One Vibration

One Vision - One Vibration


by Michael Goebel

(written on 21st December, 2012 and sent back in time to 2011)

Things were getting pretty out of control there for a while... the decades following the sixties saw a gradual decay of our civilization that, for well over half a century, seemed to be unsolvable. The whole world had just seemed to go "crazy" and despite the multitudinous efforts made by countless organizations and individuals, our world just seemed to be heading for destruction.


There was much talk about 'the end of the world' and even the most optimistic agreed that, at the very least, we were going through some really hard times. Governments, corporations, groups, individuals and the masses alike all struggled for survival. Billions of humans suffered to say nothing of the unspeakable torture we inflicted on an astronomical number of our animals friends... loss of forests, entire species and precious resources meant the quality of life had fallen so far that unless one was extremely rich, it had become a veritable hell. The GED (Global Economic Depression) had progressed so far that riots were breaking out in numerous countries and leaders everywhere feared the worst. The great economic engines we made no longer served us and the systems of society, commerce, education, military and government lay in tatters.

The media were largely responsible for this tragic state of affairs, through "mass-programming" of the world's population to make them believe that:

a) Life like this was "normal"

b) That the world was constantly being assaulted by "terrorists" and

c) That the only things in life that were important was one's social status, their wealth and the price of their possessions

In fact, the situation became so absurd that "wealth" was "equated" with the amount of money one succeeded in NOT circulating to those who needed it most.

Then, just over one year ago now, the whole picture changed. It was like a new wind blew in - signaling that we could no longer do what we were doing and get away with it. And simultaneously with that came the tool with which we would forge a new age and a return to overall sanity - a simple website, (lovingly dubbed 'aBIGcleanup') that performed a remarkably useful function - that of collecting and collating everyone's opinions, thoughts and suggestions in a plethora of topics and making them visible for all to see - a kind of instant view of the global mind.

The new system caught on very quickly and even became a favorite pastime for many. To know that you could speak up for yourself and that your voice would be heard was something that we, as a race, never had before and it stimulated so much activity that for a while there, it seemed like a supercomputer might be necessary to process all the billions of thoughts, suggestions, issues and ideas that poured in from all over the globe. The advent of comparatively cheap mobile phones aided greatly in putting this power in the hands of the people and suddenly, it seemed like we had a REAL use for technology.

But even more startling changes started to happen when the second phase was introduced - that of "piping" the results to the various bodies responsible for these areas. For the first time in history, our governments were able to know and fulfill the wishes of their peoples, agencies the wishes of their members and corporations the wishes of their customers. Everyone, young and old, were given the opportunity to contribute to rebuilding our world and it wasn't long before we saw some incredible changes.

The first was an unprecedented and greatly anticipated change in governments and politics. For the first time, it was possible for the people to express themselves on any subject and for the government to know their collective wishes and TRULY represent them.

Armed with this new knowledge, policies and laws were totally redesigned and made dynamic in nature to always be "up with the times". No longer were we shackled by archaic laws that seemed to be impossible to change. The dictates of the people quickly found their targets in the agencies that claimed responsibility for management of those areas. This had the effect of making everything run much more like the way it always should have and almost instantly cured the vast majority of problems society was experiencing. Groups acting to the detriment of others were instantly exposed and like cockroaches, the perpetrators scattered for the cracks to avoid the light.

A number of country leaders were finally made accountable for their actions, but not exiled to some filthy rat-infested jail or hung or punished in the way we used to, but actually educated to see the error of their ways and given a chance to prove their worthiness to live in the New World.

No longer was rampant stupidity tolerated.

No longer was it possible for anyone or any group to act in defiance of the global imperative. No longer did we place all control over our lives in the hands of minorities.

No longer did we have to stand and feel powerless when some horrible doing by some unknown entity impacted our lives.


For the first time in history, we were starting to THRIVE.


Now, a scant year and a half on, global consciousness has risen to the point where the Gates of Heaven are not only visible, but beginning to open and beckoning us into an age of unspeakable Glory.

Copyright 2011,

Dedicated to Peter Joseph (Zeitgeist) for his inspiration


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Nice Fantasy, But no one realty cares, I joined Globe coherence years ago and there is maybe 20I people on there at a Romeo joined the clean up page and there is maybe 15I people on where are all the people with the one money and power to put this stuff out there in front of our kids and those who don't even know these pages could change it all.

Harry, I can see where you're coming from.  While I was reading, I thought:  "this writing must be either a spoof of our present society, or a lead-up to some sort of new movement".  But the truth's neither.  It's someone who really is coming from what I see as the 'correct' SANE mindset.  There is no ego in what this person is observing.  AND....IT IS MEANT TO BE A "DESIRE CAPSULE", as I suddenly realized that this person is projecting into the "future" timeline.  And I appreciate it. 

I am no longer going to look at this world of third dimension through third dimensional eyes, and I thank GOD I no longer have the urge to do so.  Because the third dimension really is dissipating, along with all the ego-based nonsense and insanity that accompanies it's heavy density.  We (as the tenants of Mother Earth/Gaia) are firmly in the 4th dimension of Time/NoTime.  The material world is just taking it's "time" in catching up.  After all...we are dissolving THOUSANDS OF YEARS' worth of this ego-based BS...we have to be kind to ourselves, and stay in the LOVE no MATTER WHAT.  That's the only way this will work.

Also....these "invisible beings" are not invisible to me, or to more and more people who are awakening IN LOVE.  You MUST remain in that state of being in order to hold a high enough vibration to SEE these beings.  That includes many inter-dimensional travellers (or ETs as we know them).  This is why they have not been visible to most humans, because we have existed in the lowest density of the whole Universe...and most civilizations outside of Earth are FAR more advanced, and exist in much higher vibrations.  Thus...they have merely been waiting (AND greatly assisting us) for us to rise up high enough in frequency so that we can openly interact.  And that WILL happen, despite the darkness of our society that still exists (although it is being replaced by GREAT amounts of Light, know that). 

The Crystal Skulls?  My understanding, and feeling, is that they are now safely placed in an area where they will hold and generate and distribute the highest amount of Light to the planet...and help to feed the Crystalline Matrix that is surrounding the planet right now.  Know that, too...I, and many others, SEE it regularly. 

My point is....don't fret.  Mercury Retrograde is almost over, after this past month or so of endless review and SNAFU, and attempts by the "old guard" to re-establish their pathetic "power...wait a bit, and then you will see, esp. in the New Year, some GREAT acceleration of POSITIVE events happening.  Human "ego" is no longer in charge, despite what you have seen happen recently!  There have been some "laws" passed during this past month that WILL NOT survive the light of day, will not last - such is the nature of Merc retro, and such is the nature of the NEW, LOVE and LIGHT energies that are ONLY GOING TO INCREASE AS THIS NEXT COUPLE OF YEARS UNFOLDS.  Enjoy!!!  :-)

I care. Do YOU ?

Times keep changing so it would be wise not to use past failures as reasons not to try again. It took many failures to create a light bulb. Thank heavens the inventor did not give up saying "it did not work yesterday so why should I try today again?"

Every new day we keep going with new resolve and like water seeping through the cracks we will break through eventually.

Fantastic, thank you for this posting Michael XX

Very good INTENDED and WONDERFUL created!

The problem we still have (and this on ALL) similar networks as OV is, many "members" but few actually DO something except being with us and "chatting". Facebook is even worse. Many are talking and WANT change, but aren't WORKING for it.

Look, Even as I went now to that link, I MISS the WE, the BLEND OF LOVING ENERGIES are there listed and we are one of those networks which are not chitty chatty lovely lovely, but like OV work for really make positive change.

If we talk about the ZEITGEIST MOVEMENT, well, I am very much disappointed because (sadly) also they miss an important point...

I don't complain, but be FED UP of supporting networks which PRETEND to do LIGHTWORK and after looking more closer at it, it comes out that also there is much only "air" behind it. (Means not walking their talk).



To SiNet.unfortunately your talking to yourself on here you right it all hot air.people pretending that's why nothing will happen.

Thank you, for sharing this wonderful essay and video presentations. I will share this with all...

Interesting you should mention telepathy. I've wondered how we would loose contact with each other and the elite would win. Whenever that shut down the internet to stop us from making change.There should be a massive push for us to learn to commicate. When all these sites are taken from us.Thanks Chewbit.


One Vibration chat box is the bottom right of the page or on the main menu The beeping can be turned off or come in and join the link share.

THANK YOU for ALL your support! 

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