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Crop Circle At Uffington White Horse, nr Woolstone. Oxfordshire. Reported 19th May 2012

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Kinda ruff probally made by the bubba and his brother bubba.

I tend to agree, some will say that it is the medium  being used that makes this look so crude, but if someone is actually comming from some were other than earth, they probably have technology greater than ours and would have the ability to make their message in precise form, regardless of the medium used. I do feel that some of these crop circles may be messages from other worldly beings, possibly trying to help or maybe mislead, this is a time of great disernment and the more sceptical you are the better chance you have of finding the truth - but in the end this is only my opinion and like belly buttons, everyone has one - have a great day :)

Hmmm not impressed.


the message is the universe with the 5 planets



Andromeda and Plejades in the rebirthcycle


The flower of love Anette Henning

Very Crude, looks man - made to me :)

The medium is long, soft plants - Oilseed Rape, which does not allow the detail and sharp precision of wheat. You cannot judge it as manmade simply on its degree of roughness. Look for its meaning, not the way the message is delivered.

: Mark - It may appear that Crop Circles only appear in England during summer but this illusion is largely due to several things - location and the media.

Crop Circles appear all over the globe...all throughout the year - from Australia to Canada, New Zealand to Norway, Germany to The United States, Japan to the Middle East, etc.  The reason why it seems so concentrated in Southern England is well, because humanity (& the world's media) have now 'concentrated' on this part of the world - holding it up as some type of Crop Circle 'hotspot'. To where our focus is, is where the results will largely be (hmmm - just like 'Life' I suppose).

So, during England's winter, it is then countries like Australia, Africa and Southern America which play host to Crop Formations. And in the case of Australia (& the US), our land is so expansive that formations may appear en masse, but really, who's there to see them?  And why in Summer? Well that's when crops are at their most ripe & ready - during the harvest months is when the formations seem their most prolific.

A Hologram Inside A Hologram Inside...

The majority of those points where Crop Formations appear are indeed energy meridian points. Think of the planet as a human body. Where the body has its meridian system, so Gaia has its ley lines, for the same purpose - to act as microcosmic highways of energy (known as chi in acupuncture). This 'energy' consists of photons carrying information around the body/planet.

The Chakra System also connects with this network and when the flow of energy (information) is blocked or suppressed it manifests as illness or dis-ease. Acupuncture needles are used to keep the energy flowing and balanced - and thus the body healthy.

Crop Formations (indentations in the fields) are quite like acupuncture needles, in that they are used to regulate and direct energy.

Why do these formations appear mostly in England? Apart from my explanation above - Think of England as like the 'ear' of the world. Within the holographic body every part contains the whole. So an ear, eye, foot, hand etc., all contain information about the whole body. Acupuncturists are very aware of this science. In a hologram, every small part contains the whole.

If a part of Iraq requires healing, why can't a Crop Formation in the fields of Southern England help facilitate that? WeAreAllOne. And of course - connected.

If the liver in the body requires healing, why can't a strategically placed needle in the ear, or the massaging of a particular point on the foot help facilitate that?

Hologram inside a hologram inside a hologram...

DNA contains all information regarding a cell or organ, which is a holographic representation of the body, which is a microcosmic hologram of the planet, itself a holographic part of the infinitum.

Every one of us is the YOUniverse.

It's economical really. If we can heal the planet by using several hundreds of fields lying upon a meeting point of major energy lines (like an ear is to the body) - then why on earth not?!

We do it with our bodies...why not with our Greater Body - Planet Earth?

Another Point ov You...


: You're welcome buddy. 

And I'm sure if you google 'U.S. Crop Circles' should be able to find some examples.


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