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The Clinton Chronicles

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Star Flower,  I do not understand why you are

wanting to change Charles.  When ever we desire that another

be different, even if the reason seems to be honorable, seeing

another in any way defective or deficient does the exact

opposite of what it is that we are wanting to see.  The resolve

that he is bringing to your attention is your own and has

nothing to do with anything in him that needs changing.

Charles is doing a great job being Charles. I do not see him

as being a manipulator in any way.  His mission is one of

finding and exposing truth here.  All of us are limited right

now in our understanding, as that is the limitation of the

3D mind.  What we are all trying to do at this time is to

come to a place where one and one adds up to two and

makes sense to us.  When we arrive at that place a feeling

of understanding, resolution can happen and in that place

forgiveness found for whatever has taken place can then come in

to heal the wounds of separation.  If we ignore our reality

of any of these types of events by sticking our heads in the

sand, then we have deluded ourselves with a false sense

of completeness.  Many will not feel a sense of closure on

the many things that have happened in the past until they

know the truth on many different levels.  I am suggesting

that it is best during all of this to allow all others truths

to be exactly where they are.  This does not mean that

you need to silence in any way your truth, just that you

allow others their truths as well.

Thank you Phoenix for your deep understanding.


Love and light to you! 



Star Flower, Do you think that positivity alone would detere people with evil intent?  I would say it does actually help, but to stop them or make the dark ones turn back and leave?   What do you think the reaction of the Native Americans was like when they first came across them?  They were curious and very loving towards them.  They did all they could to accomidate the visitors.  What do you think happened when Christopher Columbus came back the second time?  Well, these wonderful and loving natives discovered evil intent that they had not experienced before.  Dispite their kind and loving natures, they were shown no mercy. Millions were Massacred throughout the New World.  Do you think that they can be stopped by Love and harmony alone?  


It didn't appear to work for the Native Americans, what would make you think it would work for us today?  If you have an answer, I would really like to hear it,  I would go along with it too, you just need to show me that it works.  I will gladly do it your way.

I agree with you that it doesn't deter, but it DOES help. Along with it, we need open national (and international) conversations, much as we see currently regarding Trayvon and Florida's Stand Your Ground law. Social media may yet be our savior. 

Thank you Paula.  To be honest I have never been engaged in

a conversation of this level on any posts before.  There have

been times when I have wanted to write what is in my heart

but have either not been able to put it into words or if I did

felt misunderstood.  I have always felt uncomfortable in light

worker communities and sites where only love and light were

allowed to be discussed.  I left a site that was pro Obama

only because I was not permitted to express my view which

was not the "party line".  Since I was very young, my view

were always silenced and squelched by most authority figures,

whether they were parents, teachers, society or governments

who had no interest at all vested in listening to me or anyone

else who did not "tow the line" as far as being told what to

do or how to be.  I believe in freedom above all else and am

willing to sacrifice my 3D life willingly to this end.

Much love to you and everyone here for allowing me the

freedom to express my truth!

Standing in your own truth that is from the heart is what is important Phoenix!  I am sorry to heard that you were not allowed to express what you felt in the other group.


If there is a subject I know very little about, I don't usually say anything, because I don't know enough about the subject to comment about.  Well, with the subjects I do raise, I have looked into them trying to get to the core truth of the.  We can only analyse people by their bloodline, history and actions.  


Obama has Outdone the clown president Bush Jr. in starting more wars, taken away more rights than Bush,  getting away with signing more dictatorial executive orders than Bush would ever hope to get away with.  And People question us for raising these issues?   It beggers Belief!


Two different Presidents, Both do terrible things, it is terrible to the people when Bush does them, but when Obama does these terrible things, it appears somehow acceptable or cute to them?  He can get away with it for some unknown reason!  I just want to know what that reason is?  Are they using some kind of techonolgy to sway public opinion?  Because something isn't right here.




Thank you Charles.

You are absolutely right when you say that I should use my energys better in some other way.

I am so glad that we had this talk and your post is really great to read and analyze. Your subject matter is crisp and to the point also.

Many people do not know or care to know all of the facts that you and I revealed,especially when it got to the video about slavery. That was the big wake up call for all of us. When you took us there, we all felt the hot and cold breezes when we read it. I know our women where shocked to hear and see such human vulgarity and horror while watching it. I have experienced such human depravity in Vietnam, so I know what humans are capable of. I have seen it first hand.

I have healed and moved on since then but I will never forget how cruel and inhuman we can be towards each other. However, when I read that one ethnic group is responsible for the demise of another group, I know that it is not true.

I tend to agree with what Phoenix expressed when she wrote about Kharma and as long as we go back in our history we will find that we did it to ourselves. Its like I said from the very beginning, we are our own worse enemies and we always have been. There must be an incredible God who knows what we are capable of and allows us to repay ourselves from one generation to the next in accordance with the gravity of the offense. THis is what I think of when I am trying to find someone or something to blame for the worlds miserys, only to find that Kharma is always in affect and what we think is unjustified and wrong might be nothing more than us paying ourselves back for terrible things that we may have done in another life.

This is what I thought of as we where comparing exchanges back and forth to each other.

And it looks like the proper affect and understanding is now understood by all of us.

I salute your post Charles. Our hearts need to contemplate everything when we are digging for the truth, and sometimes the answer is right in front of us all of the time.

I know this when I look in the mirror every morning and see me.

Thanks everbody for all of your comments and conclusions.

I really got a lot out of this discussion. We are one and have always been so.

Hopefully, we can move on into other life ventures and caring some of this experience an keep it as a reference for other opinions and feelings that we have about any subject.

Paula, Phoenix, Star Flower and Margaret Crim its you turn now.

Say what you mean and mean what you say.

We men are relying on your wisdom and mother wit to get us thru from here on out.

Glad to have discussed and come to a few conclusions with all of you.

Much appreciated by everyone.



Thanks Reginald.  We all learned much in this discussion.  I will

continue to speak my truth from my heart.  Much love to you

and everyone else who participated here.


Yes, we have each been speaking our truth, which is not always someone else's truth, not even on a site such as OV. My purpose in challenging Charles has been to express my OWN truth. I have read, quite possibly ALL the channelings from the Galactics, and they all explain that Obama is of the Light and having to play a careful double role, in order to expose certain people and programs, and I believe these channelings because they deeply resonate for me. My intuition still tells me that Obama is a good man, not a greedy man, not a controlling man, but some one who is in service to the greater good of ALL mankind, not just Americans! Charles and Phoenix, you are of course welcome to your own beliefs. I'm quite sure we all know where one another (in this discussion) stand by now, and therefore we can drop this discussion and move on to other areas of concern. But I promise you this, Charles, if you continue to post your personal views as unsupported facts, I will continue to post rebuttals. See, we women no longer get in line 'behind' men anymore, just because you talk louder and longer. Something is changing in our world, and it is causing women to speak our minds, and I believe this is a very GOOD and NEEDED thing. I am not one who enjoys beating a dead horse though, so I'll leave off this thread for now. Hopefully I'll meet all your bright minds again on another, non-political, thread.  

Namaste, and Love to ALL,

Star Flower 

To get all caught up in these rumors regarding Clinton is such a waste of time!  What does it do for you, is it inspirational?   Does any of it lift your spirits in any lovely way?  No!   I do believe that this man has

matured so very much since he left the White House.  So, why get lost in the past?    His or your own - it

gets you nowhere.   


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