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The End Days and do you ascend with or without your physical body? (Part One)


David and Yvonne Brittain



The End Days and do you ascend with or without your physical body? (Part One)


The title for this two-part article contains basic questions often asked of ‘Light workers’ by newcomers to the Ascension Process Knowledge. The answers received by newcomers vary and would depend very much upon just how disenchanted the ‘Light worker / Spiritual Teacher’ had or had not become. After several frustrating years of waiting in vain to ‘Fill with Light’ and then ‘Zoom’ up to the ‘Fifth’ it may be forgivable to feel a little ‘put out’. This is especially true for those who previously had ‘channelled’ authoritative forecasts for exactly when the ‘Zooming-up to the ‘Fifth’ would commence. That was the stage when some ‘Light workers / Spiritual Teachers’ began to look for less definite, more complex meanings to replace the simplicity contained in the Ascension Process knowledge. We must never confuse the word ‘simplicity’ (which means easy to understand) with the similar sounding word ‘simplistic’ (which means making unrealistically simple judgements or analyses).


Weary and longing to go home as we all are, it would be unrealistic for any individuals to regard the ascension process as an escape. For example, as an escape from a largely passive and unaware mankind that through inaction is seemingly bent upon allowing planetary suicide. Equally it would be unrealistic to ignore the possibility that because ‘Old Testament’ Biblical ‘End Days’ prophecies were made so very long ago the ‘End Days’ referred to could be with us now. There are massive and accelerating physical changes taking place in and on Planet Earth that you won’t be told about on your TV newscasts. You won’t be told because according to national leadership always-current theories you (yes YOU) would panic and then run amok, shrieking through the streets.  With the freedom gained on Internet such detailed information is available to each individual adult if he or she cares to seek for it. For those with the resources it is then possible to positively and widely network the information (for example this article) to those that want it but have no access to Internet.


Another ‘End Days’ prophecy declared that mankind would become separated into the sheep and the goats. Not surprisingly, priestly sermons on the subject of ‘End Days’ always favour an appointed role of sheep for their listening congregations, as if it is not quite respectable to be freethinking, individualistic goats, as are we, Yvonne and David, of the Ascension Support Team. Have no doubts, the separating is definitely taking place and people are not waiting for a benevolent shepherd to do it for them. The urge towards sheep-like leaning of the masses upon leaderships is rapidly being replaced by the disillusionment and disenchantment of countless numbers of individuals. These are people who have been forced to notice and think for self.


The increasingly rapid melting of the world’s glaciers and of the icecaps, noticeably rising sea levels, and ‘freak’ weather conditions, pollution and rapid dwindling of planetary resources has swiftly become the permanent norm. This has become increasingly obvious to many folk despite leadership hollow reassurances to the contrary. Scientists internationally have proved that none of these are ‘freak’ conditions that will be back to normal next month, what we have is here to stay. Equally obvious to many is the fact that global tilts or Atlantis-type submergence of continents would not be needed to bring modern civilised living, as we know it, to a halt. This would be easily achieved with just a few inches of polluted water covering very wide areas, water with nowhere to drain away to between each high tide. Leaderships in the past have always limited their thinking and their planning to fit into their current term of office, or at best the length of their individual physical life spans.

Really no serious thought has ever been given to problems set in the distant future. Unfortunately for current leaderships the distant future containing those massive problems has arrived. It’s too late and they don’t know what to do, hence the hollowness of their reassurances. So where are the sheep to turn for guidance, and what will they do when they don’t receive it from their leaders?


Another question any ‘Beloved Earthlings’ might ask is,” What on earth has all this got to do with Ascension?” The answer is that it has everything to do with ascension because sheep-like non-thinking has to end before thoughts of individual man’s real purpose could enter the scene. To make the point here’s a ridiculous example from my own life. From my birth onwards I have always been left-handed. When I was a young schoolboy in wartime England, my headmaster genuinely believed that enforced ambidexterity would screw up my head. As a result throughout my life left-handed I have had to live in a world designed for a right-handed race. Nearly everything from a can-opener to the layout of piano keys, the layout of dinner table cutlery, the shoulder used to ‘shoulder arms’ in the Royal Navy, even the slope of the pen and the left to right direction used to write a letter, all is designed for right-handed people. Quite naturally right-handed people take their right-handed world for granted because they were born into it and never have to give it conscious thought, for them it just is. For left-handed me, I have always had to give it conscious thought, and to find different ways to use and to do things. No complaints because this has added a richness to my life by discovering that there are many ways of doing things and thinking about things, not just the one, generally taken for granted, way.


Exactly the same applies for mankind. Whilst he and she unthinkingly rely upon leadership, and live in, and take for granted without conscious thought, a safe secure physical world, knowledge of the ascension process would always seem to be irrelevant to the life-styles of leaders and of the led. Even for many of the new-agers that we have met, for them ascension is just an interesting intellectual topic for group discussions between the non-committed. But Ascension Process knowledge has to become far more than an intellectual exercise. It has to also become a self-gained intuitive ‘knowing’ for every member of mankind. The only way this could possibly be achieved will be when leaders and led may no longer take anything for granted about their lives. This is happening now at an accelerating pace. Sooner rather than later circumstances will compel our leaders to admit that they have no solutions to the enormous environmental and ecological problems that should have been tackled by previous leaderships several decades ago. Always haunted by the future ‘panic of the masses in the streets’ theory, politicians worldwide have now declared war upon ‘terrorists’. This has allowed our leaderships to flood our streets with more and more SWAT-type intervention police forces that in turn will no doubt be used to control the future dreaded panic of the masses. But even this action is too late to preserve an old established system founded upon encouraged greed and selfishness, previously accepted by all as the only possible way of life.


Leaders of governments, and leaders of great religions, both always under-estimate the intelligence of those they lead. Everything has always been carefully conspired to keep people in a state of passive unawareness, but that doesn’t mean that those unaware people are also unintelligent. It does mean that when awareness dawns they will be very annoyed with their leaders but also annoyed with themselves. Of course some would panic, but most normal and intelligent people will work together in complete harmony just as they always have when any catastrophe strikes mankind. What about us teachers of ascension knowledge? Really we could say that all of these years of light working have been a practice run. The real light work amongst unaware people has yet to begin and it is vital for Ascension light workers to be very clear about what they are to teach.


So now we come to the second question contained in our title. Do we ascend with or without our physical body? The answer is ‘with’ if we achieve the ascended-being state while still in the physical. For this to be an acceptable statement we must all learn to think of the human body as far more than a collection of organs, blood vessels, nerves, flesh and bones that non-physical ‘Me’ via mind steers along via a physical brain. Shortly we’ll enlarge upon this. If we don’t achieve the ascended-being state during a physical lifespan it means that we have more to learn to bring us up to that state. At the end of that lifespan instead we return our loaned physical body to Mother Earth and non-physical we return to the energy power-level of the astral vortex that we have achieved in total previously during our many reincarnations. This may be a very high power-level because we all have been working at it for a very long time. Please don’t be fooled by the appearance or behaviour of those around you now. They just like you were born with blank sheet minds. They will only realise who they really are when each returns to his or her achieved astral power-level, or when light workers while in the physical trigger realisation in them.


Our achieved astral power-level may be very high, but when we return to it we then realise why we were in the physical. We then realise what is required to be able to move beyond the astral physical pendulum-existence. It will require a personal dedicated effort to complete our learning process next time we are born with blank-sheet minds into classroom Earth. It is whilst we are on the astral that we plan our physical futures, with not being fooled next time, clearly in mind. It is no wonder that it takes so many reincarnations to achieve progress. Each time we return our intelligence as individuals becomes swamped and moulded by the already swamped and moulded intelligence of those already in the physical. So in the physical we unknowingly face our own pre-set plans, and on the astral we use our intelligence to try to find ways of not becoming swamped and moulded next time. Obviously for this life you reading this article managed to find a way.


Really this is all about non-physical, individualised intelligence learning to understand and use its intelligence to control its thoughts, its emotions, its fears, and its physical body especially whilst surrounded by the confusion of others. In this way the learnt control becomes an integral part of non-physical self. So why is this self-taught control such a vital facture of the ascension process? The clue to the answer is held in our reference to energy power-levels. Each of us (whether we realise the fact or not) is learning how to control energy and flows of energy. Here we will enlarge upon the illusion we think of as physical existence, and in particular, the physical human body. Ascension Process light-workers must come to grips with that familiar phrase ‘All is energy’. What does it really mean? How will you explain it’s meaning clearly and simply to a new seeker?


It means exactly that. ‘All is energy’ and it could only be energy from our Creator because for now we are dependent parts of our Creator’s Creation. Scientists have proved that physical matter is really very real energy. An incoming flow of energy has been compelled to structure itself into sub-atomic energy particles that in turn have been controlled to combine together to build the structure of atoms. The atoms structured from this very real same energy then combine to structure our familiar physical existence. This includes the structure of our physical body and the structure of the coarse physical sensory organs through which we observe this physical dimension. Throughout this process there is no doubt that this intelligently controlled flow of incoming energy, from our Creator, is very real. The existence of this intelligent control is also very real. Logically this must mean that the existence of non-physical intelligence is in no way dependent upon the prior existence of physical matter. The physical illusion does fool us into believing we are separate and dependent upon the structures instead of dependent upon the flow of controlled energy from which the structures are built and continuously rebuilt.

If for any reason the energy flow ceased the structured-from-energy physical universe would cease to exist.

So now let’s briefly study the energy flow and try to understand its relevance to our physical and spiritual ascension. The Source of the energy is the Perfect, Instantaneous Level or dimension in which all Creators exist, and this includes our Creator. Energy cannot be created or destroyed it can only be transformed or converted into some other form. This means that to create the physical universe our Creator first created a series of descending levels or waveforms through which the instantaneous-level energy is compelled to flow. Each next level has more waves than the previous level to reduce the speed (of existence) of the energy flow. These levels are known as the Angelic Hierarchy levels. In the physical individually we project our chosen self-image into an energy-flow structured as atoms that we think of as a human body. The chosen self-images of those that occupy the Angelic Hierarchy levels are projected onto the structured waveforms that the energy-flow is compelled to follow. After the energy-flow passes through the wave formed levels it then enters into and flows down the windings of a vast energy power-level transformer also made up of many levels. Each level reduces the power-level of the energy as it flows to the centre of the transformer. This transformer is known as the Astral Vortex, and when the reduced power-level energy flows to the centre of the vortex it is compelled to spin and to then enter the sub-atomic level to then be structured into spinning atoms. This entire structure has been created by our Creator’s intelligence from controlled energy, and it was created for a specific purpose.


Now let us link all of this to our ascension as individual human beings. In the very beginning to enter physical existence life force had to be greatly reduced in power-level to avoid causing damage to the much lower power-level required to maintain the energy-structured existence of a physical dimension. To achieve this dormant life force had to descend from our Creator, through all the wave-formed energy levels. It then had to be reduced in power-level as it travelled to the centre of the vortex to await a suitable entry into existence amid atoms. Next the life force began its long, painful, physical / astral pendulum climb up to the human individual intelligent ‘I am’ level. We must remain flexible enough to not become trapped into unquestioning belief in the Biblical, or the ‘Establishment’ versions, of the origins of mankind. The entry of the dormant non-physical life force, and its climb to the human aware ‘I am’ conscious level could have begun at any time. It could also have begun at any suitable life-supporting locations during the long, long history of our exploding, ‘Big Bang’ (temporary) physical universe. Maybe the climb began here on Earth. Maybe the climb began long ago elsewhere in the universe, and maybe humans were brought to Earth by extraterrestrials. Though rich food for conjecture it doesn’t really matter from whence we came. What does matter is to where we are meant to be going?


Achieved spiritual evolvement on its own allows each of us to attain even higher levels of the astral vortex between each sojourn in the physical. All is energy and so we must also think of the same astral vortex in its role of energy power-level transformer. This means that ongoing spiritual evolvement is the same thing as increasing our capacity to exist on increasingly higher power-levels of the same energy flow. In one sense this means that each of us is slowly, life after life, ascending the astral vortex (fourth dimension) to eventually merge with our higher selves in the fifth dimension. To ascend above the fifth dimension requires each of us to be merged with our higher self and then be re-united with our twin flame (when he or she also has ascended to the fifth dimension). But bear in mind that throughout this entire process our existence as individuals is totally dependent upon that controlled flow of energy borrowed from our Creator. The Creator’s great plan requires each of us to eventually become no longer dependent on that energy flow. This is why we choose to return again and again to physical existence regardless of how high our achieved level is on the astral. Our experiences amid the physical illusion teach us much about harmony and balance, and learning from our mistakes. Those same experiences and mistakes also delay our progress in learning our real lesson, which is to learn how to control energy…… In Part two we will combine the questions contained in the title of this article



The End Days and do you ascend with or without your physical body? (Part Two)


Our Creator doesn’t create energy. The intelligence of our Creator simply uses, controls, converts, and creates from the limitless uncontrolled energy that already exists on the Perfect (instantaneous) Level. To meet our Creator as a friend and an independent equal means that the Perfection Level is our ultimate destination, hence our needs to learn the lesson of energy control. Already we have learnt how to control our structured-from-energy physical body. As humans we are learning much too slowly how to control the same energy flow in the form of our thoughts and emotions. The lesson to be learnt from separateness in the physical is the need of each of us to have the freedom of our own space in which to creatively express our individual uniqueness. In the physical this is a difficult lesson because to learn it we have to first see through the illusion of grief at the departure to the astral of our beloved ones. We have to learn it because when each of us in our own timing reaches the perfection level each of us adult creators will require our own space to express our individual creative uniqueness, as does our parent Creator.


Now let’s combine the questions in our title. What if End Days predictions are correct, Global tilts, wide scale grinding and heaving of tectonic plates, un-breathable atmosphere, tidal waves, in fact the worldwide catastrophe scenario towards which current conditions seem to be leading us?


To be of the most use in such extraordinary circumstances where would light workers in the physical fit in to the ascension process? Each of us exists in our borrowed, structured-from-energy, physical body. The energy can only maintain its illusionary physical structure whilst our Creator’s intelligence controls the speed of existence and the power-level of the energy flow. Meanwhile our ongoing astral / physical pendulum existence hasn’t been wasted because our achieved energy power-level climb on the astral is reflected each time we are in the physical. Each of us then finds in the physical that our non-physical intelligence is able more and more to raise the power-level of the energy of which our currently borrowed physical body is structured.


Given enough time and awareness each of us would increase the energy power-level of our body until the energy could no longer remain structured. Ascension is all about gaining and learning how to use, this control. In the past normally anyone who gained this control in the physical would have also achieved a high enough energy power-level to rise above the astral vortex. We have the Ascended Masters’ reassurances that light workers will be guided to the right locations to where they should be. But have we misinterpreted their meaning? If the scenario of widespread catastrophe, destruction and physical death arrives countless unaware people would suddenly find themselves body-less. Realistically in a worst-case scenario this also would include many light workers. So maybe the right location for many fully aware, self-confident light workers would also be amongst all of those unaware and bewildered folks newly arrived in the Interlife Zone between physical and astral? If so this would be a pre-planned part of those light workers’ chosen soul plans. Naturally for light workers this raises another important question. Is it possible to ascend if you have already lost your physical body? Once again the answer is yes, if you have already achieved a high enough energy power-level on the astral.


This sounds like a contradiction until you give it thought. By the time you have achieved a very high, energy power- level on the astral you will also have been teetering on the brink of your physical ascension.

In the physical with conscious awareness the lesson is to learn to control energy, and as the lesson is being learnt the power-level of the structured energy of your current physical body gradually rises. The emotional blockages that seekers are urged to clear these are really energy flow blockages that prevent your body’s energy power-level from rising. They are like heavy sandbags in the basket of a hot air balloon. Life after life we return with the intention to dump the sandbags, but because our blank sheet minds become swamped on arrival instead we tend to increase the load of ballast. This happens simply because we were unaware of what we should have been learning.


Eventually as in this present life we realise what we are here to learn and we set out to consciously learn the lesson. The balloon is straining to ascend and when the last sandbag is dumped the balloon will ascend because it cannot remain on the ground. It is the same with the energy power-level of your physical body. The effect of learning the lesson actually increases the energy power-level of your non-physical intelligence. In turn because at the time you exist in a physical body the power-level of its structured energy is also raised to the point where it cannot remain in physical existence. If you physically died just before this stage was reached your borrowed body with its increased power level would be returned to Mother Nature. Non-physical you would be on the astral with the lesson almost learnt. With full awareness you could then continue the lesson by learning to raise the reduced power level of the energy flow as it passes through you on its way to the centre of the Astral Vortex. You see the greatest barrier to the ascension of human beings is unawareness span~


Whilst we remain as dependent parts of the Creator’s Creation everything we achieve will be achieved by using energy borrowed from our parent Creator even our ascension to the ascended masters’ level. The whole point of our original entry into the physical / astral, pendulum existence was to and is to learn to control energy. To begin our climb the energy had to be reduced so that its power-level was always slightly below the greatly reduced power-level of the dormant life force. This ensured that the structured form of the energy, relative to the life force, would always be controllable by, and whilst, the life force evolved to the individual human ‘I am’ level.`


Below the thinking human level in the physical the life force is in its infancy and must rely upon the guidance of Mother Nature in the form of instinct if it is to begin to learn the lesson of energy control. For this to be possible the energy flow had to be structured so that relative to the dormant unaware infant life force the structured energy (atoms) was rendered stationary, rather like toy, building bricks in a nursery. Then as the non-physical life force began to evolve it was instinctively able to combine more and more of the toy energy-bricks (atoms) into more complex designs to keep pace with its own evolvement. . Once it had evolved to the individual human level life force was never intended to remain in the physical universe. Wondrous and vast though the physical universe is it is as nothing compared to what awaits us when we ascend out of our cosy nursery, physical existence.

At the human level each individual is capable of using intelligence to fully understand the true, structured-energy, matrix nature of his or her physical body. He or she, from personal experience, knows the profound effect that both, controlled, and uncontrolled, energy flows of thought and emotion have upon his or her body. Rather like children that are afraid of the unknown, mankind has always allowed his and her curiosity to become distracted and walled in by a ring of fear. As a result mankind will gladly think about anything other than the next stage of mankind’s evolution. At the human level each of us has the potential to be a unique, individual, creative intelligence. Human beings should no longer need the illusionary safety of the herd mentality with its built-in judgmental rules of self-devaluation, competitiveness, and drab conformity demanded by the lowest common denominators of intelligence (Here I unblushingly admit that again my left-handedness is showing!). Unfortunately countless numbers of highly intelligent people, go to their graves, physical life span after life span, without the faintest clue of what it was all about, or why they had physically existed. Obviously this would greatly delay their astral climb regardless of previously made soul plans. During this present life span many of us have learnt why we are here and what it is all about, and we have made our ascension the aim and purpose of our lives. This means that no matter whether we (for example: Yvonne and David or You reading this) ascend during this physical life span, or whether in watery ‘End Days’ Tectonic Plate terms we ‘shuffle off of this mortal coil’ always, wherever we are, Ascension and the spreading of ascension knowledge will be the aim and purpose of our existence.


The limitations of physical existence have become increasingly more obvious to growing numbers of people. Each day via our clever technology more and more of the wonders and mysteries of our physical universe are revealed to us. In parallel with these revelations our intelligence tells us that due to the limitations of our physical bodies we could never witness these wonders at first hand. It is as if our intelligence as individual human beings feels trapped and stifled because it has outgrown our human bodies. There is a secret longing felt throughout mankind for something to change even though many may not be able to imagine what the change could be for which they long.


Why is it taking so long? The bonds of ingrained fear of change stifle imagination so that we witness the manifestation of this longing channelled into the trivialised form of computer-enhanced fantastic science fiction films, each with its liberal dose of mysticism. We observe this same longing expressed with computer games that allow the participants to enjoy super powers without moving a muscle. Alternatively we observe a general urge to obtain the ‘newest’ and the ‘latest’ novelties in every walk of daily life. We should allow our curiosity and our imagination to tear through those bonds of fear. As unique individuals we would then know the joy and the freedom to be gained from following our own trains of thought wherever they lead us.


Surely this is better than always staying on the fence and playing it safe by relying upon and quoting from the offered thoughts of this or that latest expert or new age guru? This applies especially to seekers of truth on the path who soon will be called upon to offer clear and easily understandable guidance to a great many confused and disenchanted intelligent people. These will be people for whom the illusion of security will have crumbled, and to whom the contents of their future will suddenly have become very relevant.


What is thought? It is not Matter, nor Spirit. It is not a Thing, but a Power and Force. The spoken words, being mere sounds, may vanish into thin air, and the written ones, mere marks, be burned, erased, destroyed but the THOUGHT itself lives still, and must live on forever. 




Now there’s a thought to ponder on!


Love and laughter to all on the ascension path

From David and Yvonne Brittain









Those gaily painted horses,

Whirled me around and around

I was spun in aimless circles,

To their jingle, jangle sound.


Up and down they danced me,

Whilst I had to blindly cling.

No time to see the fairground,

No time to see a thing.


Each horse was a named emotion,

Each took me for a ride.

Until I grew tired of circles,

So instead I moved inside.


To my carousel’s still centre,

There to quietly observe,

The rush and whirl of my horses,

Or the fairground my carousel serves.


                           Written by David Brittain


A final thought:


 Emotions are supposed to enrich, not rule your thoughts.

 Understand your emotions and you will understand your

 Secret doubts and fears. Released from fear you are free.

Free to declare,


“Yes, at last I am in charge of me”


With love and laughter




David and Yvonne Brittain.


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Im starting to get it...The battery charging..Its all energy...Controlling its use consciously......Learning how to channel it with love and wisdom...So much a mystery...Its all the same energy?.....This is sparking something deep...many thanks, please keep posting.


As recent time progresses, I feel as though our "coming together" furthers each of our own knowledge concerning the whole of humanity. I have had some very remarkable physical results by altering the molecular direction of the fluid I am drinking for just thirteen seconds! This technique actually dove-tails with our Seven Year Cellular Rebuild Cycle and will allow one to exist for up to one thousand years in a healthy and productive physical form. Enter now:

Now you really can learn how to live long and prosper!

Albert Pike was one of the most evil demonic men of the 19 century!  What is he doing even being quoted on this post??


Dear Charles,

I do apologise as seemingly the source of the quotation obviously caused you to feel offended, and I do hope this didn’t put you off the content of the actual article. Regardless of the character of the source of which I have no knowledge, I felt what was quoted was true and therefore valid. Two plus two equals four, this is a quotable truth no matter whether uttered by Mother Theresa or Adolf Hitler.

I repeat I had no wish or intention to cause offence.

Best wishes

David Brittain

This was beautifully written..... and its gives me much thought to ponder. I absolutely

understand and resonate with his thoughts! Thank you for sharing this!!

Hi Victoria,

It’s good that you’ve made contact, and I’m delighted that the article has widened your horizons. The temptation for many is to sink into a morass of spiritual/psychic/ mystical goo that carefully avoids delving into why we as individual intelligent and aware beings exist in a physical universe that is basically a matrix composed of a continuous flow of structured energy. Alternatively our scientists offer us a scenario of life force totally dependent on physical matter appearing by freak accident in a physical universe that’s existence they can’t explain. Established religions demand unquestioning faith of their followers and that as ‘children of God’ we will always be placed at the bottom level of the heap just below the priestly level. Personally I firmly believe in a non-physical highly intelligent creator of which we all are his/her children, but then we must ask what our creator parent expects of us his/her children? Do we remain as ever dependent children or do we eventually evolve to adulthood? Either this would be our very limited idea of adulthood, or it is what our creator regards as adulthood, if the latter this can only mean we are meant to eventually evolve into creator gods in our own individual right. These seem to be large intimidating thoughts but they are only intimidating because our mind-conditioned roll models and beloved elders have in turn, mind-conditioned us to devalue self. Oh God! I’m on my hobby horse again!

If you feel you’d like to delve deeper now you’ve started do feel welcome to visit my own website to access my articles and available e-books that explain the ascension process in greater detail at:

Meanwhile feel free to remain in contact with any questions or thoughts.

Best wishes on your path

David and Yvonne Brittain


I too found it curious to quote from an avowed Satanist whose written out plans for 3 world wars have seemingly been followed to the "T" in order to bring about a Satanic global rule. I mean no offense, just curious and reminded of how false light can seamlessly blend with true light to our demise if we don't stay alert.


Blessings to all, Bruce

Dear Bruce,

I can only refer you to my recent apologetic reply to Charles Magus. I have no knowledge or interest in Albert Pike. The quote was sent to me and seemed apt and was never intended to give offense. I hope this didn't put you off the actual article in which I quoted no one but myself.

Best wishes from

David Brittain


I think it is I who should apologize for being somewhat brash in my response, my heart knew by your article your words were pure.

But Albert Pike, c'mon, LOL !!

I am a little surprised you never heard of him, it just shows you keep your mind and heart on the purer aspects of life.

Blessings, Bruce

Allow me now to inform you that the Angels in heaven have now thrown out all of the demons and they are now here amongst us all! The elite of our populace have agreed to assist the Renticuli/Grey's (located near Dulce New Mexico's underground base) in killing off 2/3 of our population by 2029, so as to provide a more manageable group on the planets surface for these invaders. These Grey's are guilty of kidnapping our own children, then to be hooked to machines that drain their pituitary glands to be added to chemicals as a food source for these invaders. They look at the human element added as a "cocaine-high" and are addicted to our hormonal secretions. There are over one hundred underground bases in the United States alone! The earth quakes recently in Japan as well as in San Francisco, LA and South America this last year are caused by the HARRP systems located in Alaska and Nevada.
Don't worry though...your own Creator has the best in store for ALL of you soon!

Hi David,

I found your reply quite alarming and wondered if you received this information psychically or if you culled it from Internet sources, or if in fact you have personally seen these hidden locations and inhuman activities that you have vividly described? I heartily agree wih your assurance that our Creator has the best in store for All of us.

Best wishes

David Brittain


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