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My Father was taken up into hospital today. Please send some healing.

Since I came to live with my dad he started getting better and better.


Things became so bad last year. An old man living alone in isolation. He had a few strange happenings and luckily our neigbor came and helped him out because I was living over 200 KM away in the city. One day he could not get up out of his chair. He had a stroke. Then he almost took himself out of this life with his car against a truck trailer.


I could not believe the negetivity and glum outlook on life that he had along with his penny wise pounds foolish scarcity conciousness. He was having a radio for companionship and if you knew our local radio its amaising he didn't kill himself successfully earlier.


Well since I came here his friends are telling him how much younger he became, while my friends are telling me how much older I became but thats another story. Anyhow he was/is drinking about 20 pills three times a day for all kinds of stuff. So I introduced him to all kinds of healing and self healing.


Yesterday he did his first serious full session of EFT for the first time in his life. Yesterday afternoon he started breathing difficult. Last night he couldn't breathe properly. This morning he was slurring his speech so I took him to hospital. They xrayed his chest to see if its not his heart but now they say he has water in his lungs or on his lungs.


Im afraid that EFT might heal him of some things and then those very pills he takes may just kill him. For example one of the pills he takes is a diluted form of rat poison that thins his blood. I was amaised to see how long he bled after the cat knicked him one day. It runs like water. Now what if he taps his blood clotting out with EFT and still drinks those tabs? His blood might become so thin that it bleeds through his artery walls and then he really WILL die like the rats do.


So I dont know what to do.He is also rather stubbornly holding onto his alopathic treatment because its "proven" (Did I say he's a Virgo?)The hospital is keeping him for observation. I hope the doctor takes him off some of the stuff he is on. Please send some healing (And open mindedness) if you feel like it?


His name Hendrik Gert Pitout. But everyone calls him Tiny (Cause his so big.) Born 3 Sept 1938.In the Free state of South Africa.


Thank you. 

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Thank you Bernadette. Regards to your pm, I will do what I can. Thank you for the good advise and the healing.
Thank you everyone.

He texed me this morning at 5 am with some gibberish. I think they are going to send him to a bigger hospital and I must take some stuff through. Il'll call him a little later and also remember to take him his glasses so he can read and send proper texts. LOL

...TAKE IT, TINY... :)
...AND USE IT... :)
Thank you so much.
The doctors are not saying anything yet. Maybe they think he won't understand. I saw him this morning and he seemed fine.


Hes back home and he's fine. This time they say he has too much fat around his heart and he is going to have to live with it untill he dies.. I told him to just heal himself and not to buy into their speculations.
Thank you david.
I hope Mr Pitout is doing better. I am sending light and love and great hugs for healing.
Thank you Starr.
He is coughing a lot here at home now. Last night he told me to be on standby in case he calls me to take him to hospital. In the meantime we speculated that he caught some flu going around and that is what made his situation worse or pushed it over the edge.

His problem now is phleghm.
Thank you Starr
You have a beautiful smile.
In the time he spent here at home after the Hospital visit he coughed a lot. A week ago I bought him generic sinutab as it became apparent he has some mild fever symptoms. He started cleaning his lungs couching like any cold sufferer in recovery. Then it also dawned on me that there is a cold virus or something doing its rounds. It does not affect me ofcource with my silver and self healing so it never occured to me that my father could have it.

This troubled me actually because hypothetically now he gets a minor cold and has breathing problems because of it, when he gets to the hospital they look through his file and try to relate his symptoms to a previously diagnosed heart condition or something and they start on him with their poisonous chemicals.

I know you might ask why I dont heal him with all that I know and can do? Well he is my Nemesis. Since he had a minor stroke and heart problem like three years back he lost all his faith in everything. He mocks me now when I echo everything I learned through the books and authors he gave me at one point. When I do toning in meditation he mocks that in conversations with other people and me. I take it there is a lesson for me in this and gradually I am beginning to believe that he has lived enough and I have to accept it.. He stopped drinking Cilloidal silver water because he says it tastes like tin to him.

Gradually I feel this toward him: "I will drive you around and help you but I took you to the preverbial water and you refused to drink. I am accepting that you dont want to drink but I will keep offering in case you change your mind." Because he has changed his mind with EFT and yesterday he tried my Violet ray out for a short while.

Well the latest verdict. Sunday afternoon he felt bad and asked me to take him to the Hospital. The Doctor there (A Korean lady this time.) told me that his heart is beating "fast and shallow" and therefore not delivering properly. Ok so first they said he has water on lis lungs or heart, then they said his heart is choked by fat. (UNlikely because most of his life he weighed more than 20 kg more than he does now)He got booked in again.Now they say his heart is pumping shallow and fast. It took me all of the rest of Sunday untill late in the evening to get his hospital stuff done.

I translate his shallow fast heartbeat as a system in panic. I think my Father is in fear and in panic most of the time but he does not want to talk about it. We know that fear kills you eventually.

So here is my intention. When I heal I want him to feel safe and peaceful, cared for, in recovery (not in decline) To him the world is a hostile place, a problem to be solved (because he listens too much radio local news.) I want to change that to "Life is an adventure to be lived. The universe is my safe creation I made for myself, nothing can go wrong." Those are my nitentions for him if anyone would care to help I would deeply appreciate it.



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THANK YOU for ALL your support! 

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