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Image Guenther Schermann's spiritual Austrian crop circle group Copyright 2012

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How is a crop circle copyright 2012 or is it the photo that is copyrighted?

the picture is copyright.....right now it is so hot here to me that looks like a

Can I ever relate to that !

this heat wave seems to be right across the board - I'm in Canada, and we've had a heat wave for a few weeks now...getting dry and crisp, so the crop circle looks like a fan to me, too!  :-)

Ok, this is interesting. So far we have all been looking at crop circles taking guess's at what they look like or what they really mean.

Right ?

So lets recap.

The one thing that I notice about all or most of them is that there seems to be 12 blades on this one.

I believe that the number 12 is part of some kind of message to us or to them (visitors from wherever). The thing that I am seeing from all of these crop circles is the number 12.

Please feel free to throw whatever you have into the kitty. We might be able to figure this out, even if it is by accident if we all think about what the big picture is here. If there is a big picture. All of this could be a bunch of bull or it could be a message to us that will actually help us now or in the future.

Together we can accomplish anything.


Reginald. In numerology the number 12 is 3. Number 3 signifies energy fields.

In the Bible the number 3 is also significant.

1 THE NUMBER OF UNITY. Father. Deuteronomy 6:4 "Hear, O Israel: The LORD our God, the LORD is one. Ephesians 4:5 "one Lord, one faith, one baptism."
2 THE NUMBER OF DIVISION. The Son who has two natures: human and divine. There are 2 Testaments: the Old and New. Man is Male and Female. Rom. 9 speaks of two vessels: one for honorable use and the other for dishonorable use. Two types of people: Sheep and Goats. There are two ages, this age and the age to come: Matt. 12:32; 13:39,40,49; Mark 10:30.
3 THE NUMBER OF DIVINE PERFECTION. The Trinity consists of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. There are three qualities of the universe: Time, Space, and Matter. To exist (except for God), all three are required. Each quality consists of three elements. Therefore, we live in a trinity of trinities.

I don´t know if the above means anything as regards the number 3.



And ther are 6 corners and 1 middlepoint and you can discover a lot of numbers if u watch for a while......

hmmmm with love

create the mer ka ba first and then you mus.t spin the field. you see a fan because it is trying to show the motion... some of the crop circles are not authentic so it is difficult but the heart will know. meditation and unconditional love for all that is. all is one.

Maybe they just like delighting us with their beautiful creations.  My first thought was that it looked like a pointsetta - precise and beautiful.

Beautiful, Chris, and it sure does look like a fan. It also reminds me of those candy spearmint leaves they sell in plastic bags at Kmart and other stores, L&L, D

To me it looks like a flower in a circle with a hexagon border.

It is up to us I guess to ponder whether it has been man-made or otherwise.

It is very pretty, neat and precise.

What kust came to me is The Number 12 And the flower of life book Volume 1 says There are 144 Dimensions 144 ways to others virtual subjects There are 12 notes in an octave And 12 overtones between each note 12 * 12 equals 144 dimensional it was between each up I don't have a clue what all that means I'm dumb as a rock. but I noticed. I do not know what the pedals overlap they never do this and the flower of life design but with a double designed around the outside and if you take any 3 points they all created triangle and the flower of life is a double circle around it counting pro points on the pedals 6 points on 1 line 6 points on airline pro comp 12 equals 144. now I'm scared how did I figure that out. it may mean nothing I would like to grow it out and see why thetriangles overlap. I do not have my compass yet I will this weekend and start to lay out these designs. by the way the rainbow meditation day is approaching and he has 2 good videos of showing have to do it I hope you're all practicing this so we can connect on that day.


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