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What if we always existed?  Or at least have been around for a melinia or so?  What if there were no reincarnation, but levels ov incarnation?  What if we were created earlier, for a time when we would embody who we are now?  And, who we will be?


I'm intrigued to see the feed back on this set ov questions.

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I believe we, in spirit form, have been here since we broke off as "sparks" from the creator many millions of years ago. Our purpose is to learn as much as we can, any which way we choose, in this Universe of free will. We have been non-physical as energy, semi-physical as some form of life and now we are physical in this form (and all the other combinations in between !) I believe that we go though levels of reincarnation until we have learned all there is in that form and then we make the next "jump up" to discover what there is to learn in that level. What is so exciting about the time we are in now is that the next jump up is ascension BUT still within this physical body. Now we want to know what it is to experience our "spark" completely within the physical body and what we can then do in this "new form" We will be a new form of life....truly a spiritual being having a new human experience.
I believe what Dr. Richard Newton discovered through regressing spirits back to their superconsciousness state in his books Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls that we only use a percentage while incarnating in physical bodies. A portion always remains in the spirit world, thus we could be re-united with the spirits who were part of our family when we pass over and they could also have reincarnated on Earth with some of their energy. We could also be living parallel lives on earth or in other dimensions with some of our energy.
And that's what excites me the most.......the thought that instead of having the small proportion of our soul present within our physical body, we are soon going to have ALL our soul present and with it the knowledge and abilities that we can't even begin to comprehend at this moment in time.
Yes, Christopher. Thank you for such a clear explanation.
We are living through an experience that is the first of its kind - it has never occurred anywhere, in all the universes!

It's beyond us to comprehend the true meaning of all this: we are the first experiment, ever, to "transfigure" the human bodies of an entire population through ascension, up into a higher dimension of being. True, many "sainted" beings did that in the past, by moving into their "Merkabah" Light Bodies but that was a very rare thing.

This is a "first!" That is why it was reported that representatives from all the surrounding galaxies are parked outside our solar system, watching and observing, to see how we make it through this transformation. As it was stated: "It's like a parking lot up there." Also, "they are all sitting on the edge of their seats, waiting and watching to see what happens next!" We're on the 'big screen' of the universe, and dont even know it. (Statements by Drunvalo Melchizidek.)

Blessings to all, and joy!
A very significant question....for time eternal. I believe that we are eternal "sparks" of the Divine and that the experience/journey/gift is one of discovering and uncovering (layer by layer!) WHO we are and WHY we're here. I also believe that this particular life experience is a culminating one in that humanity will finally "conclude" that we are LOVE made MANiFEST. The clues have been hidden and revealed at once. All is paradox and paradigm.
Polarity and separation make UNITY ever-so-much-more beautiful. Each one of us has all the answers. Each one holds the key to the Kingdom. Sovereignty is the goal. Doesn't it seem, in some way, that it is being hoisted upon us all at once? This is a wonderful moment to choose NEW EYES to experience our existence. Much of what we have "learned" through programs is false (well, perhaps all of it is!). We have bowed before false masters. Each one of us is Master of our fate and destiny. As long as we can achieve clear vision.....the ability to look upon EVERYTHING as LOVE made manifest....and as long as we can choose LOVE in every moment, our mission is accomplished. May it be so.....glory-us!
Christoopher is absoultly correct I will add this. Our higher self is our guides , twin flame . The HS shards off into 144 shards we are all connected to these for we are of the same HS. Now when one incaranated shard dies we can assume their experiences talents. I have asked many times for all the sums of me from the HS to gather into the me I AM now Sally for this time of ascension.
(I like Chris' explanation, for clarity.)

I believe we were, are, will always be primarily intelligent energy. We move through experiences in the lower densities to higher densities and we attain an adequate or appropriate level of mastery.

I don't believe in transmigration (e.g., this life I messed up, so next life I'll be a frog) aside from "graduating" to higher forms. Not to say that everyone has to advance through every step in the food chain....

Even while we are incarnate, we are always in the so-called spirit state, but certain memories or knowledge is veiled from our physical awareness. I liken this to playing a role-playing game (RPG). We develop and inhabit a character, learn survival skills, interact with others, have a more or less specific appearance (and often a name), and a set of goals. When we die in a game, we return with additional knowledge that will help us survive longer and advance farther in the next "life". At the same time, we are still our true incarnate self, though we almost forget that because our attention is fixated on survival, gaining points, and winning.
What if . . . I am the Ultimate Power and Presence of God creating each of my moments and days. It's not real, and it is completely made up. It's just a story, a creation of my consciousness appearing real. It's just True Joy in disguise. Wow I am so magnificent! I created this! That is an amazing, magnificent, magical, mind blowing, super-natural accomplishment! Wow I appreciate this!


Nutrition Gal (Linda)
Many may ask why would we incarnate when our HS is in a blissful state of being. We volunteer too , to learn lessons of the heart so we may grow as a evolved being. What we do in one lifetime will not experience the range of emotions us humans have from love, hate, killing, birth, joy, sadness, you get it. The veil to forget is important for if we knew what our HS did this experience wouldn't work we would be detached from our emotions. Stinks I know so we climb back to knowing some are awaken some aren't some don't care.
I feel like I just keep redoing my life. I feel like I have been here a long time, not sure if I spend much time in another relem but I do spend a lot of time in here a earth trying to make tthis life better and better.
Ngungu'taota, Tutskwa I'qatsi,

Linda wrote: "...What if . . . I am the Ultimate Power and Presence of God creating each of my moments and days..."

Let me ask as a friend and brother:

What if we were wise enough not to foolishly make ourselves out to be "God the Almighty," but instead humbly sought to purify our natures so a divine spark of that Great Spirit within can shine through us?

What if we did not fall prey to wishful thinking, rejecting what we do not like to hear even when it's true, but instead harkened to the dangers warned of by my people, also found within the sacred texts of the world sent us down the ages, which forewarn us not to "eat of the forbidden fruit," not to break our covenants with God, so not to endanger our souls, not be "cast out to outer darkness," not suffer "eternal damnation?"

I do not mean to be harsh to anyone, but to help us reach "beyond the box," including beyond the new-age ideas so prevalent today, which are almost all variations and corruptions of Eastern/Indian philosophies and religions.

My brothers and sisters, the greatest wisdom sent us throughout history is unchanging; it involves living lovingly, humbly, and unselfishly day by day. Humility allows us to bow before the Almighty Spirit rather than be caught in a haughty illusion that we are that Great Spirit, a sign of how we have arrogantly lost our ways, part of the koyaanisqatsi of our times.

We cannot change the universe or the operation of nature according to how we choose to believe, even when others agree with and reinforce those beliefs-- these matters are immutable. Better that we "seek, knock, and ask" for the truth with humility, which means we are ready to accept the truth no matter how it conflicts with the beliefs around us, no matter how harsh it can be, putting aside how we would like it to be. Only then can we find and walk the best road upon the Earth.

Offered with an open hand to take or leave, as your minds and hearts direct you.

naawakna nihqe kyaptsita,
upaava - your brother
Genesis does indeed proclaim that God made man from the dust and breathed life into his nostrils and he became a living soul.


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