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Crop Circle - Büsingen (German Enclave), Schaffhausen, Switzerland. Reported 8th July, 2012

: Aerial shots now in...

(This formation appears exactly on the border of Switzerland and Germany).

*Images - Kecko & Fabian Fabian Copyright 2012

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wow, another circle wonder how many are man made ?

This one seems created by off planet beings.  Only  an idea that this is so.  It is said that the energy

one feels inside one of these circles after it shows up  is almost overwhelming. I'd love to be in one to

actually feel that powerful energy. 

I don't see how humans could make these without a lot of help. They are huge and geometrically perfect! how could you possibly do that on the ground, not to mention the plants aren't even broken! I have read some accounts that say it is possible for ET's to be up in the air in their ships, kind of guiding humans on the ground, like 'paint by numbers' .  That would be the only way humans could do this in my opinion.

Hummm, now that's an interesting concept, Faith--the ET's guiding the humans. It's something to think about--thank you for sharing that, L&L, D

Yes, I've heard that some humans are making some of them but say they are guided by 'instructions in their head' as to where to go and how to make it.

Love this one OM.....the big star over many underneath!!!  love and

On June 2nd there was one reported that had to do with aug 4th

maryann there is a powerful energy within thse circles and I received some words form our star friends in one a couple of years ago.

With bare feet I walked into the formation that depicted solar flares, and immediately felt enveloped in a gentle, loving energy. I found a quiet spot and lay down upon the neatly flattened corn at the outer edge of the formation; the skylarks sang above as a warm breeze swept through the corn, caressing my face. Closing my eyes, I could hear the murmurings of voices as others entered the circle; I felt a sense of peace flow through me and my heart called out to my Star friends. Dear friends awaken in me your love and trust and joy. Almost immediately, back came their reply.

"We are the co-creators of Heaven and Earth alike. We transcend time and space, igniting in you the flame of love. We intend you to ignite the flame of love in others, demonstrating to the world our allegiance to mankind. We treble and quadruple our energy and give to you all; we demonstrate our ability to fly in the truest sense and we shower you with our love in all magnitude, offering our services to mankind. We tremble with anticipation as you draw closer and closer in our embrace".


This is a typical message. Thanks for sharing!

It is a Pentagram. A sign of protection, the way it is here. Very precise and clear.

A wonderful circle, and I just cant help but admire the precision!

Awesome, Om, thank you for sharing, L&L, D


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