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Crop Circle At Bishop Cannings Down, Nr Beckhampton, Wiltshire. Reported 24th July.

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Sacred Geometry popping out all over the place! No wonder I have this unatural urge to create crystal ball Dodecahedrons for a month now, I make jewelry with them and have been incorporating them into my Feng Shui Wind Chimes!

Maybe the eggs of life dropping into a vortex. the 2 circles is the design of the egg of life.

I automatically saw Metatron's Cube, one of the sacred Reiki symbols of sacred geometry:

Well done Dragon Chimes. Metatron puts me on the right track. Your videos explanation is right on the money. Could it be that these latest segments of recent crop circles are attempting to inform us of the greatness of the new now that we are living in here on earth ? I think that all things are possible now that the explanation is a lot more clear in my minds eye. I am sure there is a lot more to come in the very near future. You are a huge example of what the new level of genius is going to be made of, which is an imagination that actually manifest an answer that is so exact that it will be hard to refute your genius conclusion. Thank you for being a part of our group you are a big important part of all of us on OV and the world.

I salute your mind and thinking ability. We are one and because of your diligence to seek the truth, we are far more brighter because of you.

This is very good Dragon Chimes.

Sometimes, I attempt to sya what I am thinking and because my mind processes information differently, it becomes very hard for me to express what is on my mind. This video explained it for me especially when I I could not find the correlation between how all of the crop circles seem to be working together as far as I could reason anyway. Our Universe continusly expresses itself in so many different ways that my intellect is not always able to comprehend what it is saying. The video that you just posted said what I was struggling to express in my earlier comments and observations. Thank you posting the video, because I really did not want to spend another day ot 2 trying to make sense out of my perceptive reasoning here on OV. God bless you for doing the investigation that bought it all home for me.

It is also expressed through fractals.

Yes Paula, you are correct. I mentioned fractals earlier in a comment that I posted a few days ago. I also gave you credit for bringing light to the subject matter for me then.

THank you again.


The last crop circle that we saw a few days ago has something in common with this one, I think.

I am going to make my best guess now.

I notice that the small intersecting lines inside of the circle make different geometric figures and if I look at the center long enough, it appears to be displaying some kind of multidimensional impression of the whole. To me, someone is attempting to give us a message of our dimensional perception changing into the 4th and then 5th dimension. THe more I look at this crop circle, the more I feel compeled to turn it on its surface side and view it with my minds eye. WHen I do this in my mind, I see endless geographic configurations that never end. Kind of like a gyroscope spinning around with a quantum center that I still don't understand. Could this be a schematic design for a mental map or physical configuration in 4 or 5 D?

THis one is as tricky as the last one. Maybe they need to be superimposed onto each other to give us a better hint at what it is. Or maybe it is a message to us about infinity. Not sure right now.

Maybe if we place the last crop circle that was posted over top of the this one, we will make a star map with the navigational coordinates embedded into it.

I am still thinking about it more.

You certainly know how to give a guy a frontal lobe headache Chris.

This is wild and wonderful to behold. 

Definitely Sacred Geometry popping out!  and then an egg dropping out of the cube and waiting for birth (rebirth)....Love this one

Okay if it's metatron's cube Does a bunch of lines missing on the triangles. The center is called the egg of life All the goofy lines Look like what they call the crystal system The whole thing together Also could be called The inter related shapesl The reason I say this Is alliance do not create squares They create ilreagular squares.also circles are female and stright lines our male.

Hey Harry. I agree with you and Dragon Chimes. Both of you are right. All of the elements of Sacred Geometry that we know of is in this crop circle. The cooler thing is that there seems to be a whole lot more of Sacred Geometry and patterns that interlink and pass thru each other which gives it an even more advance perception of itself. When I have a question about Sacred Geometry and Golden Ratio, I think Dragon Chimes and harry Beam are pretty good at deciphering  what all of the possibilities might be. We might all be way off, but quantum logic tells me that we are so close to the complete and true answer that we are almost tripping over the final answer, but we are to close to the equastion to see it.

Thanks to all of your brilliant minds and your opinions are pricless. 

I'm sure you have probably seen the Thrive movie, but Foster Gamble touches on the sacred geometry withing the crop circles, amazing excerpts:

15.41-21.34   sacred geometry in the Osirian temple of Egypt and all across the ancient world

25.20 - 30.57  crop circles put into 3D showing the amazing sacred geometry


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THANK YOU for ALL your support! 

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