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The most recent ascension symptoms are happening around your head and neck. These include headaches, TMJ (jaw tension, pain and clicking), sore teeth, sore facial bones, tension, pain or a feeling of fullness (something's in there!) in your throat, sinus congestion and painful and very crunchy neck and shoulders. Our brains are changing and there is a lot of energy transforming and moving around in our heads. It seems that our bones are being reshaped.

Another symptom that is going around is fluctuating body temperature. Most common are periods of heating up, but also possible are times when you are suddenly cold. You can feel tired but at the same time you can't relax. And last but not least, being really, really thirsty!

I have found that forceful or deep massage/manipulation can aggravate the symptoms, even bringing on powerful headaches. What helps is gentle energy work like cranial sacral technique. The pressure seems to ease a bit if you open your mouth as wide as is comfortable and breath out forcefully while making a sound (HAAA!). If the area feels inflamed (and it probably will) then using an ice pack is beneficial. Another thing is to get lots of rest, including naps if you can. When lying down to rest or sleep, do some deep breaths (as deep as you can). Try using the Quantum Pause Breath.

1) Breathe in through your nose for a count of about 4.
2) Hold the breath in for a count of about 4.
3) Breathe out through your mouth for about a count of 4.
4) Hold the breath out for a count of about 4.

I find that this will often triggers yawns, which is a releasing of tension.

Going into the wave and using the Golden Mesh to remove what isn't serves you is really helpful also.

After that, let the part of you that knows what energy your body needs to flow that energy in and through your body. Notice the color or colors and imagine that color moving through your cells, then molecules, then atoms and finally joining with your waves of light.

Another good thing is to listen to music that you love. Really listen and sing or dance or just breathe with it.

Drink lots of water with a little bit of juice in it. This helps you body absorb the water. Calcium/magnesium supplements and GABA are also helpful.

We are still in a period of waiting and letting our bodies adjust to the New Energy Template. Let yourself rest as much as possible. This is not a time to push hard. Gentle, slow movement is good. Fast hard exercise is not so good. Remember, it is already done! You don't have to hurry up and make it happen.

And just in, this message from Jennifer Hoffman....

The Energies of October 2009

I am so glad that September is over, it was a very tough month on many levels. Not only were we bombarded with some very powerful energy, but we had multiple astrological signatures that put us on the path to transformation, whether we thought we were ready for it or not. Were you sick last month? I was, and I heard of many people who were ill with a flu that put them in bed for one or more days. September's energies were about clearing, cleaning out and removing emotional debris we may not have known was there. But while October will be a much easier month energetically, we are not free of the energy shifts and we still have work to do.

The agreement for ascension does not mean that all of our problems go away with the wave of a hand. It means that we are prepared to be shown what needs to be released so we can let go of it. Then, we need to be prepared to move in new directions. Both of those demand focused intention, hard work and our full attention. No, we do not have to stop everything and focus on our ascension. But we do have to incorporate our ascension into everything we do. Are you aware that you are on an ascension path every moment of your day?

Whatever September stirred up October will help us smooth over, find new solutions and look at different options. If you were thinking of making a significant life change, September's energies would have shown you every reason why you should do that. October's energies will help you focus on the options that will make the change possible. But the key word for October is action, in both thinking and doing. If you do not use what you learned to make the changes you know need to happen, you will have a tough time in November and December.

Sometimes we can wish for a time when things did not move so quickly and our lives were much more predictable. But were we happier then, were we powerful and in control? These are challenging times but we are watching the end of one era and the birth of another. One day we will look back in these times and see how everything fit together. For now, we must take each day as it comes and use the shifts, energy downloads and information, along with our spiritual guidance, to make intentional choices about what we want our reality to look like. Enjoy the relative peace of October and set your intention for what you want. We are creating the foundation for the new earth now and everything we do is important.
Copyright (C) 2004 - 2008 by Jennifer Hoffman. All rights reserved. All material on this page is protected by US and international copyright law and may not be quoted or reproduced without the express written permission of the author. All authorized reproductions, quotes or copies, in whole or in part, must reference the author's name and the Uriel Heals website,

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It's interesting you mentioned baking soda, a while back the thought occurred to try drinking some. I did but only for two days. Thank you for the information. Morgellons, don't like the thought of that....chemtrails?

Actually no, I never came into contact with pumpkins. Decided not to bother this year.

Thanks again Chewbit

Thank you so much for posting this info. I have read some of the replies, and am so grateful to read that others have the same symptoms as me. I have so many different symptoms, I just didnt think they could be due to ascension. I have had stiff kneck, and the whole of my spine really painful to touch, as if I fallen and its bruised, especially high up into the back of the head. I have had a kind of 'wowing' in my ears, not a heartbeat but a similar sound. My wrists and legs hurt too. Flu like symptoms that dont develop, even wheezing when I lay down at night. Does anyone know how long this will go on for, I seem to have had it for ages. Thank you all so much. In some ways its exciting, and I feel blessed for sure. xxxx


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