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In a recent article written by Donny Gillson, talk show host and featured contributor for Before it's News, he out lines how the Crop Circle's that have appeared at Woodborough Hill. Alton Barnes.Wiltshire on 6.09.12 create an exact match to  the Mystery Nibiru lights that appeared next to a passenger plane in Australia and in California. In his new video posted below Donny Gillson outlines that not only do the mysterious lights show a direct match but the coordinates from The Vale of Pewsey or Pewsey Vale is an area of WiltshireEngland to the east of Devizes and south of Marlborough, centred on the town of Pewsey at 51° 21′ 7.2″ N1° 51′ 3.6″ W.

This amazing video is a must watch and the importance behind these crop circles and how it is a direct match to the research that Gillson has been doing since 2007.

The crop circle in question...

And now the video.........

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I think you can make these circle say whatever you want

Perhaps that's the point Sally? Maybe people are meant to gain benefit from whatever it means to them. To some they like feel comforted thinking there is someone out there looking out for us, others they're just pretty circles. Others love the 'chase' and code cracking side or even enjoying squashing everyone else's theories with scepticism. Whatever, they get people talking!

I wonder if Sally was talking about this specific grouping of Crop Circles and not the Crop Circles in general. If it is the case, I agree with her, it might be because there was no meaning in the first place because it was manmade as I thought it was before.

Yes crop circles do make good talking points.  As i sit trying to work out what they mean, I have the vision of some young mischievous life being from another planet watching us.  I imagine them having laugh because they have left us a drawing and they are enjoying watching what we all make of it.  Maybe they like to see how each of us does or does not react.  Maybe they are looking for the ones that can figure the circles out............


This Crop Circle looks FAKE, feels FAKE and is most probably FAKE!!!!!!!

I wonder why people don't question authenticity before investigating the meaning... 

Dany, due to serious drought conditions in that area for a number of weeks. Most of the newer crop circles look fake. Plus it depends if it's in rape or not, that looks much rougher as well. We now have had several days or rain, so hopefully the next ones will look better. Tell me, how would you authenticate a crop formation?

Well the one with the Polar clock didn't look fake and had some very clear meaning! Maybe if most of the newer crop circles look fake, it is because they are... I know that not everybody is listening to their inner knowing, but usually it's right and you can rely on that.

If you want to rely on tangible data, most of the time it's easy to know if it's a fake one or not, if you have a doubt, chances are it is fake. If it is not symmetric, it is a fake. But it doesn't mean that if it is symmetric it is not fake. The roughness and the lack of rain should not have an impact on symmetry and perfection of the design. 

This one is clearly not symmetric, just look at the shape of the eyes.

In my opinion, if the Crop Circle makers want to send a message, they will make sure that the result is good to avoid confusion. They certainly know that there are fake circles out there! 

I'm quite confused by the word 'fake' because it's well known that some are being made by the 'elite'. Some are also being made by humans who feel they are getting they're messages from 'spirit' or 'star beings'. Others are being made by idiots. No wonder we're all confused lol! You're absolutely right though, we have to work it out with what feel ourselves but that doesn't mean you're right and we're wrong or vice versa Dany. To be honest I haven't been totally convinced by any of them this year. After walking round some of the superb ones such as the 'Quetzalcoatl's Bonnet' etc, these aren't a patch on those. However, I do feel that different crops and drought conditions make variations and I've checked that with the 'croppies'.

That's true. Like I said, this one seems and feels fake, but I can be wrong. I don't pretend to be the expert, even thought I went to lectures of Lucy Pringle, Bert Janssen and Suzanne Taylor and had the chance to talk to them, I never went on a site. 

I just wanted to point out that we have to be careful with the interpretation and not get too excited by something that could have been made to deceive us! ;)

Some great names there Dany! It was Lucy who was our dowsers group's guide a few years back. Presumably she told you about the vigorous germination of seeds taken from formations. That, is one way to authenticate but then you have to eliminate what the farmer put on his field, or what may have filtered through from somewhere.

Absolutely! It is very hard to prove the authenticity without any doubt, unless you see it being made in front of your eyes in a matter of seconds...

hehe looks like men's little swimmers if you get my drift


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