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Crop Circle At Stanton St Bernard, nr Alton Barnes, Wiltshire. Reported 29th June.

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Not sure on this one's authenticity but if it's OK I get either a rocket or city rising from the sea.

oh wow illumination I think you're right- a city rising from the sea! very amazing!  this is beautiful

I see tears for the banking elite

oh sheena, very interesting.   or tears from the banking elite...?

Faith, here in London a lot happening with the banks, yes tears from the banking elite, they are a worried lot

Yes, you're right Sheena. Really interesting what's happening to the UK banks now. Seems like they're finally getting their come uppance. I think it's time some 'heads were rolling'. A lot of corruption is being revealed.

interesting that things are happening in the uk. I just saw a Rolling Stone article about Wall Street bankers stealing money from public (city , state level) funds for at least 10 years. have you seen that?it's in the July 5 Rolling Stone , already online. shows how they are using Mafia tactics...pretty shocking...(but not, if you know about this stuff)

Corruption is rife but thankfully, secrets are being more and more exposed to the light that is flooding in now! Thanks for the link Faith.

: Now this one is different!

I get - revealed, uncovered, glistening structures, crystal city, the tolling of cosmic wind chimes...

Very interesting.  And beautifully abstract.

A nice & surprising addition.

Thank You for this one Christopher.

Aweome...Wow...really different...Tears for the Catholic church, maybe? Hummm...Very interesting. Thanks Chris, L&L, D 

hey Omnitheus! maybe it's about that Baltic Sea 'ufo' that's getting investigated...

I see a building that floats in the water and sends messages out to another planet. 


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Three German students surprise a homeless guy

BY be japy e.V. channel nice vid shows the kindness of fellow humans to each other nice to see ....GOD BLESS ..........JOJO FROM OZ
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