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Talk about getting taken for a ride. I warned about this Ron Paul bus to nowhere specifically in Project Blueballs and the false hope energy heist. As soon as we give our energy and aspirations over to others to execute, it’s over. We’re back at square one.

You are the change. I am the change.

Know what these charades do? They assuage the sense of futility in the souls of the observing “believers”. You might as well go to the the “Church of the Guilty Because I Can’t Do Shit About Anything” and toss your pennies into the plate. Then sit back and let someone tell you what you want to hear.

Such disempowering bullshit. And a hell of a lot of hive mentality cowardice.

So the big news in the big bad politically hopeful world of patriots is…”OMG…Rand Paul endorsed Romney!”

My reaction? Good.

This might wake the cool aid drinkers up. Almost all political activism is futile at this point. Unless you can get something viable and tangible on a very local level. Forget the rest. The system is crumbling under its own wicked weight and all you’re gonna have is what’s immediately around you.

Work on that, while raising your conscious awareness and that of those around you. Nothing else matters at this point.

Peter Thiel, Ron Paul Supporter. President, Clarium Capital Management, LLC (Zionist, Trilateral Commission, Council on Foreign Relations, Rockefeller Foundation Grantee, steering committee Bilderberg Group)

Politics Is A Controlled Diversion.

Want some more needed bogus politics deprogramming? Ron Paul has been backed none other than PayPal spy machine and SPACEX private space program Zionist Peter Thiel, a young gun in the upcoming globalist elite ranks with a growing list of credentials.

Uh huh. And if there’s one, there’s likely more. “Keep the opposition hopping while we wield our supremacy..that’s how we roll…”

Getting the political game yet? It’s all staged. And subverted. By the extremely influential/infiltrated media-propelled smarty pants. If you don’t see that yet or the extent of it, I pity you.

Subversion Disguised by Sound and Fury

They back both, or all three, sides. If the wind shifts they’ll back and subvert the maverick. They cloak their perfidy by the sound and fury of clashing opposition, dissension, enmity, conflict and ultimately by distraction.

While what? They continue to tank the economy, roll on with their hegemonic wars whether it’s Syria or Iran or whoever’s next. All the while continuing their drone-patrolled clampdown preparations for the American police state. And how do you keep everyone distracted and squabbling over shibboleths?

Phony politics.

They’re not stupid. The aggressors, the initiators, always have the advantage within their construct. That’s why we need to stay free from it. To participate in that corrupt system only strengthens it.

Disengage. Stop feeding the beast.

Falling for the False Choice

Nothing is black and white. Or very little. Especially when it comes to perception and the human factor gets involved. Illusions seem real and reality seems like an illusion.

Because it is.

We think we understand a situation with whatever information we’re given. It doesn’t matter how much, it seems humanity can draw a conclusion on a dime. Right or wrong, it’s based on some mental conclusion or feeling we think is our own from information handed to us.

Easily duped?  Duh.

Such is the political scene. What absolute futility based on illusion. While issues get aired, perhaps, by corporate sponsored cardboard images, any real representatives and their causes have been cut off at the knees before the public’s naive campaign started, with the gullible populace at their mercy.

Tell me. Does a new paint job change the White House, or as they say, does rearranging the deck chairs of the (purposely sunk) Titanic really help anything?

Be conscious first. Steer clear of their machinations entirely.


What I said over 5 months ago about these same Politics of Futility and the Paulite hopefuls is as apt as ever:

The Main Point Is to Fully Wake Up First

As Einstein famously said,

“You cannot solve a problem with the same level of consciousness that created it.”

Until people grasp fundamentals like 9/11 truth and the reality that our government is deliberately dismantling the country to prepare it for a world fascist government, there is no hope for them.

Until people realize we are being deliberately poisoned and dumbed down in order to accept their extreme anti-human conditions of complete mental, economic and spiritual servitude there will be no change.

That’s where change happens, one heart at a time. Once that takes place and conscious awareness is conceived, the whole dynamic changes.

But some will never hear it. Don’t waste your time on those who refuse to listen.

Look for the hungry who haven’t quite connected the dots. And if they need to run the Ron Paul political gamut for one final wake up, so be it.

But be there for them when they crash land in reality.

Same now as then.

Lots of good folks waking up right now with the appalling Paul sell-out proving the point.

That’s a good thing.

Much love, Zen

P.S. Did Ron Paul bring good issues forward and advance a greater awareness to many? Sure. But within a construct that goes nowhere, sorry to say. All these things work together as they will in individuals’ lives and on so many levels clearly nothing is wasted. The end objective is to bring an eventual full consciousness shifting awareness.

But channeling this through their matrix paradigm is a dead horse. Next time, take the A-train.

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Thanks Zora J. As you well know, knowledge is power and that is one of the reasons why I love OV. Once we are a people of knowledge and wisdom, those who rule over us will weaken their grip and our lives will not be so helpless. However, with knowledge and power comes responsibility. Our universe and cosmic guidance knows this and is allowing us to become enlightened so that we never become victims of someone elses manufactured social design again. Those who prey upon us are now victims of their own karma's and the force of their own karma is pulling all of them towards an event horizon and down into a black hole that they themselves have created. What a fitting end to a unacceptable way of life that was not of our making, but of theirs. Seek no revenge, because the revenge that you and I might think is befitting, can not compare with the lesson that our universe is teaching them right now. That is why I love the concepts of Ghandi, because the force that was used against him and his people was used to turn the tide on those who had enslaved their country. The greatest lesson of our time seems to be aligned with  all of the forces of the universe and this time it looks like everything everywhere is being changed to a much higher purpose and we are no different. Grow and stay focused on your purpose is what I have learend so far from mother earth and father sky. We are all one and that is that.

SO well said, Reginald.  Knowledge IS power, and by effect, also a great responsibility, unless one wants to go back to sleep.  For me, I never could go back to sleep, and always took that responsibility seriously.  I have more and more let go of ego's need to exact revenge (that is only in the past five years or so where I even felt that desire for revenge) because all my life I have observed from a distance (above, so to speak) while those who I felt took advantage of me somehow had their "comeuppance".  Every single time...these people who felt themselves above Universal law, found themselves subject to the same karma as everyone else.  And I am proud to say that I never once got any personal gleeful satisfaction from it...only a quiet, peaceful sort of feeling like yet another piece of the puzzle had been put back in place. 

This time, this age, is truly the age of Miracles - the correcting and atoning of all that mankind (and other beings) have spent such a long time tearing apart and rending asunder.  I have been telling all those who still bemoan the fact that "we are STILL being walked on, stomped on by those 'dark cabal' people" that first...since we cannot separate ourselves from ANYthing in this Universe, we must recognize that darkness within ourselves (ego, again), and heal it.  Only THEN can we expect things to begin to go right in our world, which will begin to reflect our own inner health.  Anything "outside" of ourselves, like those who call themselves the illuminati, will eventually have to conform to this new healed-heart-energy of Love in order to fit in this "new" world.  And the more people who do this, the more our collective world begins to sustain this energy...ergo, the more powerful we who desire true freedom and peace, are.  The others will simply not be there any more in this new world. 

I know that sounds impossibly Utopian...but it most certainly is not.  I see it happening already, within my own world, and now it's spreading, just like the vision I hold.  We WILL do this, and I AM one of those who knows (and knew since childhood) that this war has long been won...we are merely playing out the last vestiges of this battle between light and dark.  How fast we want it to happen for US, is up to each of us, individually.   At least these days I feel like we have more support from the unseen Light forces, which is a huge comfort for me.  :-)

Thanks Zora J. I could not have said it better myself.

You are truly a wise and respected guide, and I commend you for your deep knowledge of how our universe works.

Much respect and love to you and yours.

Thank you for observing everything so well.

We'll stay in touch, yes?  :-)


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