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Image Guenther Schermann's spiritual Austrian crop circle group Copyright 2012

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Harry Beam thanks for all of the information that you give to everyone on OV.

Rosmary, you are always welcome.


Blessings to everyone forever. 

I have been reading all your wonderful replies and insights. Thank you all . Something came to my attention as I as holding this image in my Heart Space. The language of symbols whether they are day dreams, night dreams or crop circles whisper volumes of information to us...and you have all been contributing from our unique perspectives. I would like to add something here as well.

Some symbols are deceptively simple as you will all agree by this point. When I look at this symbol it is saying to me Flower of Life=flow-er of life, When we spoke of it reminding us of a fan, there was movement being suggested by the petal shapes. If we were to look at each petal shape individually we would be looking at the Vesica Pisces image which is created by two circles overlapping. The Flower of Life has many of these. If we look at the sacred geometry of this symbol, it is formed by one circle being intersected by a second circle of the same size, with the circumference of the second circle intersecting thru the middle of the first circle. The 1 circle is unity...2 circles are duality (male and female)and where they intersect is the womb/offspring. It is also heaven and earth and the stairway to heaven is the V.P. We have been speaking of Ascension ...and is that not the stairway to heaven?

In this image are many petals...12 of them which in numerology is a 3 and 4 alsp a pyramid...and as I look at it it represents the All of us. A flower develops as a bud that opens into the image we see here. So this image is telling us to flow together as has been said so eloquently but it is also showing us the timing of where we are opening into the Heart of Unity. With the flower being held within a hexagram is telling us to pay attention to all the symbolism held within sacred geometry as a part or aspect of what is being said to us. The hexagram as has been mentioned is formed from  the Mer Ka Ba which is our light body, it also is the outline of a  3 Dimensional cube of space which is where we currently are in consciousness.

WOW! Carol, you really dug deep for that explanation. In fact, your perception is so crystal clear that I now think I need to go over to my book shelf and go to the "S" section and pull down some of the books that I have not read for years concerning Sacred Geometry. I think this is your way of making me do homework. Hmmmm!
Ok teacher, I am on it.

Each one teach one
Blessings and Esoteric Intelligence to one and all.

And they keep coming.  Just wish someone could begin translating the messages!!!

I'm with Reginald--Wow, Carol--what a grat explaination. It sure makes me want to get some books on sacred geometry. Thank you--very interesting. Gotta love these crop circles, they are so awesome, L&L, D

Hi Dorothy.

Until you get out to get those books, there is plenty of information on Sacred Geometry on the internet.

SO google it and see what you discover ?

You will not be disappointed, because by reading and studying it, you actually raise your vibration level to a much higher plain.

Also look at "Golden Ratio"



Good luck.

Hi Reginald, Dorothy...and all...

That is a great idea, Reginald. I am sure you tube has lots of videos on the topics as well.

Sacred geometry is a universal language ..the same throughout the Universe so it makes a natural language for communications.

You speak of it raising vibrations...anything made to accurate proportions even if scaled that is a part of sacred geometry will raise vibrations as when you attune and align with it you are attuning and aligning with the Divine. Egyptians knew this and so on their temple walls you will find sacred objects carved there that are to perfect proportions as well as sacred structures ..the pyramids just being some of them. They used the golden mean and sacred geometry in their construction.

Thank you both for your kind acknowledgments. They touch me in deep places.

Blessings ♥ Carol

Carol, Reginald, and all--this is so very interesting--perhaps sacred geometry is the key to everything--maybe finding the answer is in finding the right keyhole that the key fits into. Ironically, I've had such a problem with math all my life--still do, and yet, I'm fascinated by numerlogy and sacred geometry. Maybe if I start studying sacred geometry something will click into place--I'll have an aha moment, and it'll all make sense. That would be so wonderful. Blessings to all--Love and Light, always, Dot 

We have all had problems with the standard math that is taught in most american class rooms. It is because the teaching technique that is used to teach it is flawed and those who control things know it already. Mis-education or should I say the institutional concept of learning has been fudged with for many years in an attempt to make sure that full control is established by those who call the shots at the top. We have known that the education system is broken in america for 80 years or so. A real education of people is avoided at all cost and to them for a very good reason. So stop feeling that you just don't get math. It is intended that you not learn to much. Haha

WHen you think about it, we are all mis-educated and most of us don't even know it.

Our egos won't allow us to believe that we have attended school for  14 or 15 years straight and we are still so dumbed down that we are not consciously aware that we are.

A complete revamping of our educational system would be a good thing to think about and I think soon it will be at the top of the things to do list in our new world.


Blessings and follow the yellow brick road because your imagination is greater than knowledge. That is a statment from Albert Einstein. Hmmmmmmm!

Thank you, Reginald, great info--I'll see what I can find on the internet before I go searching through the enormous Barnes and Noble store here, which can be so exhausting--and it'll be awhile before I get back there, anyway. Love and Light, always, Dot

Yes Carol.
There is a kind of magic that is in Sacred Geometry and the Golden Ratio that works like a charm.
I have used both for a few years now and it has helped to change my entire life. They are both a very big part of the Language of the Universe and if one learnes how to use both of them, some amazing things can happen and I am living proof of their results. These are only a few of the secrets of life that we never knew before, at least in this life. Sacred Geometry and the Golden Ratio can also be said as a prayer if you know how to do it.

GOod luck!


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THANK YOU for ALL your support! 

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