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Four leading Mayan elders will hold a news conference this Friday, October 8, 2010 at 11 A.M. at the Quest Bookshop located at 240 East 53rd Street (between Second and Third Avenues, First Floor), Manhattan to try to ease the public's fears about the end of the world happening on December 21, 2012, the last day recorded by the Mayan calendar, the most accurate scientific calendar ever invented.

The Mayan elders, who include Grand Elder Don Alejandro Cirilo, Solar Priest Humbatz Men, Mayan Historian Don Pedro Chuc Pech and Flordemayo, a member of the 13 indigenous Grandmothers Wisdom Council, are expected to issue a warning about serious environmental catastrophes that are already underway and will continue to worsen through 2012 and beyond, partially due to unusually strong activity on the Sun.

However, they will also bring with them a message of great hope by predicting a massive spiritual awakening of the entire human race beginning on December 21, 2012 and possible peaceful contact with a highly advanced extraterrestrial civilization. Members of the group will display several lifesize crystal skulls at a press conference that they believe are powerful healing tools that will help herald a new spiritual revolution for eight billion people now living on Earth.

At 3 P.M. the Mayan elders will address a standing room only meeting sponsored by the Society for Enlightenment and Transformation--the spiritual arm of the United Nations--at the United Nations Church Center located at 777 United Nations Plaza (corner of First Avenue and East 44th Street), Manhattan.

For the first time ever the Mayan elders will unite 13 ancient crystal skulls gathered from all over the world in a fulfillment of ancient Mayan prophecy that such an event is destined to help uplift the planet at a time of great peril.





Does anyone on the forum have anymore information about this conference.

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It would be interesting to have more inforamtion on this meeting maybe someone on the forum attended has insight they would like to share.
Hello All: I forwarded content to a relative that works at United Nations in Austria to see what she can find ... I'm very curious myself!
Have an Elevated Day!
Excellent I hope your cousin will have some insight , this could be very exciting.

Thank you for the links. To me just having this conference shows just how real this all is and I hope society deems it so. To have Mayan Elders make a public apperance is huge.
That is wonder why?? Maybe they don't want the public to know what is to come or folks don't believe and didn't give it any preference.
This may help also.

Dr Jaap Van Etten is an academic,author, PhD biologist and expert on the enigma of ancient Crystal Skulls. A humble, soft spoken man of high integrity, he is a superb lecturer and has been a featured speaker in numerous Crystal Skulls Gatherings, including Mexico City and New York , and has been a guest on 'Coast to Coast' with George Noory on the topic of the Crystal Skulls. Dr Van Etten has intensely studied subtle energies, both of humans and of the Earth for many years and has acquired a wealth of knowledge on this critically important subject. He now shares the vitally important information in workshops and lectures on Crystal Skulls and their role in the Ascension in the United States, Netherlands, Denmark and Taiwan. A Native of Holland, he currently resides in Arizona with his wife Jeanne Michaels. His book " Crystal Skulls-Interacting with the Phenomenon" is considered one of the best on the fascinating topic.
Hello All: As I stated on November 5th (Whoa, it seems like it was months ago - talk about "Celestial Speed-up"!) I forwarded content to a relative that works at United Nations in Austria AND THIS IS WHAT CAME UP (as posted in newslist) ... I'm NOW MORE curious! Have an Elevated NOW!================================================================
Don Alejandro's message delivered at the United Nations.
If you want to hear what he had to say, the link below will give you over 30 minutes of his talk:

Please repost the link it will not open can you put it to discussion for all to see I am so excited to listen to this ....big thank you !!

Sally: Just delete http bar, then copy and paste above link, hit right arrow, and it will connect. Many operate this way, I don't know why?
Not really a lot of information other than the 2012 is not part of mayan prophecies. He affirmed the natural disasters, financial failure, people's violence, polluting mother earth and the elitist will be no more but we will survive we must be patient it won't be easy. Scientist hollywood and others have taken this knowledge twisted to make money the things they have said are not of mayan truths. He did state the start of new sun cycle six there will be no more racism life will be equal for all. Truly what is available here doesn't even scratch the surface of questions that I have . I looked for the rest of the video series and didn't see it . How about the two the three days of darkness the energy coming from the galatic center the actual pole shift the planets lining up. Our bodies changing for carbon to crystal etc. just not enough info.
Yes, I already know about the time of darkness this is predicted in many text including the bible. During this time people will be so frighten it says some will died from fear thinking the world will end. It's due to the axis changing also there will be time of no gravity . We are already doing the changing now from carbon base to crystal the reason being is so we can hold more light. Did you know there are crystals in our hearts? We have had several wonderful articles posted about all of this maybe in ascension or awakening groups of course if you just as Chewbit he will know the info perfectly . Funny but last night this subject was on the history channel how this occurs every 13 ,ooo years last one is when atlantis was destroyed BUT it goes in waves. One shift destruction one shift rebirth every other time ,of course much is due to our attitudes . I do believe we are in the time of rebirth this is meant spiritually for man earth's changes "some" will happen quakes, flood etc. Found it interesting though from the mouth of the Mayan high elder the term 2012 , 21 dec. isn't of their teachings but a gimmick some have used to make tons of money. This leads me to think what a bunch of crap that many are making money off of this especially those that want to heal your past clean your karma and just for a few hundred . We have everything we need spiritually inside of us just listen to your HS inner voice...creation didn't make a being that needed to rely on another. Truly we are spiritualy perfect if only we would trust quiet the mind love the best you can all answers do come your way.
Yes, those that I have problems with for example countdown to 2012 telling you that if you need them to do a healing on you to clear karma only cost ya 400 bucks! Come on recently a wonderful video was on the forum about karma...that's another falsehood according to this guru. The only karma we create is in the now we don't carry it to other incarnations. Or how folks say to talk to AAMichael get a healing well it will cost you Xamount of $. When money is involved be assured it's a scam or sorts I will never buy into anything like this. Me and my son just got off the phone talking about all this 2012 business ..conclusion..what is going to happen will occur whether we believe the sky is blue or pink this cycle will need to complete it's journey. Living it will be our truth we will see if there will be darkness no gravity a big shake up the earth will evolve regardless of what tall tell tales are being why worry about it , just enjoy today living in the now ...heck I could live to be a hundred or go in my sleep tonight...the mystery is what makes it so much fun.
Thank you Shelley for the videos and Melody for how to open the link . This should be exciting to watch and read!


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