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Found this video from 2007 called "Polar Clock 3"

Yep that seems like a polar clock.

I would estimate the date as August 5, at around 8:50PM. What do you think?

Apparently the general consensus is 19:43:53 on Saturday, 4th August 2012

Good thanks!!!

Thanks Christopher,

Interesting, intricate and worth pondering on.

Could the 6th June be meant when at sunrise Venus appears as a small dark dot crossing the sun’s face for the last time in this century?  Last transit of Venus in our lifetime!

More Info on the Manton Drove CC Formation:

From Karen Alexander:  June 3, 2012
"Drawing of the new Manton Drove formation, it was a challenge to draw by hand. It is a polar clock which I estimate
to read Saturday, 4th August 17:47:52 (give or take a second or two). As 04/08 falls on a Saturday, the clock could refer to
this year.

From Red Collie: June 3, 2012
"By reducing the "midtone contrast", using Photoshop, I was able to bring out a whole series of regularly-spaced circular
indentations which permeate the entire Manton crop circle as seen from the air. These would be about 1 metal wide, as is
typical board marks. This does not prove a man-made character, but certainly would be an unusual lay for a real paranormal
crop picture which often appears seamless."

Maybe I'm missing something here, folks. I'm seeing from the replies that there's a probable date, but what's supposed to happen then? Is it something of great importance? Love and Light, always, Dot

How can I get excited about this date, is I don't know what's supposed to happen? Does anyone know? Or can someone at least make an educated guess? Love and Light, always, Dot

This is interesting... On the comments page for this crop circle at CropCircleConnector...

...there's a comment by someone who was watching a video on youtube about the world financial crisis. The video was titled "End Of The Road". In the video was a similar "polar clock" and he posted a screen shot of the graphic. He also provided a link to the video but, according to YouTube, the video has been removed by the user. Hmm....

It is often hard to tell whether a new crop picture might be paranormal or else human-made. Recently I found a new method to detect human “board marks” from high-quality aerial images, by using a standard Photoshop program to “reduce midtone contrast”. This method allowed for easy detection of regular board marks in several human-made crop pictures from the past, for example the “dolphins” at Golden Ball Hill in July of 2004.

A new crop picture at Manton Drove on June 2, 2012 also shows a series of regularly striped features, which could perhaps be human “board marks”:

Nor was the imagery of this crop picture particularly clever: just a “Polar Clock 3” screensaver that can be downloaded free off the web. The crop picture shows a polar-clock date of Saturday, August 4, sometime in the evening from 1800 to 1900. Would this be something which we might expect our paranormal friends to say?

crop circle Polar Clock 3 Crop Circle Manton Drove, Marlborough, Wiltshire, UK made by National Geographic?

Filmmakers from National Geographic were there quickly in the new Manton crop picture, interviewing researchers on the ground. Could Saturday, August 4 be when they plan to air their latest “debunking crop circles” show on primetime TV? We can only wait and see, because the Nat Geo schedule for August has not been posted yet.

It has come to our attention that the planned National Geographic TV show will not air until 2013.

A “polar clock” date of Saturday, August 4 at 18:45:50 or 19:43:53 (by two interpretations) could represent however the Athletics Finals for Men and Women at Olympic Stadium in London, scheduled to begin at 18:50 on the same day.

For purposes of comparison, a series of regularly spaced “board marks” may be seen in a human-made crop picture from Golden Ball Hill in July of 2004, after processing the aerial image using Photoshop to “reduce midtone contrast”:

Source and author: cropcircleconnector * latestcropcircles Crop Circle

Wow. I had not been aware of the "reduced midtone contrast" method of analyzing the photos. Very interesting... and revealing.

August 4th is also Pres Obamas birthday. Just saying'.


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