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When a soul enters inside the fetus?

It does so in the moment of conception, or does it later?

The response of subjects to this question gives us an interesting version. Of the 750 subjects, some were practicing Catholics, many were Christians, and others also believed that abortion was a form of murder. However, the 750 were unanimous on one crucial point: They felt that the fetus was not really part of his consciousness. They were fully aware of the fetus as a separate entity. Indeed, many said that the fetal body was something locked up and imprisoned, and preferred the freedom of existence bypass. Many were those who reluctantly lent to unite their consciousness with the cell consciousness of the newborn infant.

When we analyzed the 750 cases, 89% respondents said that it was not part of the fetus or relate to it until it was six months pregnant. Even then, many subjects said they found 'in and out' of the fetal body. They saw themselves as an adult awareness interacting with the fetus as a way of life less developed. Almost all said to have realized, presumably telepathically, emotion and feeling from their mothers before and during birth.

Here are some testimonials from this group of 89% which includes those who did not join the fetus until just before or during birth -33% - which did not feel at all attached to the fetus but outside -20% -, the who said they had been in and out of the fetus during the period before birth -19% - who said they did not actually entered in the fetus even after birth (but could leave if they wished fetal consciousness even after birth ) -5% - and those who said they were in the fetus after about six months after pregnancy -12% -:

'When asked about my marriage with the fetus, I was outside waiting to be born was ready for entry. When asked about the feelings of my mother, I realized that he was nervous and not very happy at the birth '(Case A-525)

'I was not completely attached to the fetus, and could be and move as soon as you enter it. I did not come until I was about to be born. I realized the thrill of my mother. I was scared, and I was aware of the doctor and nurses, and the delivery room '(Case A-426)

'I came to the top for a while, when it was developing fetus, but I left when I saw that I squeezed a lot, and did not return until just before birth. When asked about the emotions of my mother just before and during birth, I was not born when he realized that he had been asleep. Perceived feelings of sadness and fear coming from her. She was afraid to be alone with my arrival '(Case A-313)

'It's funny when you asked the union to the fetus: it seemed to be united with him when he was in the womb, but as I was not physically in it, I seemed to be in and out. Everything was very bright and felt all physical sensations. When asked the question about the feelings of my mother, I felt warmth and affection and she felt safe and secure. "(Case A-17)

'I spent some time in the fetus before birth. I felt protected and safe. No hurry to be born. When he asked you for the thrills of my mother, I realized that we were preparing to face each other. "(Case A-400)

'He was more than anything outside of the fetus. I also spent much time outside during the first year of life. I realized that my madrese was tense and nervous before and during labor. '(Case A-410)

'I did not join the fetus until I heard voices (I think they were the guides who helped me choose to be born) warning me that the birth was premature and had to "hurry up and get me there' at seven months. When asked about the emotions of my mother, I felt I was very scared '(Case A-98)

'I think it joined the fetus at about six months. Before that it was more like an animal or a plant. The feelings of my mother seemed to be happy '(case B-81)

"I think I joined the fetus at about seven months, but it was a very strong bond. I realized that my mother was angry with my father. "(Case A-287)

'I was sure that I did not enter the fetus until the last minute. He was too happy and too busy elsewhere. I was not interested at all to spend time in the fetus. When asked about the emotions of my mother, I realized that he was somewhat resigned and somewhat happy and proud. It was something to do and not wanted to do. He did not mind being pregnant, that was okay. "(Case A-40)

'When asked by the union with the fetus, it seemed to be coming and going back and forth alternately. I saw the baby with compassion and wanting to be in it. When asked about the feelings of my mother, I had an impression of worship, and I realized we were old friends (it's weird, because now it seems). "(Case B-14)

'I merely observe the fetus from a distance and I did not join him. I tried not to notice the emotions of my mother and I did not notice anything. "(Case A-293)

"I was in and out of the fetus, and it seemed as if there were two different worlds, the inside and outside. The union is not total. I was very well aware of my mother's emotions, especially before birth. "(Case A-102)

'I joined the fetus just before birth and then left him at birth, but returned to join him as soon as I took first aired. I realized that my mother was crying without stopping and actually did not want me. "(Case A-486)

'I was not into the fetus, but I felt very close to my mother. I realized that I wanted and I wanted my birth. "(Case A-404)

'I thought I was out of the fetus to six or eight months. My mother wanted me, and we were both very angry. I think I realized that before birth. "(Case A-412)

'When asked by the union with the fetus, I realized that I almost escaped. I stopped breathing, but I resurrected and then I joined the body. When asked if he was aware of the emotions of my mother, I had the distinct impression that I felt I belonged. "(Case A-167)

'Instead of being in the fetus, I stayed with my mother hovering around its parent, but not inside your body. I realized he was happy and nervous. " (Case A-372)

Only 11% of the 750 subjects was told to realize that the fetus had been in between conception and the sixth month of pregnancy. This is interesting because everyone knew that the fetus begins to kick into the fourth month of pregnancy. Despite this objective knowledge, only 11% was seen in the fetus when there were these 'signs of life. "

'I think I joined at the time of conception, though he knew they were going to be nine months of boredom and I was eager to be born. I realized my mother's anxiety, his nervousness, and fear. "(Case A-374)

"I believe that the fetus was about three or four months when I became aware of it. At that time the fetal heartbeat starting to emerge. I was well aware of the feelings of my mother. '(Case A-576)

Helen Wambach said: "An impression is clear from these 750 cases, and the birth - and living another life, is considered a duty and not a pleasure. Apparently, the soul can choose the fetus has to go ... My data also indicate that the souls may choose to leave the fetus or the child's body and return to the interview ... "

It is notable in the reports the degree of sadness we feel when coming into the world. Even if the actual birth was not physically traumatic for many, the prevailing experience a feeling of regret. The feelings of sadness seemed to coincide with the release of the uterus. It is a very important finding. Perhaps this feeling was not associated with the actual birth but rather to the experience of being trapped in a physical body after the interview experience. It is clear that most of the subjects, regardless of the enthusiasm that inspired them to come to the world, felt that this experience of loneliness and loss of the 'land of light "that stopped coming in, once again, in the physical world .

Bibliography: Case Studies of amazing trips to the 'Life Before Life' by Helen Wambach, Ph.D. in psychology.

R. Monroe:

"A form of dynamic energy yet to be identified and measured by main stream human civilization is present in all carbon-based organic life. It is this essence in organized form that enters the physical body prior to birth and departs at death presumably more educated and with a minimum of wear and tear.  The difference between the human version and that of a cow or a worm is only a degree of complexity of such organization."

 Page 64: "Far Journeys"


М. Newton:

"I must say that I've never seen the case when the soul enters the fetus during the first three months of pregnancy the mother. The reason that the soul does not begin the complex process of connecting to the fruit before three months of age, is that at this stage, the fetus does not yet have enough brain tissue from which they could work." 


"I tend to define as a reasonable soul, radiant form of energy." 

"The energy of the soul can be divided into identical parts, like a hologram. It can simultaneously live in different bodies, although this is less common than what is written." 

М. Newton, (hypnotist) "Memoirs of the Life After Life".


Past lives healing.

Consciousness expansion & levels of consciousnesses.



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Interesting....I have really never given this much thought. I assumed that the soul would be connected at conception but that doesn't seem to be the case. Leaves a lot of questions for me.

When my first child was born, she wasn,t expected to live, i was then a Roman Catholic, they got the local priest out of bed at 4am to come and baptise her, she only lived for 27hrs, they do not do this with still borns.


I don,t know when the soul enters, but i would have thought with the first breath, when you are living and breathing and part of this life.

I was taught that the soul enters the womb at conception because at that moment it has become life. Which has made the most sense to me. Doesn't really make sense it would come in after...especially after experiencing pregnancy myself.

Here are statistical studies.

Your data and reporting may not coincide with that data. We may collect additional data.

Here are statistical studies. Your data and reporting may not coincide with that data. We may collect additional data.

It is known that at the time of clinical death, the soul can leave the body. 

Known phenomena: the travel out of body  which are represented by Robert Monroe.


Can you explain why these differences are so important to you?

From all I've read on the subject of reincarnation, it would seem that the soul can enter the fetus any time between conception and birth and in some cases, even after birth.  Love and Light, Dot
If it were to happen after birth it would have to be some sort of walk-in or possession because there's no way something living can not have a soul X_x

Animals have a soul?

if so, how different their soul?

It's just simply not as I was taught. Every living thing has a soul, it's what makes it living and with it's own emotions and characteristics. If there was something living yet without a soul it would have to be something like a zombie and I don't think necromancers are that good...Otherwise there would be danger of a zombie apocalypse :}-/p>

I will note though that I have heard that animals have a different soul essence than humans and these people believe that one cannot incarnate into another species, but I don't really follow that. I've met too many people that have had past life memories of being animals.

how do you see?
The angels have a souls?

I was given and continue to give information (channeling) about the devices architecture which I had been doing and I continue to do:  A architecture of the chakras system. Chakras system above the head. Architecture of the Healing pyramids. 


In early of my work, I met people who could see how these designs architecture are working. Sometimes I see something that needs to be done.

It turns out that I do and know what I must to do, but they see how these devices work, how energy flows occur, or functions that are performed. Then our paths diverged. 

You can look at these devices?  What do you see?


Step 1
Step 2
Ankh chakras systemStep 3
Actually Colleen I'm certain that it is not the soul that exits the body for such things as astral travel but the Spirit body, which are two separate things. This includes out of body experiences and such. It seems to be a mix of ones spirit body with part of ones conscious. Which is why there are many exercises having to do with projecting ones consciousness to specific areas.

I noticed that most people do not notice are very important points in the books. Although these moments may allow us to make some very important conclusions. 

So, Robert Monroe wrote on the first pages that someone had helped  him - who was from another world. He saw a ray of light from above.  He wrote that he had received information about why our world was built;  how our world has been changed.

But all people I asked - they said that  do not remember these episodes, or they did not pay attention to these episodes. 


Very often we look and we not see very important points. 


What did Robert Monroe - he had an astral travels and he had entertainment? 

or he had performed course of treatment - in this way he traveled to the episodes of their past lives.


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