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Nanotechnology is measured in billionths of a meter, encompassing all aspects of life from food to medicine, clothing, to space. Imagine hundreds of microcomputers on the width of a strand of hair programmed for specific tasks….in your body. Sound good?

Engineering at a molecular level may be a future corporations’ dream come true, however, nano-particles inside your body have few long-term studies especially when linked to health issues. Despite this new huge income-generating field there is a growing body of toxicological information suggesting that nanotechnology when consumed can cause brain damage (as shown in largemouth bass), and therefore should undergo a full safety assessment.

It is possible for nano-particles to slip through the skin, suggestive of a potential unnatural interaction with the immune system, or when micro particles enter the blood-stream. Some sunscreens on the shelf today, for instance, have nano-particles that might be able to penetrate the skin, move between organs, with unknown health effects. Nano-particles in cosmetics have few regulations done by FDA.

Thomas Faunce, of the Australian National University, who holds an Australian Research Council fellowship that looks at public nanotechnology health issues, said study’s findings are significant and strengthens the case for mandatory labeling, and that stringent safety data should be required from manufacturers.” Research is showing that nano-particles have the capacity to damage living cells and the precautionary principle should be applied,” he said.

In 2005, The Helmut Kaiser Consultancy Group, global leaders in pro-nanotechnology, stated that about 300 nano-food products were available on the market worldwide estimating that market alone was worth 5.4 billion dollars in the USA. That was then.

By 2015, (just a few years away) they predict that nanotechnology will be used in 40% of the food industries. According to these consultants, by 2040, nano-produced food, with correct nutritional composition, maintaining the same taste and texture of organically produced food, will be commonplace, the norm.

It is clear that nanotechnology is already in the in some food and cosmetics, (including anti aging products and sunscreens).  ‘Smart’ packaging and tracking, is ubiquitous. Invisible, (to the naked eye and some microscopes), edible nano-wrappers, complete with bar codes can track not only early spoilage, but improve the taste of food, or, whatever is called food.  Manufacturers are excited because the availability of food would no longer be affected by limited resources, bad crop weather, water problems, etc.  A modern way to feed the world.

Oh, don’t expect an informative label on nano-particles in your products. Although marketers are thrilled to present benefits to make wrinkles vanish, or illuminate skin flawlessly, there are health and unknown downsides.

Where is the public debate, on the labeling of nano particles in your foods, or cosmetics, or the risks? Probably no where…Political leaders are still arguing on requiring GMO (genetically modified) labeling, it seems.

When lab rats are starved, and given a choice to eat organic potatoes or GMO, they go right to the organic. When only given the GMO potato they will eat it, or starve to death… (studies have shown severe damage subsequently). What do rats know?

So the next time you reach for something that say’s ‘smart’…think about what that means. Learn what you can about the source of what you put in, or on your body. Smart mini micro computers to control your skin and body fluids?



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As usual Carol, your rendition cuts me to the quick. There is no way that can even attempt to dethrone your minds eye view of what our world could be, for a few minutes, I was even taken into your reality and slumber took over my mind and heart and soul as I drifted into a  deeper moment of bliss that completely engulfed my entire being.

Then within a twinklingling of an eye, it hit me. Like Helen, I jump up and said, "Hold it buddy" the last time you feel asleep like this and enjoyed the ride, when you woke up, the whole world was at each others throats, tearing and clawing at each other like so many raptors in Jerasic Park and you barely got away then.

I love the way that your perception is so brilliant and angelic like. We need to know more people like you Carol. Meanwhile, I am still standing at the Gate with one hand on my sword and a brand new third eye that has been cleaned and polished so that if there is one microbe of a chance that something can slip by me that shoud'nt, then it deserves to get into our new heaven.

My wounds are many and my scars are endless. I have learned that until we reach that point that absolutely assures me that everything is alright, my eye is wide open.


Love and blessings to all of you. 

Dearest is not only with your single eye open and whole.. but your Heart Space attuned together with this eye that has you seeing thru your Heart Space and thinking with your Heartmind...and knowing compassion...feeling it... experiencing it.

We all have endless wounds and scars...and we have allowed their enormous weight and remembered pain to color our perceptions...and as you visit the realm of the Heart Space more and more frequently, it won't seem like a dream/vision to will become what is real...and it is then that you will see the illusion of this 3D world....which in these moments now you still perceive as true and real. We are the ones that make it real for us by believing it is so. Believing holds the reality in place. Change the belief and you will change the reality. Belief has a very distinct feeling presence with it. Have you ever noticed?

You need never stand at the Heart Space portal to guard it for only those holding the vibratory key may enter at Heart's longing to return home. You might say that your Heart Space is self regulated by frequency...and there is no way that duality may enter in.

Those who have begun to live their Heart Space Heaven on earth are  finding that it happens in moments like you entering into the vision and experiencing it's sweetness. Then a thought comes and bumps them out..a thought that doesn't match the Heart Space vibration and they are back into old 3D thinking and feelings again...until the next magical moment comes and they find themselves in the flow in their Heart Space again, not knowing how they got there  and what it was that took them out the last time. What they do know is that they love what they feel and experience here....and want to remain..but still another 3D thought enters and they are back into the stark reality that still persists here.

It is a process that we can become conscious about. For years I would fall into and out of the flow and couldn't figure out what took me in and what bumped me out again. It wasn't until I began to focus on the nature of some of the energies and dive deeply into what happens when you  focus into them and feel them...not just think about them.

Feeling is a Universal language just as sacred geometry is..only on different band widths.

The Primary feelings that we experience in our Heart Space (the ones that are especially the Universal language) have no opposites and are not created by chemicals released into our physical form and are of higher vibration than the 3D emotions that are chemically created and are of the realm of polarity consciousness.

I will give you a key to play with here and learn about. It is a whole area of learning unto itself. You are most familiar with it's label....gratitude !

Gratitude is an is also a bridge that allows you to access your Heart Space. I discovered that using it and staying in that energy for as long a time as I could each day, brought me into alignment and balance      so that I might enter and explore my Heart Space.

Here is an exercise for you to play with. Don't make it hard...just use it as a tool to learn.

This is the exercise. When you awaken in the morning , CHOOSE ( because it is a choice) to enter into the energy of gratitude...and let your first thought be about being grateful...It may be something as simple as the feeling of being alive...breathing...feeling your heart beat...experiencing your body...the bed that held you while you were sleeping...for some finding things to be grateful for is hard as they think they have very little.The object of this exercise is to stay in gratitude so make a list if that helps you, but it can not be lip service just saying your list. You must move deeply into the feeling of gratitude for this to work. See how long you can stay in this energy. If you fall off the log you are so carefully balancing on, just climb on again. I picture you as having a very hearty laugh. The very best way we can laugh is at our selves..and not take any of this too seriously.

The biggest use you will ever make of gratitude is being grateful for the pain that brought you into this moment of awareness....and yes for all the scars too. I am with you sweet brother....I know the pain and the tears...tears that need to be cried out and allow them to wash away the dullness of this world on our spirits. We came for all the experiences that we have had here. It is such a rich playground for playing.

Children remember this. Have you ever watched the joy that children have in their playing out of dramas. ...and all the contortions they will give to a death scene in midst of a battle with a dragon saving a beautiful princess?...and after they died got up and brushed the dust and leaves off their clothes and just giggled???? This world is about that real, dear friend. One day you will awaken into the wonder of this and laugh.

Of all our minds...our Heartmind is the highest form of knowing. It doesn't require intellectually tearing things apart. That form of thinking is always "about...". It is never experiencing the thing itself, directly. I know how safe it is to be intellectual. I have lived their most of my life. It was just too painful to live in my feelings. Then something amazing happened...and with a choice made by me, my Heart Space opened and all in life became alive and vibrant...filled with consciousness...and life was never the same after that moment.

Did you know that our physical heart is the very first organ to form in our body? Imagine just the importance of that ...

Heart Space blessings to you all.. Carol

As you already know, I have a tremendous amount of respect for your advice and that is what makes you such a needed voice on OV. Your advice is right on the money, so guess what I am going to do ?

I am going to follow your advice to the letter, because most of it I already know.

It is not easy to jump back and forth in and out of one reality and back into another, but I know very well how to do it.

I must admit that sometimes, I get pulled into the Matrix so far that all of my years of teaching get lost in the constant transition of coming and going to both my own reality and back into the Matrix's reality.

I think they are trying to make me come back and stay because the illusions that you speak of are getting more prevalent now.


Its almost like they have built some kind of magnet that attracts me back in and before I know it, my emotions have been tapped into, but lately I don't feel the tug or pull of their distraction because their illusions are getting better and better.

Seriously, I respect what you say and know that your wisdom is masterful and well thought out.


You are like a cosmic teacher to all of us especially the way that you express what it is that we need to hear and not necessarly what we want to hear all of the time.


The best wisdom in the world is the wisdom that makes you look directly at what the problem is and addresses it in full view of your mind.

As usual, you have addressed my malady and your guidance is being followed to the letter.

I have the dragon now and have turned him into my pet.

Thanks for guiding me in the correct direction.

Your tutoring skills are right where they need to be for this particular occasion and I apreciate you taking out the time to get me back on the right path.


It looks like you are taking back your power that was taken from women ions ago and now the light is being shown to our world that you are capable of ruling again, and this time all of you are not giving it back to us men ever again.


Well done Seerer and Keeper of the Secrets of our new world.

Well done Wisdom of the Earth Giver.

Dearest Reginald,

Thank you for your touching words of acknowledgment. You have given me awesome titles to live up to. wow !

Power is an interesting thing. We need to use it for our doesn't belong over anyone else. A very long time ago, I lived ion a planet in the Orion constellation, where the planet was living in peace and living love with each other. I loved what we had as a governing body. It wasn't by sex or money (we had no currency there) by were chosen to serve our world as one of the highest honors that could be lived. Chosen for our gifts and our abilities and our strengths. No political buying into positions of power to take over. All were one huge family where we lived in tribal communities that chose the members we wanted to represent us because they wee men and women of integrity and honor. That is the kind of governing I would love to see happen on our earth. Everyone was greeted as equals. That doesn't mean being the same but held as equals in regard.

This planet has gone back and forth with the ages between the sexes. being in a place of power. We have now come to a place where it will be a balance between the two...and high time. :)

You have a conundrum to face. ie, in order for you to move forward in your growth, you must be willing to release your limiting polarity beliefs, but when you do that you feel you are not doing your job of keeping everyone safe as the gate keeper. Actually I thought i was going to be the last one to exit ! lol ! grin !

What if you were to hand over the gate keepers job to one who is tried and true ! I suggest you make good friends with this amazing being! His name is Arch Angel Michael ! He holds the sword of truth and is mighty in battle ! You can trust in him. You have only to ask.

I would add one word here...."The best wisdom in the world is the wisdom that makes you look directly at what the problem is and addresses it in full view of your HEARTmind." for it is with your Heartmind that your eye is single (out of polarity consciousness).

You might want to give your dragon a pet name. They like that ! Mine is called Gump...he insisted on it...and what tales he can tell !

You are always welcome, Reginald. Thank you for your willingness to be honest. When we choose to hide behind nothing, then we will advance quickly.

Love's blessings to you ♥ Carol

Dear Carol

A life on Orion constellation?

Did you have past life regression  or were you born knowing,Do you believe in Jesus and and did you have a figure like that in Orion?.

What happened to your people

Have you met Arch Angel Michael?

One more question.Do you believe that illness comes from the mind and is of negative nature,

hugs Helen

Hi Helen ~

(no reply thingy under your post of Questions so am using this one)

From what I remember it was like living here and helping develop consciousness over many lives.

I began to have spontaneous recall in my 30's... where I would lose the reality around me and relive portions of other lives.

When you say do I believe in Jesus..I am not sure what you are referring to...Do you mean do I believe such a person lived a life on our planet? Yes...did he have a mission? ... yes ...though I would probably not align with the current Christian Church view point in the linear way they believe....even tho' I was brought up in such an environment.

Do you mean did we have enlightened beings on the planet in Orion?...yes many were moving into that state. We have had many enlightened beings on this planet too. If you look at each culture there has been someone come up thru each culture to bring enlightenment to those people thru their ways....

What happened to the people on Orion is a very long story..too long for this post. Over 1000 of us came here around 35,000 years ago.

Arch Angel Michael is a dear friend and helper...yes..

The mind is a definite part of most illness. The question you ask is not a simple one to answer as there are many tributaries to that river. Some illness is recorded in our DNA and brought forward and we have karmic-ally brought it to us again...but it is always for our own gain ultimately. When we over come something or strengthen ourselves, that is gain. Illness is an imbalance..or a dis-at-ease about something. When we internalize energy our body must do something with it ...especially when we have a belief about where we can express that energy. Often illness comes down thru the levels of frequencies until it becomes us many opportunities to adjust the imbalance before it becomes the dis-at-ease in the body. If we don't manage to do that or see it, it " hits us on the head". Illness can originate on the spiritual level first and work its' way down...mental, the same..emotional...the same...and it can just originate on the physical. Much is happening on the physical this past century because of all the imbalance created in nature.

Blessings to you ♥ Carol

Hello Carol. You must be the guide that my I-Ching is advising me to seek. No one has been able to decipher or assist me on my path and quest, but you so far, so even though I am a loner, and there is nothing wrong with being a loner, I am and that is good enough for me. Maybe handing over the keys to Michael the Arch Angel is what I need to do now. Everything seems to be going as planned now, and it would feel very good to get some cosmic rest now. Wisdom is my mistress and she has kept me safe from harm all of this time. I have the power and permission to hand over the Keys now, and now I know who I can give them to. Hopefully he will take them and help bring all of this confusion and chaos to its appointed end finally. My dragon remains nameless because it is part of me now. I have a question for you. For the last 2 or 3 million years our species has been either a seed race or a hybrid of how many different beings, and where did they all come from ?

I have wanted to know the answer to this question for the longest time. We seem to be much older than modern day science wants to admit to us, does that mean we actually have a purpose or are we a species that is pure of all genetic manipulation from any other beings or alien races ?


Ok, that is two questions, sorry about that.

Hopefully you are able to help me clear this up in my mind.

Thank you for giving me a heads up about what I think that I know, and what I really do know. There is a difference, as you will inform me of when you get a chance, because there is a whole lot more that you know and could tell me.

I am offering up my sword to Michael the Archangel and the rest is all knowing.

Your teaching is important as we near some very confusing challenges and we all need to arrive at our prescribed destinations.  

Dearest Reginald ~

(There was no reply thing under your am using this one)

One who lives in mind, always has quest-i-on-s ask away...      : )

I am honored to help you in any way I am able. Thank you for asking as it is what we each much be able to do in order that we may receive. I would just like to add that there are different ways we do our asking...but that is for another message.

Speaking of must also ask AA Michael. He is not allowed to just step in.

There is purpose to all of experiences are not excluded in this. Your question is more complex than you realize...for in order to answer it, one must access records for the history evolving consciousness of all kingdoms...records for our solar system as it is a part of a larger being...

Our Universe is a young Universe...and it is expanding...growing up ! That may sound funny. I certainly laughed when I first knew....and yet it delights me  to know this.

Have you ever witnessed first hand our very nature of energy?

..not in a film or video but even seen in a vision or dream or meditation? Try focusing on that and meditating... I was blown away by what I experienced. My experience was a vision and I was in the midst of it...each of us is a universe with myriads of spinning galaxies with solar systems. Looking inward was like looking out at the night sky into the body of the Divine...when  the vision became too intense for me I opened my physical eyes and it continued....every where I looked this is what I saw. reality had no sharp edges to define it. I knew I was looking at my hand..i could still see it like a transparency and within it was more of the same. I looked at a napkin on the table in front of me..and still saw the same transparency and with in the same whirling galaxies at different angles...some were in masses in closer proximity. Fractals of energy everywhere I looked. I closed my eyes again and was overwhelmed at the nature of our reality...

Heartmind is the creator of All That Is. It is our connection in consciousness to our inner Divine Self...that is a part of the Whole.

In your asking, now you can see that everything is connected and everything has purpose...not perhaps in the way our ego intellect thinks about this but purpose none the less.

Question 2:

"...are we a species that is pure of all genetic manipulation from any other beings or alien races ?"

First was the creating of the body of our earth before she could support any kingdoms of consciousness. This took "time"..and as the body developed consciousness began to enter for experiences. The first kingdom to be invited in was the mineral kingdom of the earth element. There is some very old consciousness here...go to the  mountains and climb one and speak to them... open your heart to their responses to you...such wisdom there!

The elements of  air and water joined in the dance of life bringing their different first all forms were very simple life energy but even at this fractal level life is adventure! in consciousness....bringing greater and greater awareness....then animal kingdom was a more complex form so wasn't one of the earliest. Even now within our bodies we each hold the many kingdoms present with us..some at a microscopic level...we have nano  consciousness with in us.

When humanity entered the scene, many forms for consciousness to play in were already present.

Do you think, in looking around you that life here in humans is a pure form?...and that eve-olution in different environments is what we see as the results? I suppose that is possible...but where you can go to find your answer is within the memory bank of each individual on our planet today...I have found no one so far who has not had other life experiences elsewhere. So now is that just soul's evolution we are speaking of here and the body is just of our earth? Our Soul holds our consciousness and chooses sojourns that fill its' purpose in all of life. I do not originate on this planet. My last home planet was in the constellation of Orion. Before that, others...So has my being here messed up the purity of the seed race? When over 1000 of us came here from Orion, it was with the agreement that we would share our DNA with the races here...and that we would intermarry. That race was 8-12 feet in height depending on the skin color...very beautiful...kind of reminds me of the race shown in the film Avatar. Our bodies had 9 chakras within them...and we had gifts and abilities that aren't present on this planet that I know of...I can not access them in this body. I can just feel them within me.

There have been periods of history where attempts were made to create a pure human form...both in Atlantis and Egyptian times in the temples. So your quest for a seed race would have to predate that time.

Was it by playing around with genetics in a science lab...some was and some was just thru inter marriage. It has made for a very strong human race. Don't give up on us. With adversity comes great strength. Just look at you, dear friend. With great strength comes true gentleness and beauty arises.

I hope this answers your question.

I don't seem to know how to say what it is I say without a lot of words either, Louise. lol When we go back to communicating thru conceptual thought then all these words will cease to be necessary. *smile*

Love's sweet blessings to you...all ♥ Carol

Dearest Carol.

Thank you so much for spelling it out in such a beautiful way. I resonate with every word you wrote.

I like playing in 3d remembering that it's an illusion and sometimes the game becomes too real and draws me in and then I have to take a little sabbath to get back to remembering.

Thank you for the beautiful reminder.

Dearest Eugene... you are so welcome ! It is always an honor and delight playing with you.

Love's blessings to you ♥ Carol

Dear Carol

you are a beautiful soul and for that i am grateful,

Through the grace of GOd go I

hugs Helen

Thank you Helen ~ You can only see and acknowledge what you are !

You are a beautiful Soul...and I am in such gratitude having the opportunity to get to know you.

♥ Carol


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