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Vote 1 Doctor Steel for Ruler of the World!

- from his Youtube Comments:

"Doctor Steel is a brilliant, kind man. He loves us all! Don't be afraid of him; he will bring us to a utopian playland."

- 215 thumbs up

I must be going crazy! :-))))

I have never seen anyone more deserving of the position of Ruler of the World...

(except for myself, of course ;-)

Well, no....but I could organise people to do that FOR me... ;-)

OK you all need to take a definate vacation far away from all of this thinking stuff.


I am really glad that I saw this piece, because apparently the Universe is telling all of you to take a well needed vacation from OV.

See you all  soon.

I mean after you all come back.


Regg is watching.

In this case its kind of painful.

SOmebody give me some rose colored glasses.


You guys are already wearing them.







Mine make me look like an Elvis that's all wrong what yah reckon fruity loop or what!!. yeesh will I be lonesome tonight or will I be off to the Jail house to rock.with my blue suede shoes oh shut up Vlada that's so friggin corny its obvious that he's right..... Regg were all loosing the plot!!!. is not a working site.

yes... but his videos are al there on YouTube, luckily,,,

Hahaha you cant rule the world Michael because Ive been working on it,wanna see my great plan its deviant yet hilarious.

Firstly dump enough gelatin onto the worlds oceans to solidify them.

Fund a world domination bid by opening a chain of lucrative fish mines,using the fish-mining profits to finance the design,manufacture,and marketing of a line of suppository air fresheners with names like 'Floral Burst','Cinnamon Blast' & 'Potpourri'.

Once the public accepts the idea of rectal air fresheners,start putting in my radio receivers in them to receive broadcasts from a microphone in Secret World Domination Control Centre deep in a fish mine tunnel.

Everyone will start to listen to the voices coming out of their butts.

Start with simple confidence-building statements,like 'Gosh Damnit,people like me will yah!!".... then move to 'Damnit,Im good enough to be one of Vlada's minions",then on to suggestions and commands that will assemble my world-wide army of deviantness.

Use the army to install air freshener suppositories in everyone on earth,by force if necessary,Television campaigns will extol the virtues of floral-scented flatulence.

Once the whole world is tuned into my rectal broadcasts,the mind-tuning voices will go 24 hours a day and they will be instructed to sign their lives over to me.

They will all be tested on mental & physical standards.....

The French will collectively fail the 'Not being pompous jerks' test I might add.

The cream of the crop will be selected - one million of the smartest,most fit individuals,will move to secret collonies in fish mines around the planet.

Artificial preservatives will be added and the walls of the mines will be heated and melted to envelope the lucky few,perfectly preserving them in indefinate hibernation.

The remaining 6 billion or so will be returned to their normal lives except for the mood and tone of their rectal broadcasts,...which will turn Dark & foreboding and deviant,putting everyone into crappy moods,thus accelerating the already-inevitable demise of mankind.

50-100 years later,when the rest of mankind has extinct itself,my 1 million perfect people will be removed from their gelatinous cacoons and they will be spread over the earth to rebuild the earth in my image.

When the world has been rebuilt,the computer containing my mental engrams will be awakened and I will take my rightful place as the guiding force of mankind,sound good!!...

In true Vlada style,who wants to sign up for this programme now,please place your names below,and stand forth to be judged for acceptance...hahahahaha oh my twisted comical mind is sheer brilliance just as much genius as Dr Steel???....what you reckon!!...

Please write in capital letters so I have no reason to forget who you are::


Not bad, Vlada... but I think my plan has the edge on yours. See, I have discovered a method by which the idiots of this world can be easily eliminated with NO EFFORT whatsoever. We simply LET them kill themselves and die off, leaving the intelligent ones to inherit the planet :-)

From there on, we just do a DNA scan on all new babies and test for tendencies in later life that might lead to a desire for a career as a politician or lawyer. If that is confirmed, we drown them, grind up the corpses and repack the mince as "Nature's Own" fertilizer - "Enriched with the Power of Love".

Together with a mandatory addition of LSD to all water supplies, I believe that we can then create the kind of world that Dr Steel envisaged.

Hahahaha good stuff now maybe we should join both of our idea's to each other make this a real joint effort unity as one remember*poke poke*??.. I still like the floral-scented flatulence,or the idea of it at least its a funny side to mine so your not going to place your name on my list along with me then I take it..I don't need that LSD drug fix though either I'm already floating on the clouds as it is... so I'm half way there to your vision less time necessary on mind control with me..WE HAVE THE POWER!!!....

It's happening, as we speak :-)

I will sign up for your scheme however, as I feel it has great promise. May I suggest adding whistles to the fresheners so that we know who to laugh at when the scents are released ? :-)

Yes,Yes,Yes!!!! your wish is my command for sure that sounds great we wont need to pay an orchestra then will we... wed have continual fresh flowing music for absolutely free..hee hee :)


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