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By Coralie Darsey-Malloy and David Malloy

January 9, 2012

We cannot solve problems by using the same kind of thinking that created them.
--Albert Einstein
When this year began all the doomsday and apocalyptic soothsayers started coming out of the woodwork and making outlandish claims about the world ending around the time of the Winter Solstice towards the end of this year. 
We are the site creators of a forum on Ning with the same name as our company—Fresh Beginnings and whether we are communicating ideas as counselors through our personal development company of the same name, writing free lance articles, public speaking or leading seminars we have a mantra that goes like this, “Whatever you are doing or planning make sure you gather data from a wide variety of sources so you can view things objectively and make informed choices.” 
Some recent events have clearly illustrated to us that  here are so many people buying into all kinds of outlandish ideas in everything from planet  hitting earth to President Barack Obama being Muslin and a non-American citizen to use three examples that are not grounded in fact. Yet people embrace it as truth and run with it.  The media does not hold themselves or anyone else accountable for their claims nor do many of the people that listen and watch. The lack of informed thinking polarizes people with right/wrong perceptions and within polarized thinking no one wins. it is for that reason that we decided to create another Blog, YouTube and Twitter account where we can share our focus and intention  "explore common ground, respect differences and embrace our Oneness. Coralie and I jointly discuss concepts and co-write them for our new blog. Feel free to contact us if you want the link 
Facts are the important issue here.   Facts are not something you read and run with they are something that needs to “vet” (check out) and that takes time and effort to research.   Research does not mean sourcing out sites that support a particular position or existing beliefs. The good thing about researching things is that it often forces one to bump up against existing belief systems and that can be challenging.   Most of us do not want to accept that our attitudes and beliefs may not be valid as they once were. Growth involves changing our attitudes and mindset so we are able to change our lives. So in essence being open to exploring more neutral ways of looking at things can be scary to some because no one likes to admit to having warped perceptions or feeling they are “wrong.”  
As we communicate ideas to others we frequently hear that they do not want to consider another side because they are comfortable with whatever “truths” they researched and embraced. We always smile and know that the  loud clunk we are hearing is the  the sound of minds closing!  
Our approach is different. We are never satisfied with settling into any one way of looking at anything. We always question most everything.  The world is filled with distortions and people who do things for their own gain and much of what is on the internet only amplifies cliques of mass thinking. There are collectives and worlds within words perceptually speaking. This Blog encourages others to share ideas from different perspectives in open, respectful dialog on common ground.
On many of the forums we are on or during  every day conversations we see a lack of clear, respectful communication. People do not engage in what we call “respectful dialog” where there is give and take within an exchange of ideas. When people are heavily invested in what they believe they over talk others, ignore their opinions and just keep repeating their position over and over…and over.  One sided research creates one-sided thinking and does not foster an ability to consider much less see or hear the other side’s viewpoint and that leads to polarization and divisiveness. 
In reality, there is no real “truth’ only whatever a person’s perception is. Our intentions and focus with this Blog is to create a space where we encourage others to seek more neutral and common ground while  embracing diversity and respect for differences.  We develop our concepts and co-write them. We have a deep commitment to sharing  information that presents different perspectives so people can think for themselves rather than being drawn into cult like, brain washing that eliminates their ability to think critically about the cause and effect of their thoughts, words and actions. We hope that others will share in our commitment to embrace humanity's diversity, accept our Oneness within the inter-connected-ness  and beauty in life. 
"In openness there is trust and in trust there is love."

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I understand the importance of listening to the inner voice of our own "truth" but I have learned enough at this stage of life that whatever I am heavily invested in can prevent me from looking at things from another perspective and "rightness of my convictions" can block the ability for higher source-centered awareness to filter through. I am not concerned about being "right" my goal is to source out balanced ideas from as many sides so I can seek common ground and have a genuine respect for differences. I observe people being so invested in what they think that their minds are closed to the good and positive in situations that they believe are "bad, evil" etc. as you were stating about Obama in your original wish. That is, in my opinion and in my view in direct opposition to what you put forth as your "doctrine of love" and the solution to all things. 

You are most welcome, dear Colleen and I thankyou for your supportiveness and delightful candour. I too believe that humour is a powerful "ally" in all this and welcome every instance of it, if only because of its ability to lighten our spirits and give us a well-deserved dose of healing and positive energy.

I wish you much peace and joy!

I do not think you are crazy for making that statement and that is why Coralie and I promote the idea of always "loving more!" Even though it is the answer it is also in the application that counts. We need the actions to put the energy in motion and when we cannot seek common ground and "get over ourselves" the love does not find a channel of unconditional expression. 

I appreciate the replies to this discussion and I will be back later to respond individually. Coralie and I are in session with our clients and I do not have enough time to do the responses justice.

There is discrimination everywhere and that is why promoting the idea of seeking common ground and exploring ideas from different perspectives whether we agree or not is the whole reason Coralie and I created a new blog. Here is the link if you want to check it out or follow. It is called Seeing Common Ground, Respecting Diversity and Embracing Onenes..

Dear Roze,

Too often throughout my life of 50 years on this earthly realm many of my troubles in honoring and preserving relationships with others arose because of me carelessly blurting out meaningless idle words or hurtful words without much regard for careful thought of their affects upon others and their consequences.

Your wonderful post here regarding "what we say and how it affects others" inspired a search for a book called "HUNG BY THE TONGUE" by Francis P. Martin and while doing a Google search for "HUNG BY THE TONGUE" I was led to this website containing a recorded audio sermon by pastor Billy Simar that comes in 4-parts which covers some interesting points and lessons regarding this topic of "what we say" which we can all benefit from learning more about

Thank you Roze for carefully, thoughtfully and unselfishly sharing this invaluable, priceless and precious information as its wisdom surely stands the test of truth always...

Abundant blessings,
Love ~ jaime

Roze you present your ideas with love and a respect for differences and both Coralie and I see you as a good example of how it is possible to seek and create Common Ground.

Refreshing indeed!

Thank you Colleen. We appreciate your input and validation for the ideas we are putting forth. You are definitely a like minded other and share a lot of similar views. That is clear to me as we discuss things more.

In my world of Tonga there are very little things concerning politics ans the biggest concerns we have are related to fishing and tourism.

What I see across the planet from my little seat behind this computer gives me reason to pause and wonder just what Americans are thinking.

I can sit here unbiased because I can sit here and know that if these so called modern countries blow themselves to pieces we will remain isolated and life will continue.

When our islands were used for nuclear testing we did not understand but 167 of our people were displaced from Bikini so Americans could test their atomic weapons. Our people were epromised many things but in the end as our lands were returned many died from radiation, many years after these islands were cleaned our people sickened and things like cancer something we had never seen before became common place.

Those people are all dead and the money that was sent may have built schools and airports but un the end we lost more than can be counted. Even now your scientists come back to research the long term damage but now they no longer feel responsible for the deaths of an entire island and it's people. They are all to ready to place a monetary value on human life.

I watch now what happens in the world and I report to my King the dangers that are coming if mankind, specifically the queens and presidents have what appears to be their way. They only act in conquest and luckily our only resources are beautiful women and fish.

You can sit and speak biased as if nothing is coming but I cannot. What I see regarding the US president is disturbing to say the least. At one time we as a simple people believed what was shown in your movies was truth and that all americans were gangsters and that the USA was an unruly place. Now we have entered into the modern world and have access sometimes to technologies that are even held from your peopled because  of political control.

We can buy and import from those who sell products that your countries ban or keep only for the wealthy.

So we are no longer a backwards country and I can say with all conviction that often I see clearly what you either refuse to see or are not allowed to see within your own countries. Or even reported by your own media.

There is so much evidence regarding your president that indicates that he should have never by your own laws been allowed to run for the presidency. I have no choice in my world when it comes to royalty because our lines are well drawn and there is no confusion as to who comes next. I could complain but in the long run we live and we move forwards.

Yet in your world even your own people do not pay attention. They sit back and watch television and entertainment as if it is the only thing worthy in their lives. I ask how many of you have actually seen the milk of the Milky Way?

In your royalty the evidence indicates centuries of deception, lies, and even today murders that go un investigated. Here at least we deal with royalty that steps out of line and there has been no incidents reported since just after your world war.

At least our royalty understands that we have laws that all must abide by.


Tuhan memberkati!

It means good day






I have these hopes too.

What I see out on the web indicates there is another war in the making and for all intents and purposes it is a manufactured war like so many before.



One thing that has occured to me many times is the idea that instead of focussing on DIFFERENCES, we should start by working out the things we can all AGREE on. Like the fact that regardless of religion, the AIM of all (or most) of them is to foster a consciousness of Love. Fighting over which VERSION of God is the better is insane. Another thing I think we can all agree on is that we all care about our children and their children and the world we are leaving behind for them so we cannot allow callous and thoughtless corporations to continue raping and pillaging our planet and it's resources. ANother might be that the functioning of politics and governemt must be reviewed. I feel if we were to collect all these similartities in beliefs and not allow *interpretations of them* to get in the way, we could construct a viable "system" that everyone would be happy with and one we could use as the basis for the creation of the world so we dearly desire.


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THANK YOU for ALL your support! 

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