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I have as of yet made heads or tails out of all the multiple crop circles I have witnessed for years, but this was different and jumped right out at me, TIME LINES, and notice the all ending up at the same place and time! 

It's like winning at Ludo! :)

very interesting, wonder what it means?

I also see a possible solar alignment pointing to a specific date:


The only full circle is the third, and that would be the Earth, so it would be logical that it is used as a reference point. So the position of the Earth would be at the lower right corner, you would have Mars and Venus in alignment, with Jupiter and Saturn following not too far away.




We can see that it all start from the same point, so it is like it would indicate some movement. So this is not a countdown, it's just that when a line stop, it is to indicate a position. You could draw the same thing with the planets at different positions, and all starting from the same point and you'd get the same countdown. 

I see the unraveling of the veil. if u commplete the lines it looks alot like the all seeing eye.

It looks to me like a radar screen with sweeps indicating things on the screen approaching, like ships?

Very interesting--it's a big one. Thanks for posting, Chris, L&L, D

A cosmic cricket pitch? ;)

wow, everyone, great comments! any way you slice it, it looks like we have a great year ahead!

: Echoes here for me of the Pi formation of 2008...

Thanks Christopher.  Let's hope they start getting more prolific now.


when I first saw it what popped into my head was ticking clock or radar


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