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are these crop circles really popping up like this boom one after another! if so something must be brewing

I so agree... Sally Jane !

Something as very different in the energy today, when I awoke. Something major has changed. I look outside myself and it doesn't seem to be reflected there..or not yet at any rate. But something is majorly different.

Has anyone else been experiencing this?

Yes, everything is as it should be. What sleeps in the earth is waking, and the hidden is being revealed. I wish I could tell you more, but it is not time yet. The spiritual signs are all around you. Nature and her animals are speaking. A dragonfly landed on my knee the other day, when I looked up the spiritual meaning I found it to fit with what is happening.

Dragonfly,-- Inhabits two realms: air and water and the influence of both these elements; emotional and passionate during their early years (the influence of water) and more balanced with greater mental clarity and control in mature years(the influence of air). The dragonfly will represent the essence of the winds of change and it calls you to change the habits which need changing, seeing through illusion and awakening to your true vision. Associated with magic and mysticism, life is never what it appears to be.

This is the site I refer to.

My apartment is surrounded by crickets, in the walls, the basement. I have had butterflies, moths and flies come to me. Physical changes are happening. I have found that looking more toward the spiritual than the physical I am finding the answers. Question, have you ever heard of a moth avoiding the light to fly straight into the palm of someone's hand. Like I said there are things that can't be talked about right now. It is not time.


Yesterday when I got into my car (the windows and doors I keep shut so I have no idea how it got in the car ) I reached down to  the floor to pick up something I had dropped and a small very green cricket landed on the tip of my pointy finger and would not let go. I got that it was trying to point me to something. I have had the other manifestations but not surprised me. I will check your link.... thanks

hi Carol! so glad to see your post, yes , I also definitely feel a shift! it feels very positive! I noticed it last night at the Krishna temple, we were celebrating a holiday. But I noticed a feeling of my heart being open (hard to describe any other way) , but it seemed bigger than me. Definitely different. Beautiful. And I know it won't go away. I just saw a big dragonfly recently too.  and had a Monarch butterfly come near me and fly around when i asked it to. and woke up with 'Glory Glory Hallelujah' the other morning, after intense dreams of creative designing of various things like houses, christmas trees, and even decorating a bike with pretty!

if you are on facebook, go look for Aluna Joy Yax'kin - she posted something about a dream she just had that seemed quite relevant to all of this.

here is her post-

Hi Faith ~

Thank you so much for posting this. Wow what a wonderful dreams..yours and Aluna's. I love the vivid dream details you/she shares.creative details and designing...climbing walls...scary feelings doing it anyway ! yup that would be me too !

Who's thinking ! Just being in Joy is enough for me..

i noticed a dragonfly today too before i read your post.  Also  yesterday at the water's edge i was sitting watching the sunset when a raccoon was sitting right near me, i thought it was a cat cause i couldn't see it's face or tail, but when it turned around and saw me it growled and ran into the bushes.  It later came back out from the bushes and i told it to leave and it growled again and went back into the bushes.  In 10 years at this spot i had never seen a raccoon there.

what if a frog comes into your home?

Thank You very cool :-)

OM, this one seems so simple yet I know there is a message here!!!  As you said before, they keep coming fast, furious and beautiful!!!!

wasn't there a crop circle awhile back that had some meaning as to aug 4th ?


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