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Wonderful!, a nice feeling of expansion.

This one is gorgeous....a pretty picture, as it were  like a flower made out of triangles...thanks Chris!

To me it looks like a Sacred Geometry equasition of some sort. There are 6 rectangular diamonds and 72 right angles inside of the big circle. There is also 12 sets of right angles and the set that is on the top left of the formation have a very different formation within their set. The geometric figure that I notice most is the 2 or 3 very small pyramids whic are positioned in a very unique way inside of the none conforming set of right triangles. I don't really know what to make of it yet. It could be a message that someone or something is waiting for us to unravel so that the next crop circle can be revealed later.

Or ot could be just another crop circle with no significant meaning at all.

Interesting though.

I must admit. 

Reginald...where are you seeing a different patten.? What I am looking at has the same pattern repeated between each large diamond? The only thing I see different is the small circle outside that main pattern. Perhaps that dot is a signature ? Such a beautiful pattern.

The Egyptians use the right angle triangles as well.

They place two of the right angle triangles, with the longest sides as the base, and the short sides on either side with the long points almost meeting in the middle. The space being held in the middle holds a tear drop shape or flame and is used as a healing symbol. You can even draw it on a bruise or sore spot and it will enhance healing. It must be drawn to the correct proportions to work.

It is an interesting thought that it is a kind of equation. As I was just looking at it, the thought came into my mind that it was a council chamber for 72 representatives??? ...a round table of a different sort. A conclave...

Actually Carol, now that you have brought my attention to it, all of the geometric figures that have the intersecting grid lines going straight thru them make those right angle's change into smaller geometric shapes that end up being something else entirely. Look at the inresecting lines as they pass thru the circle and you will notice how the right angle that the line passes actually changes the right angle into a different

geometric figure completely. I am trying to remember where I have encountered similar visual aspects that actually mean something after you break it down with either Vedic Math or Sacred Geometry. Its been a long time and if I get time, I will pull out some books that may help me to understand what I think that I see, and maybe the simble is coded with something, and maybe it is not.

My gut feeling is that it is just a nice ornamental pretty symbol, but then again, it could actually mean something significant.

If another life form is making these things, could it be that before they allow us to communicate with them, we must first prove to them that we are intelligent enough to be able to decipher their rubik's cube symbols before they will make contact with us ?

Maybe I have seen to many sci fi movies ?

Maybe not. 

Are you talking about the double tractor tracks that the symbol has been designed on???

If you look at the over view, you can see these lines are all over the field...but even so, I am sure an intelligent race could make use of them being there. as part of a pattern if they so chose.

I have wondered if this pattern were to be transferred to a piece of paper and cut out...then folded it along the lines, what shape we might come up with. It may be a pattern for a ship's shape???

Have you watched any episodes of Touch..the new TV series? It has a lot of sacred geometry in it as well as numbers...and some shapes have a number significance to it. I wonder if that is true of these different shapes? There is an obvious circle in the center that could be the bottom... and that is why I  thought it might be a plan for a ship design.

I just looked at the circle here again where the tractor lines cause the pattern to change and what I was feeling from the circle is that these lines caused a disturbance in the field of energy of the pattern creating a distortion.

Yes Carol the double tracks that look like tractor tracks, but then again they look like they are also part of the design also. If I get time, Haha (which I probably won't) I will play with the design and see if it has a message in it somewhere.

I like your idea about the star ship being hidden inside of it somewhere also. Hmmmm!

THis one really makes one think and stretch out your imagination to find a message somewhere in it.

Maybe its just my imagination, but for some reason, I think all of these crop circles are attempting to tell us something. A friend of mine thinks they are being created to distract us away from something else that is being done in plain view so that we won't notice what is really being done.


We have had 50,000 years of the distraction crap. Still, it makes on think somewhat about what if ?


What do you think ?

Personally I don't think that the real crop circles (not man made ones) are for the purpose of distraction. I feel some of them are speaking to some of us on a very personal level...much like interpreting dreams....all of them are intended for humanity in some way. Some are a higher consciousness symbol to let us know timing or perhaps a better word would be the aligning to events and unfolding in our consciousness of our own nature as we change and grow, that are more cosmic in nature, but having said that it is all micro and macrocosm anyway. The ones that have strings of circles are showing this aligning of events and bodies...and as each of these bodies is a consciousness and we are a part of that consciousness that we call Gaia, as we have borrowed from her to create form and matter in this dimension. Some of the symbols are about moving up the vibrational scale and just where we are in relationship to our solar system and galaxy as we are a part of that body as well and the ever greater body of the  Universal ONE. It is a huge undertaking to orchestrate. It is interesting that these symbols and forms can only be clearly seen from the air...and so it is known we can see them in this way or for sure it would not be for us ...perhaps only the energy of them were that the case. As time is no longer linear the aligning energetically is what we are seeking to do....and the evidence of this will come thru to us in our experiences here. We each need to pay close attention to our road markers in consciousness as they will be what shows up in our reality as our "progress". We need to look to these and let go of such heavy focus on symptoms, which only cause us to intensify the symptoms....and that is a part of what I think.

What I feel is a whole different question. Are they real? yes.. as real as anything else we experience here.

I would like to add one thing here...and this is known but I would like to add a different twist to it. Our fields have become our green boards for learning and communication. While there is still such fear and suspicion as to our galactic and Universal companions and not a good way for most to be able to discern as yet, this has become a way that we can have contact and receive communications that are helping to expand our minds. In some cases it doesn't matter if we get to understand the pattern so much as allow the vibration arising from the pattern to interact with our consciousness to help... and prepare us.

As I always say Carol. Each one teach one. I accept your logic and reasoning concerning the crop circle mystery. Hopefully we are all registering the right reaction to all of them. Our vibrations need to be risen to levels that are benificial to our new worlds task and universal understanding of who and what we are. This is a good thing and we need all of the help that we can get no matter if we comprehend what is actually happening or not. Consciously and Subconsciously I feel a great rising force upon the earth that extends out to our solar system and galaxy and source. We are one now, and nothing can stop the incredible transformation that arrives with the responsibility and dynamic that comes with this great universal gift.


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THANK YOU for ALL your support! 

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