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I found this video that neatly describes blood types and shows how one can genetically establish ones heritage.

Anyone looking for "the lost book of Enki"??

I found a PDF Of that book HERE





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There is something aboriginal in their eyes and foreheads wouldn't you say?.

I am A positive, blue eyes, ( use to have snow white hair) when i was a child, although now I am slightly greying, but we won't worry to much bout that  lol

Interesting you mention it.

My youngers sister and both my sons were born blue eyes and blond but later changed to dark hair and brown eyes except for my eldest son who is ash blonde with green eyes.

Great info Eugene!  Thanks for sharing!



Thanks Charles.

It puts a new spin on things because normally two species cannot mate and hybrids cannot reproduce. So Enki's humans must have taken some superiour genetic manipulation.

From the lost book of Enki

"Indeed he saw them mating, the males the females were inseminating!
Page 110
Conceiving there was not, birth-giving there was not.
Enki the matter deeply pondered, the creatures once combined he contemplated;
None, not one of them, had offspring begotten!"

And further on.

"They locked the door behind them, the three with the two Earthlings alone remaining.
Upon the four others Ningishzidda a deep sleep caused to descend, the four he made unfeeling.
From the rib of Enki the life essence he extracted,
Page 111
Into the rib of Adamu the life essence of Enki he inserted;
From the rib of Ninmah the life essence he extracted,
Into the rib of Ti-Amat the life essence he inserted.
Where the incisions were made, the flesh thereon he closed up.
Then the four of them by Ningishzidda were awakened. It is done! he proudly declared.
To their Tree of Life two branches have been added.

With procreating power, their life essences are now entwined!
Let them freely roam, as one flesh let thorn knots each other! Ninmah was saying.
In the Edin's orchards, (Garden of Eden) to freely roam Adamu (Adam) and Ti-Amat (Eve)were placed.

Of their nakedness they became aware, of malehood and femalehood they were knowing.
Ti-Amat of leaves aprons made, from the wild beasts to be distinguished."

GOSH!! Must be the race of Yoda.....Presume I do.:-)

Thanks Eugene for the info!    I know the lizards have played their part in the creation of the psychopaths we have today.  Pitty they could not have been kept out of our history.  It is surprising that something that was supposed to be as ancient and advances as the lizards where so primative in their social behaviour,  Talk about no evolutionary or spiritual advancement for these guys!

The conspiracy legend has two versions.

I believe its a combination of both rather than the one or the other.

One is that the Anunaki left us to our own but handed the keys of control over to an elite group of their offspring to continue this control in their own way. With the knowledge of the human mind and dogma and psychology they rule us to this day without the majority knowing.

The other is that there are still Anunaki hiding out on this planet somewhere to babysit the elite who answers to them. They live thousands of years so the original ones could still be about.

When we look at the disappearance of the Gold standard and then later the disappearance of Gold itself. I would not be surprised to learn that the "money printers" (bankers and federal reserve) gave it to the Anunaki. But that would be stretching it.

Oh so positive! LOL

I think with the resonance ascension process we are all going to be the same eventually.

I am RH negative but have black hair and dark brown eyes.  You cant fit this for everyone.  Yes, its a rare blood type but to go as far as to say that Im from alien background (which I probably am) is not standard from light hair and light eyes.  I come from a European backround and most in my family have brown hair and brown eyes.  Im the darkest of them all (hair and eye wise).  You cant generalize


I can imagine your racial bloodline. Beautiful people.

Thank you for sharing!!!    rh. B negative...;-)

I was blond with brown eyes...Now I am red with brown eyes...:-)))


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