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The eclipse of August 6th 2009 is the turning point for humanity

This message is being shared very close to the time of the eclipse because we simply have not had the opportunity to take this message before now. However this does not in any way diminish the importance of this event.

Mother Mary and Jeshua came forth to give Carolyn Evers their input. Let me share some snippets with you. Firstly from Mother Mary:

This is a moment in time, you might say, where the world is standing still ...

.... the repair of the trials and tribulations of the children upon the planet ...

... human beings can again understand their powers, to understand who they are ...

... the energy of remembrance – not that people will remember, yet, but the energy – it must change a course of forgetfulness ...

... there will be more spaces between the particles, which means they will be able to hold the higher energies ...

Humanity is on the path where energetically they have stopped falling into this denseness and they are making the turn, finally, of particles changing, not only in the physical body, but in the planet itself .... so that ... the energy that is contained within is changing ...

The denseness of the dark will be freed so that it can be cleared. You will see their clearing from the Earth and when you do, you will know this is the moment of change, this is the moment of the beginning of the clearing.

And from Jeshua:

There are safeguards and triggers planted within the blueprint to care for those who live upon the planet and the planet itself. Every contingency has an answer ...

... the origin of the energy itself is the Master Creator ...

... this is the moment when the fullness of that love is starting to be revealed ...

We are beginning on the upward path toward enlightenment and the turn is here.

This is a truly exciting moment. I sense we will see the rapid exposure of those who have sought to control humanity and the darkness of their deeds – deeds that will astonish many and for others will represent a great sense of victory and of liberation from the tentacles of those that have worked so diligently to strangle the freedom and the creativity and inherent love of humanity for their fellow man, for nature, for planet Earth and all of creation. It will be like the proverbial scales falling from the eyes of humanity.

The secrets of the light and the dark upon this planet will come forth before the end of 2012 and this eclipse marks the beginning of this breathtaking array of revelations.

Click on to listen to the complete, beautiful messages from Mother Mary and Jeshua.

Blessings, Joy, Love and Peace.

Richard Presser

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Yes, i fully agree. We are right inside of that moment. WOW!!!
And won't it be a blessed relief when the truth is out and then what a test for humanity.....imagine the anger , rage etc which we as lightworkers have to dissipate in order for love to win the day.
Could someone please tell me what the exact timing is of this eclipse? I've been googling and can't find anything! or a website....thanks love faith
I've been flying in my dreams again nightly... a building energy... euphoria...
I am ready!
when I think of the dark souls who are so driven by fear and greed, I try not to be angry, but to visualize (pray) the light of consciousness seeping into their hearts. I see no other way to help them, the ones so driven by lust for power. I try to forgive my own lust for power, my own wish to steal and outsmart others.
Some of you may be in my age group when in the 70's/80's the Hal Linsey books countdown to Armageddon were around. The buzz the end of the world was the spiritual discussions of the day , news papers, magazines nitely news you heard it from everywhere. During that time I was in my 20's and didn't buy into the hype why I don't know. I was attending church with one of those fire and brimstone type of preachers but my spirit didn't respond. Today is different , oh I get the critics pointing at past predictions and laugh saying this is another cultural grab for man to make sense out of what can't be explained. At first I got upset and tried to make my case but soon realized through spirit it doesn't matter what others preceive . These channelings are a blessing for us listening we with our ears open will be the teachers for those who are not hearing. We are beautiful human beings that have forgotten our idenity through the Love of our Creator and Masters of Light our" Oneness " will be recaptured. Thank you for sharing these messages of inspiration and love, blessing to all.
intersting, i am not sure if I feel that the earth is going to be over on2012 though
thank u so much 4 mentioning how our duty includes dissipit8ing the anger! i can't tell u how much i feel that!! enough is truly enough! i'm so tired of hearing "what doesn't kill u makes u stronger!"


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