a womnderful divine source???   Why would we leave such and CHOOSE to come from love and bliss to this hell we all go through???   AND  SEARCH OUR WAY BACK TO LOVE BLISS AND ALLTHAT IS WAS AND WILL BE ???? Something does not add up here for me on this?? Can Anyone help me on this?? Christopher???   Chris Thomas???      Love You All            ANGEL

@margaret crim...Listening to yourself and your higher self not only provides you with a source of clarity,it also quiets your human mind,this so-called mind is basically concerned with your survival and safety,it spends its time planning and protecting your soul,its basic premise is that you are living in a world of danger and conflict,it believes that only careful planning and aggressive action can prevent your souls demise,many seldom question this premise,the vast majority of the world's thinking revolves around a constant concern for safety,what we call thinking is mostly worrying about the future and its path,while you claim that living is a world of conflict is stressful,I find few people who would actually really like to be peaceful all the time,they dislike conflict sure & worry but find the struggle both exciting and motivational,they believe that some pain and pressure is necessary for progress,now think must you continue a cycle of pleasure and pain,joy and sorrow,achievement and disappointment,without ever considering if this is necessary? Do you have a great stake in maintaining conflict? Yes,because this conflict provides the glue that holds our deeply held belief in duality together,so take duality it is the concept of two alternatives,two powers,or two possibilities,in this life you often feel the full effect of events by contrast,so without sorrow,could you know joy? without failure could you know the thrill of success? seems necessary to support your present reality..I may appear like I'm rambling but this is facts you asked for assistance you have been given it, I hope you see this answer..its good your asking questions for if you don't ask them you never learn..PS: your soul chose to come to earth to live this human existence remember that..

Thank you Valda, seems right again to me. I've talked to others about this and I'm going to share  all comments with them they've ask me these questions off and on for sometime. I didn't have the answer, thanks again         Love To You and Yours

Hum see you speak of the soul, to bring this to a point I hope that you do know that your soul belongs to The Lord . It is Gods and this body we have that he gave us it will soon decay and be gone I have a question to ask of you and it's not hard at all how is it between you and God?. Do you believe in him are do you think that he is just a thing of the past. We and others that I know that their will never be peace on this world again till he returns so I say just make sure you are right with God before the time comes. We can speak on all that we like but man kind is dune to destroy its self. Just look around at the world today and you will see nab trying to control everything that every body do, the GOV is afraid of the people this is why they keep trying to take GOD out the picture. Just ask yourself if man did not use all of these gag items like cell phones PCM pcs tablets and Ect Do you think that we will be in this mess now well we would not see these things was made to make our life Easier they say but in fact they made it to make you lazy. And to control you and I and others if you think I am wrong just count how many times you go to use your cell phone your laptop and other things that you have and everything that you do on it is recorded by the GOV JUST GO TO THE BANK TODAY! And get a statement and you will see numbers on it from your government. Make a master mistake on your account and guess what they take control of it don't they, your every dollar is been watched they have a new plan out now and they are in the UK right now tell them that with in 2/3 years we will take control of your money and we will determine how much you will get if you don't believe look it up. They say we can uptake world peace and no more violence if you all will just give up your rights your guns and all the other things that make man kind the way it is. But keep in mine we you give up your rights you are so going to be taking by the GOV THEY SAY, that all of this is cause by anthropogenic yah I bet you don't hear that word every day do you well I have said a lot but more to say later when I finish my web page till then God bless and may God speed be with you.

 Thanks Chris, we must have wrote inbetween each other's comments.  If indeed this is a test, ( seems human to me) I am one of the most honest people humans if nothing else, on this planet. Why am I so confused today??  Is it ego in me?  OR is there some other reason for my thoughts and questions?? Offer me help , I'll look close before reject it. Thank you

  Chris, above all that I may not be I am one of the most honest humans on this planet. Why is this confusion upon me?? You know I value your input and advice ect,  Thank You with love    ANGEL

Confusion is upon us all as we are trying to wade through the mass of information and disinformation and find what's true for us. We have been brainwashed, lied to, deceived and manipulated for generations and we are at a point we don't know who to believe or trust......other than ouselves. All we can do is go with what feels right for us and be honest with ourselves.

It's time to claim our own power we know ourselves ask Mother Earth permission for ascension or whatever

term you use for this process.  Stop seeking outside of ones self sometimes even well meant messages

can be negative, take what you need discard the rest.  Everyday give our Mother our love , one of the best ways to do this is love yourself.  How it all turns out is by a Higher Hand one within your own power HS and the realm of Light.   Stop depending of galactic this or that look within we all have the power ...let ask one another for this light instead of invisible forces that can't nor can be proven but we do have one we can manifest miracles!


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