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strange, I dont get the feeling this one is made by ET origin..doesn't look clean, the lines seem off, the pictogram is strange too..could be man made this one.

man made ??? no chance!!!  too big and the fields in this area are watched of hundreds of people !

nobody can make this over night!

But it is a nice 3D picture and it seems to be a templeroof on doric columns.

Love and Light......Pedro

I think it is a stairway from heaven to the earth witch jesus are coming from


Stairway to heaven... there a lady whose sure1

Hm, this one seems to look like a stairway ascending to different

Must admit, my first thought was Jacob's ladder!

I read the different types of stones Were used in the pyramids To produce different energy The bottom double lines Line up with the large boulder in the field maybe something maybe not. I also agree it does it look clean people never seem to talk about the large double lines which are tractor tracks you can see where someone has walked into the tractor tracks I think I was just created a walk out the tractor cracks. if it's real they've made sure that the upper design has completely broken away from the bottom .Drunvalo Says itsthat another way of making circle. Also could be steps being taken 5 more steps Until? If you were walking up the steps There's no rail I'm sure we've all had dreams like this 1 misstep in you fall into oblivion. Or another reality Maybe you have a choice. Haaaaaaa.! Pink floyd the wall I love that album.

the sense I get is ground movement in the first picture and yes last one does look like a staircase

Dragon chimes. looking at the stone drawing. the circle represent female. the cross represent energies at the fifth chakra. or maybe a male the man at the bottom seems to be throwing and I'll get up to the first man h man seems to have 1 of these objects handing it up to the next man this seems to be 1 for each man the strange look on the face of the man at the bottom seems to maine this is a habbit ask just to get it up to the first man takes a lot of strength look on the first man face looks as if he's concentrating on catching it the second and third man have a big smile on your face is it there happy to be your everything is going as planned son of a b**** the man its top has it in his left hand reaching out maybe to open the portal of jacob's ladder the man on the ground on right has 1 of these in his hand he is either bringing these to the first man are he attempted to open the portal what is ready and fell back down. I just make it up as I see it take it or leave it.. I am not a scholar I just say what comes to me. I am an artist maybe I do this I'm not quite that old but I'm getting close.

this is the Hopi prophecy stone, the Hopi elders knows what it means and have discussed it over the years (the prophecy has been handed down through the elders since millennia)



it is now carefully protected by Hopi elders. Access to Hopi lands     and the recent disputes with neighboring tribes and governmental agencies     have restricted these cultural icons to the religious leaders of the Hopi.     The stone, also called the "Hopi Prophesy Stone," is now hidden     from the view of cameras and non-Hopi visitors. In the late 1960's, a     remarkable man visited Hopiland and made an extensive survey of this     petroglyph. LaVan Martineau copied and translated the strange marks and revealed a message that has special     meaning to Native Americans and all people of our planet-- especially     during the impending new cycle.


The "Hopi Plan of Life" is described by the elders of the     Hopi Hotevilla faction as follows:


When the Hopi first arrived upon this land the     Creator was the only one living here at the time. When the Hopi met the     Creator here, they asked him to be their leader. The Creator refused and     said that there were many evil intentions in their hearts that they must     first fulfill before he could be their leader. Those who managed to survive     and live through all their evil intentions would meet the Creator after all     was over and he would then be their leader. The Creator is therefore the     'first' and the 'last' because of this meeting arrangement.


One of the many instructions given to the Hopis by the Creator at     this time was that they should migrate all over this continent and, while     doing so, they should leave their picture writing and clan symbols upon the     rocks near their ruins as a sign that the Hopis were the first and were     rightfully holding this entire continent in trust for the Creator. In     regard to this they were told by the Creator that a time would come when     another race would come upon this land and claim it all, but that these     Hopi writings upon the rocks would justly retain and hold the ownership of     this land by the Hopi in trust for the Creator.




LaVan Martineau was raised by Native Americans as a child and was     fluent in the sign language used by many tribes. A stint in the military exposed     him to the science of crypanalysis, the study of codes and symbols, and     later enabled him to decipher the hidden meanings of American petroglyphs.     In his book, The Rocks Begin To Speak, Martineau gives the following     interpretation of "The Hopi Life Plan," symbol by symbol. Symbol A     represents the Creator pointing down close to the ground from where the     Hopi claim to have come. The short vertical lines near the Creator's hand B     thus represent the Hopi people. The Creator is holding in his left hand     "the life plan" or "trail" C upon which the Hopi     are to embark. Near this hand is a circle Dwhich represents     "holding" of the entire continent in trust for the Creator, as he     had instructed. (Since this photograph was taken, viewers of this panel     have added a bow to the right hand of the Creator which was not apparent     when Martineau surveyed the carving.)


Point E on the trail or life plan represents a time when it     was predicted by the Creator that the Hopi would digress from the true path     given to them and pursue another way. The square F is said to     represent Oraibi, and the line or path Gcoming down from the square     represents the false path of the wicked Oraibi-- the Hopi who are always     trying to outdo and hold themselves above others, without the help of God.     (This line is above the true path.)




The figures Hstanding upon the false path represent the     wicked themselves. Older Hopi claim that heads have recently been added to     these symbols, for they remember a time when no heads existed on these     figures. The absence of heads would represent the punishment or death that     the wicked must undergo as a result of following the false path.


The two zigzag lines I stemming from the false path represent     the careless and different paths to permanent destruction pursued by the     wicked. Each zigzag is the pursuit of a careless and wicked intention that     will eventually come to a dead end when all evil intentions have been     exhausted. This "dead end" is shown by the symbol turning     around or sagging down J. The upper zigzag line has recently     been scratched and marred to such an extent that is resembles a fourth     figure, which the Hopi say was not there originally. Whether it was or was     not does not seriously affect this translation.


Symbol K is the true path of everlasting life, symbol L,     which is shown at four points along this true path. The incorporation of     the symbol old age (a cane) with life(a branching corn leaf)     represents everlasting life.


This true path to everlasting life is bisected at three different     points by three half circles M, which might have been complete     circles at one time. (This panel has been scratched over so many times that     it is often difficult to distinguish the correct form of these symbols).     The Hopi say that they are gourds which are shaken, thus representing three     great wars or shakings that will transpire before the everlasting life is     reached. The last circle represents the "final war" of     purification in which all evil will be destroyed.


At point N on this panel the false path connects with an     everlasting life symbol, showing that some may return to the true path and     to everlasting life. The two zigzag lines which extend beyond this point of     possible return to the path of everlasting life thus truly indicate     permanent destruction, since the wicked have gone beyond this point of     no return. Symbol O, at the end of the path is the great spirit     holding an everlasting life symbol in his hand. He is shown waiting here at     the end of the trail just as he was shown at the beginning of it. For this     reason he is called the first and the last.


Symbol Pis difficult to distinguish, again because of the     panel having been repeatedly scratched instead of chalked (for     photographing). It more closely resembles three dots, but the Hopi claim it is a Catholic cross added to the panel after a     bad experience with the Catholics in the seventeenth century. This symbol     was placed there by the Creator's instructions, to show that the Hopi way     and the Catholic way should not combine.



That's absolutely fascinating Dragon Chimes. I was wondering what it represented. As you say, it does have application for us all. Blessings


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