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The Alien Fusion Reactor On The Moon

Evidence exists that ancient lunar pyramids , spread across the surface of the Moon, may have been erected to create a network of solar power collectors. Now startling information's surfaced that an incredible crater complex—that appears currently operational—may be generating power with an immense helium-3 fusion reactor. If it is an immense fusion power complex who or what's operating it and what is the purpose of the machines using the incredible energy? Yet other evidence strongly suggests that the crater is nothing but a crater with unusual features, but no giant reactor dome.

Some researchers dismiss the detailed photo as disinformation and part of the continuing cover-up—in the vein of the controversial Face on Mars and the tampering of the Cydonia image using the infamous 'cat-box' processing that Richard Hoagland exposed.

The Mystery of Aristarchus Crater — a fusion reactor?

Strange domes on the Moon have been observed and recorded by astronomers as far back as the late 1800s. As lunar probes began surveying the Moon in the 1960s images of more domes were revealed. Some are not as dome-like as first suspected as the images were skewed by light and shadow and created optical illusions. Others are definitely domes, but strong evidence points to past volcanic pressure that inflated the surface in those regions of the Moon like a bubble.

The most bizarre crater on the Moon [Credit Mike's Astroimagery UK]

And then there are the unexplainable domes.

Recently, took a new look at some old lunar domes that are in an anomalous region that's rich in the element thorium.

Aristarchus [USGSUS Navy Clementine spacecraft]

The website notes: "The domes were identified in a region called the Compton-Belkovich Thorium Anomaly, a concentrated 'hotspot' of the radioactive element thorium located on the lunar far side. It was first detected by the Lunar Prospector mission in 1998. The anomaly provided a bulls-eye for further inspection using images and data from the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter combined with digital models of terrain to assess the morphology and composition of the region."

Are these domes natural? Most scientists agree they are; but many other domes exist that still raise eyebrows at JPL and are spoken of behind closed doors at NASA.

The domes have also been observed and sketched by astronomers as far back as the early 1800s, and thousands of more modern photographs taken by observatories around the world fill nearly overflowing file cabinets.

Aristarchus [USGSUS Navy Clementine spacecraft]

Among the most puzzling—and controversial crater-domes—is the Aristarchus Crater.

Why is this crater considered so bizarre and an object of great interest? The crater glows. It glows a bright blue.

The Aristarchus glow has been observed by astronomers for more than a century. Since it's been noticed for that long, the timespan effectively closes the door on secret military outpost conspiracy theories that the blue glow is being produced by a U.S. or Russian covert lunar base.

If it exists it's definitely alien.

But, can a nuclear reactor really be operating on the Moon? And if it is, why would it use fusion or be fueled by helium-3?

A proposed fusion reactor on the Moon [Image: NASA]

Fusion reactor technology

Achieving fusion reaction is not a simple task. It's been the dream of nuclear physicists for many decades. One of the challenges is the fuel, another is containment.

A tokamak (toroidal) fusion reactor

Large donut-shaped structures and spherical laser-implosion chambers have been experimented with. Both have their advantages and their flaws. Ignition of fusion is a monumental challenge. A bigger challenge is keeping the fusion going—sustained and stable enough that energy can be drawn from it.

Fusion reaction requires extremely high temperatures—temperatures exceeding the heat coming from the inside of the sun. As Weekly Science observes, a major hurdle is the "extreme temperature required in order to begin a fusion reaction of pure helium-3, which is estimated to be six time hotter than the interior of the Sun. The only research facility currently doing successful helium-3 fusion reactions is at the Fusion Technology Institute at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where they have been able to confine the reaction with a technology known as inertial electrostatic confinement (IEC). The benefit of IEC is that it doesn’t need a massive confinement structure…"

Such a reactor may be what is under the surface of the Aristarchus Crater for the facility would probably be underground.

Lunar mining operation [Artist: Robert McCall - NASA]

The space race for helium-3

Two mighty countries have announced their intention to set up operational bases on the Moon before 2030 and mine the isotope helium-3. Neither of those countries is the United States. Unfortunately, the U.S. stands to lose trillions by not making the effort.

Both the Russian Federation and China have set their eyes on the goal. Both see fusion energy as the future power source of the world and one of the best fuels to operate a nuclear fusion reactor is helium-3.

But Russia and China are not alone. India, Japan and Germany also intend to set up mining operations on the Moon to mine helium-3 and other rare elements and minerals. For while the Earth has a very limited supply of the isotope, the Moon is rich with it.

Discovery News reports that "thanks to a critical shortage last year, the price of the isotope helium-3 has skyrocketed from $150 per liter to $5,000 per liter."

Helium-3 fusion reaction

And Discovery News notes, "The Moon's lunar soil is chock-full of helium reserves, thanks to the solar wind. In fact, every star emits helium constantly, suggesting that one day, spaceships will carry on a brisk import and export trade to harvest this critical element—assuming we can figure out how to make such a process economically viable.

"But helium-3 isn't the only resource the moon might have to offer. It could also be a source for rare earth elements, such as europium and tantalum, which are in high demand on Earth for electronics and green energy applications (solar panels, hybrid cars), as well as being used in the space and defense industries."

So the space race for the Moon's helium is on, whether America chooses to participate or not.

But someone else may already be scooping up the helium-3 locked in the lunar soil…

So, is the Aristarchus Crater, a massive helium-3 fusion reactor?

The website The Living Moon notes, "…the bright blue glow that literally lights up the surrounding area! The overall effect is that of plasma energy emitting from the dome…"

They also compared the glow of hydrogen atoms excited by high voltage and the spectrum of light it emitted to the spectrum of light coming from Aristarchus Crater: "What is relevant in our look at Aristarchus is the intense emission in the blue to ultra violet end of the spectrum of hydrogen plasma emissions […] we see recorded evidence of strong and variable emissions…"

And their conclusion? The light is being created by ionized plasma. It also falls within the spectrum of light emitted by a working fusion reaction. Exactly the same color, intensity and spectrum that is observed during the fusion experments carried out with the Z Machine fusion reactor at Sandia National Laboratory in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Z Machine fusion reactor Sandia National Laboratory

Some also speculate that the nuclear glow may be caused by an IEC fusion reactor of the type that the University of Wisconsin-Madison is currently experimenting with.

Aristarchus [LRO 09-09-2009 NASA]

Add to that the recent discovery that some of the Moon is layered in dust bathed in radiation and it underscores the possibility that one or more active fusion reactors are operating on—or just beneath—the lunar surface.

Granted that a good portion of that radioactive dust has built up over eons from constant bombardment from the solar wind, a portion may still be caused by radiation bleeding from reactors at Aristarchus Crater and others.

So while the debate continues about the mysteries surrounding Aristarchus Crater, those who closely watch the Moon still see the telltale bluish glow from the region where the alleged reactor is…and some believe that the aliens are powering up the massive inertial electrostatic confinement reactor yet again.


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  How do you explain that the erosion on ALL THREE pyramids in the first picture are EXACTLY the same ? 

   Answer : -  it's a photo-shop of the same pyramid .



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