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Harry, Donna,Rosemary, Dorothy and Steve. You are now thinking as one. I bet if we all continue to think as one, we will uncover a very pleasant surprise. Harry you are a lot smarter than you think. Your perception is superb. Rosemary, your perception is remarkable. The number 3 is extremely important in Sacred Geometry and everything else in our Universe also. Donna as you already know, a poinsetta has every element of the Golden Ratio unraveling in it constantly. Dorothy, take another look at the candy spearment leaves again notice how many seperating lines there are on the leaves. Steve, mer ka ba is a part of unraveling the mystery also. We might be getting close to the answer, and maybe it is right in front of us in plain view, and we are looking over it. Do you all see how we start to function so much better when we think together as one ? This is the way we are supposed to respond to many questions and challenges that we face now. Thinking together as one makes us feel better also. For us men, it may be a little hard at first, but for our women, it is as natural as giving birth to a baby. Continue to think in this way will strengthen all of us. I am glad that we are starting to think as one for many benificial reasons to all of us.

Excellent Reginald.   In Sacred Greometry we have the Flower of Life with the Tree of Life.

When the centres of the circles are joined to each other through lines we have Metatron´s Cube.

It is one of the most important informational systems in the universe, one of the basic creation patterns of existence. (Drunvalo)


All the circles are female. The straight lines are male. From Metatron´s Cube  other forms can be found.

On the Egyptian pillars the Tree of Life has one more circle which means that originally there were 12 components. I guess the Jewish Kabbalah removed 1 circle. Here again we have the number 12 which gives us 3. The area where the two circles intersect forms a vesica piscis.

The Merkaba is the energy lines that allow the life-force energy, the prana, the chi, to flow into you and from you back to God. It is your very connection to God. It is that which links you and God together as one.

Hey Reginald,
I am no expert, but will give you my impressions, if you are interested. The GFOL have been
saying we are moving in to a time of being "fully conscious"... this would also imply we will
have more of our DNA activated as well. Eventually, we will reach a level of 12 strand activation
of our DNA. I have also heard that the activation of DNA will show in YOUR EYES... I have no idea
if that is true or not, but like I said, I am just throwing that out. It therefore, could be interpreted
as an iris with pupil showing a fully conscious beings' eye. What do you think??
hey reginald and all.... I agree your last comments! more right brain feeling and less left brain thinking...our right brain is becoming more activated...we must listen to and trust in the heart.

I think you are absolutley right Victoria. We seem to be making all kind of changes inside and out.

12 strand activation of our DNA is also a very big part of what is happening to us as well. Harry has lead us right to the front door and we are all knocking at the door at the exact same time together. Does anyone know what I am talking about ? Let me know because we are all so close that the answer is right in front of us. Thanks Victoria and everyone else.

Yes Steve exactly, more right brain thinking from the heart is happening also.

Does anyone have the whole answer, because each of you have touched on it and then stopped.

I know you all know the answer.


Congratulations Rosemary.

That is the answer that all of us have been waiting for one of us to say.

Everybody else that answered also gave the same answers also. I was just waiting for one of us to pull it all together for the rest of us so that we can see how important we all are to our universe. My old saying about " All of us, or none of us" Still stands true. All of you are some of the most important elements in our Universe. Thank you for being a part of me as I am just as much a part of you. I am very grateful to all of you.

Yes, Reginald we are all together.

We are as one as you say, part of each other.

I think we are all grateful for each other, for being part of each other and belonging to each


Blessings to you all

I want to say one more thing Drunvalo says that once you start studying sacred Geometry And you never go back.after finishing Vol.1 of the Ancient Secrets of.the Flowerof Life I have totally changed my way of thinking and my plans for the future.Cool

I have another way of studying Sacred Geometry and it is with altered audible frequencies and as you have said Harry, it is another way to study the Ancient Secrets of the Flower of Life. You guys are alright with me. All of you are seekers of wisdom and knowledge and it is really good to be in your company. Outside of our group, I rarely even speak of such knowledge in public. I am very blessed to be a part of all of you.

Thanks again for your constant contribution to my well being.

I learn so much from each and every one of you.

I am blessed and I know it.

Rosemary, you are a genius.

Thanks again.

Reginald your kind words have touched my heart.

Love and light


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